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“White Magic” Finds New A New Home!

Psychic Star Uri Geller’s Purchase of Elvis’s First Home Opens Psychic Speculation

Facts don’t lie But the electronic forensics evidence indicate Psychic Keen’s “Fairplay” Management division does! (Bigfoot smarter than first thought)

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

The NuJournalism a Different Perspective

Liberal McCarthyism or the New Nazi Left

Fine Dining becomes a Mystical Experience at The Grove Park Inn

Elvis Sings Out and Communicates to Psychic Medium Uri Geller From the Grave!

New Ballgame… Batter up!

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Welcome to DoctorBuzzard's Tasteless Tonic & Medicine Show!

The main intent is to set an area so that everyone can show and have at least one avenue to protect their creative property. This portal is still in the beta so do not use this as the primary method of protecting your content... It is simply a work in progress. Some may have problems logging in. At the moment I have a manual work around but requires that you call Buzzard's Customer Service ~1 (888) 681-6088 ~ so that someone can help you onto the system manually. Sorry, HOMELANDSECURITY... But, you may just think of it as Buzzard's Dirty Bird Extra Heavy Duty Wash Cycle and Security Provisions if it makes you feel any better:) If you don't get an answer from our excellent CS staff just post an email to:

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The mystery of North and South polarities.

Note: This from the CelticPrinces who has her blog and keeps her children with ready Spaghetti as well an accomplished instructor at the local beauty college. Only moments to collect her thoughts and seal away time for herself to indulge in writing a few prose for the day. What a trooper... Thank you Kimberley!
Posted by celticprincess on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Read full article: 'Wheels within Wheels'   

Seventeen-year-old Jolene K, a passionate student of the paranormal and the occult, had begun experimenting with the Ouija board. She thought she had the knowledge to contact spirit entities through the board, but unfortunately she had neglected to assume a prayerful attitude to guard against malignant influences.


Cosmic Comics Consitutional Fly Problem... BoBo see's no evil.

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 Read full article: 'Cosmic Comic's Constitutional Fly Trap!'   

Dave's fearless dynamic duo, "Shock and Awe", Strike again!

Note: Dave's work is progressing along nicely... Could The New York Times be just down the road from Lincoln Center? Well of course it is:)
Posted by Admin on Thursday, August 10, 2006 Read full article: 'Cosmic Comic's Strike Again!'   

This lovely clip was sent to me from "Trinity" (a.k.a. CarolAnn) Thanks sweetie!

Note: A vote on this story will consider as a vote for Trinity. I know it doesn't seem fair for those who are submitting original work but will be determined in finale consideration.

Cosmic Comics 22 Reads Blogsphere News
This installment I'll just call the SuperStar Astrologer's Guide... You can vote on this strip by rating this feature. Actually Dave is a great guy with tons of raw talent. That's what Doctor Buzzard's Tasteless Tonic is all about and its hoped that all of you will continue to enjoy and just have a little fun.

Note: Just a note those who wish to vote on Dave's strip may place you're five stars on this section:) You have to be a registered member to vote.
Posted by Admin on Monday, August 07, 2006 Read full article: 'Cosmic Comics'   


It has become all the rage to talk about and buy books on all these �special� souls that are coming onto the planet Earth called Crystal and Indigo Children. This isn�t something that new. In fact, when my daughter was born 12 years ago all the doctors and nurses in the hospital came into my room see my baby, who had tons of long white hair and violet eyes. I was told many times by hospital staff that she was a special Indigo child and I should take special care of her �needs�. I have come to realize after 12 years, that the terms Crystal and Indigo children is a romanticized way of saying �The Alien Children from the planet Zoldor�.

Posted by Admin on Saturday, August 05, 2006 Read full article: 'The Aliens have landed.'   

Elizabeth Grice
July 19, 2006

A grown-up Oxana Malaya demonstrates her bark for the camera.

SHE bounds along on all fours through long grass, panting with her tongue hanging out. When she reaches the tap she paws at the ground, drinks noisily with her jaws wide open and lets the water cascade over her head

Posted by Admin on Saturday, August 05, 2006 Read full article: 'Child raised by Dogs'   

Psychic Stars 19 Reads Blogsphere News
Here is the video feed from Google and YouTuble that run as compainion features and are quite compelling... Sometimes pictures do cover atleast a thousand words:)

Note: Note: Truly bizzare is the only way to describe this feature length video blog from lastest iinstallment of the "Mind Shock" bizzaro world... if you have an extra moment.
Posted by Admin on Sunday, July 30, 2006 Read full article: 'Psychic Stars'   

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