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Even after you see the pictures, then see the house in person you will still not believe what you saw! The “Subterranean Fortress” in an eighth wonder of the world in engineering. Now you have the opportunity to own one of the most amazing homes ever seen. This house is not a 30-year-old house, but a house that has been being built for 30 years! Come and see the difference! Come see why the "History Channel" featured this house, and why the producers of the show, "Secret Passages of the Cold War" called this house the best civilian made bomb shelter in North America!"

The house is in great condition, the regular home is 1900 sq.ft and has been mostly remodeled with many first class upgrades, including a beautiful kitchen remodel, new appliances, new hot water tank, new forced air system, new roof, some new flooring and painting inside and out. The home is very open and bright with and is very comfortable, and perfect for a family.

What is really amazing is what sits below ground. Under the house is a 4 level deep (45 ft under the house) handmade bomb shelter/extra living space that is another 1400+sqft with hundreds sqft of more passages and secret areas.It is clean and a fully finished space, with custom concrete work all over the fortress.

Here is some basic background on the house.
The house was built in 1975 as a 3-bedroom/1.5 bath and was about 1400 sq.ft. The Snyder family purchased the home in 1976. Soon after the husband, Dr. Kenley Sndyer began working on a childhood dream…to build a bomb shelter for his family. So he jackhammered the garage floor and dug…dug…dug…dug for over 15 years!!! The whole time he dug out from under the house, the house was already on top. If the fortress was dug by an excavator and the concrete poured by a cement truck, it would be still very impressive, but the thought that someone hand dug with a shovel, pick axe, and other tools; and that he used an electric hand cement mixer makes it even more amazing. What he created is a true work of art and science. He built the fortress to last at least 600 years. The Fortress has three feet thick concrete walls, made with 5-bag cement (20% denser than regular cement). Kenley and his family and friends worked for almost 20 years on the fortress until his passing away in the mid-1990’s. Kenley was professor of Business at Trinity up in Vancouver, but building this bomb shelter was one of his passions. This Fortress goes so far beyond just a bomb shelter, it is very usable space, with nice rooms fully plumbed, wired, phone, intercom, 4 sump pumps (on float valves) to keep the ground water out and air ventilation system that keeps fresh air flowing. In fact is not musty or moldy down even in the lower levels, unlike many basements/garages. All the systems of the fortress are cleverly in place. Since Kenley began his building of the Fortress, everything has passed inspection and is fully permited space. The Snyder's also added on the original house by building the sunroom and enterance to the fortress below, and a 3/4 bath.

The fortress is very easy to maintain, it stays a constant 60 degrees year round and in fact one small electric space heater can heat all 1400sqft in about 3 hours, because the concrete walls are so dense and with no windows. Everything about sump-pumps and air ventilation systems are simple to use or automatic. The fortress also comes with a generator and battery bank, plus a battery recharger that hooks up to the generator. It also comes with over 100-5 gallon buckets of nitrogen sealed food and lots of water that has been preserved for long-term storage. Also the fortress comes with everything needed to run a fully functional bomb shelter including such things as radiation meters, gas masks, radiation suits, survival material, vitamins, minerals, and much, much, more. It has been organized in way that it is all located in one area of the fortress for easy access, but clearing out more room for other uses.

As amazing as the pictures are, seeing it first hand is a mind-blowing experience.
We welcome you to experience our home first-hand and would enjoy giving you a once-and-a-lifetime tour. Please check to our open house dates for casual tours, and for people who are more serious about purchasing can easily make private appointments.

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