Vive los loco lefties

A massive crowd marched through Mexico City on Sunday to back a leftist who claims he was robbed of victory in a fiercely contested presidential election and is demanding a vote-by-vote recount. -My Way News

Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? Just goes to show how Liberalism truly doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care what race, nationality, or color your are. It’ll make anyone an irrational nutcase.


Mexico was plunged into a political crisis by the close July 2 election, which saw ruling party conservative Felipe Calderon beat Lopez Obrador by just around 244,000 votes out of 41 million cast.

Lopez Obrador, an austere former mayor of Mexico City who campaigned on promises to help Mexico’s poor with ambitious welfare and infrastructure programs, claims the result was rigged against him.

Yes, bring on the welfare programs, that’s exactly what Mexico needs, more poverty.

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