Documenting the Ties of "Conspiracist" Barry Chamish to neo-Nazi Organizations and Websites

Barry Chamish

This website was prepared as a public service. We believe that people evaluating the conspiracy "theories" about the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin should know about the track record and credentials of Israeli conspiracy "theorist" Barry Chamish and especially about his connections with neo-Nazi websites. This is so that they may more reliably assess the credibility of the main figure behind the conspiracy "theories" concerning the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin on November 4, 1995.

What does Chamish say about the Rabin assassination? Chamish has published scores of articles, including on his own personal web page, claiming that Rabin was murdered by a conspiracy run by Shimon Peres and the Israeli secret service, using Yigal Amir (the actual assassin) as a "patsy" who fired nothing but blanks. These are also published in translation into Hebrew on the Chamish website calling itself

Chamish's evidence that this was the case? None.

How much of Chamish's theory of the Rabin assassination is correct? None of it.

Who is Barry Chamish? Chamish is a chronically-unemployed Canadian-born Israeli, who is a bona fide journalist in the eyes of himself. Much of his life was spent "researching" UFOs and space aliens. Chamish is on record claiming that Israel is full of giant space aliens. The Yahoo search engine currently lists over 2000 web pages on which Chamish and his interest in UFOs and space aliens can be found. Google lists a larger number. Among those websites containing Chamish's "research" on UFOs are these:

After the assassination of Rabin, Chamish published a growing number of conspiracist "theories", which include some of the following "scoops":

  1. Israeli Former Prime Minister Shimon Peres murdered US Congressman Wayne Owens.
  2. Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon murdered a former cabinet secretary Rafael Eitan.
  3. That Shimon Peres was the secret lover of singer Ofra Haza and gave her AIDS on purpose because Peres could not think of a faster way to silence her.
  4. That Shimon Peres engineered the crash of the plane being flown by John Kennedy, Jr.
  5. Chamish claims the "Zionists" were behind the 9-11 attacks on the US, planned in Israel months in advance of September 11, 2001.

But the most astonishing part of Chamish's "journalistic" track record is the fact that Chamish is closely associated and on friendly terms with several openly neo-Nazi organizations and Holocaust Denial websites.

Chamish ties with neo-Nazis

Chamish has published scores, and probably hundreds, of his articles on anti-Semitic websites, including those of neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers. Other than Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish anti-Semite declared to be a Holocaust Denier by the Anti-Defamation League, no other Jew nor Israeli has published as many articles on neo-Nazi websites as Barry Chamish. To be clear, none of these articles by Chamish explicitly deny that there was a Holocaust of Jews in World War II. Most of them are the tiresome mind-numbing conspiracist pabulum that Chamish invents weekly. Some of Chamish's articles published on these sites seek to demononize Israel and Zionists. These include Chamish's claims that before and during World War II, Jewish leaders themselves planned the Holocaust or collaborated with the Nazis. is a website run by Holocaust Denier and neo-Nazi Jeff Rense. In addition to its devotion to conspiracist theories and "UFO research", runs numerous articles and ads promoting the old anti-Semitic czarist forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The site promotes the view that a Zionist conspiracy controls assorted governments around the globe, and indeed that Zionists control the entire world. There are at least 18 full pages on the site promoting the "Protocols". Similarly, the Rense site runs articles claiming that Israelis were responsible for the 911 attacks on America, and that the Zionists collaborated with the German Nazis in planning the Holocaust.

At the same time, contradicting itself, the RENSE site is also filled with articles denying there was any Holocaust of Jews at all during World War II, insisting that the Germans gassed no Jews, that Auschwitz was never used for mass murdering Jews, that nazi gas chambers are a Zionist hoax, and that the murders at Auschwitz are a lie. has run hundreds of articles denying there ever was any Holocaust of Jews. The website routinely publishes all of the world's worst neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers, including Mark Weber, Frederick Toben, Robert Faurisson , and Ernst Zundel, the convicted nazi recently deported from Canada to Germany. A blog called contains far more detailed exposure of Rense's nazi website.

A large portion of the website is devoted to other anti-Semitic libels, such as Jews controlling the oil prices. It denounces Zionists as Nazi terrorists. It claims Israel has used nuclear weapons against the United States.

Barry Chamish is an official columnist on the website

Chamish's column there is featured alongside such notorious Holocaust Deniers as John Kaminski and Henry Makow, and several other crackpot anti-Semites. Chamish has literally published scores of his articles with These include columns in which Chamish denounces Israel itself as a "nazi" country, claims that Israel intentionally poisoned 100,000 Jewish children, calls for ending all support for Israel, describes Zionism as a satanic cult, and of course in which Chamish claims that Israel is crawling with UFOs. Chamish peddles his "books" through the website as well.

Chamish's personal web page,, until recent linked directly to and to several other neo-Nazi websites.

Chamish on the Nazi website of Ernst Zundel

Chamish published an article on the website operated by Ernst Zundel, the nazi recently deported from Canada to Germany, and Zundel's wife. In it, Chamish smears the Israeli legal system, which had just tossed out a frivolous nuisance suit Chamish had filed against a Member of the Knesset (parliament).

Chamish and the Adelaide Institute

The "Adelaide Institute" in Australia is arguably the worst neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial institution on earth. It is run by the vicious nazi Frederick Toben (or Toeben), evidently (as shown below) an intimate personal acquaintance of Barry Chamish. The Adelaide Institute's web page recently wished its readers "Merry Christmas from Adolph Hitler." It openly endorses murder of Jews by terrorists, supports all Holocaust Deniers, including the President of Iran, and considers any talk of the Holocaust to be a smear against Germans.

Barry Chamish has published numerous articles on the website of the Adelaide Institute. Chamish is quite literally the star of the website and sells his books through the site. The Adelaide Institute runs Chamish's anti-Israel articles, describing Chamish as a "Holocaust Believer". In the jargon of these creatures, someone who is aware that the Germans murdered six million Jews in World War II is a "Holocaust Believer", on par with and in the same sense as a "Believer in Voodoo" or "Believer in Witches".

This website estimates that Chamish has published over 40 of his articles with the nazi Adelaide Institute website. In fact there appear to be at least 50. Most of these are the usual conspiracist pabulum that Chamish churns out. While none explicitly deny there was a Holocaust, one must wonder why Chamish chooses so many nazi websites on which to run his articles, including those articles of his that bash Israel and demonize or denounce Zionism. Chamish has run his article claiming the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis in planning the Holocaust on the Adelaide Institute website!

Chamish likes to pretend that these and other neo-Nazi websites simply google his name at random and reprint his articles without his permission because they are so awed by his genius. This is a lie.

Chamish is virtually the only Jew on the planet whose articles are reprinted in large numbers on neo-Nazi websites (the main exception being Norman Finkelstein, regarded by the Anti-Defamation League to be a Holocaust Denier.) This photo appearing on the Adelaide Institute web page appears nowhere else on the web and so was clearly provided to the neo-Nazis at Adelaide personally by Barry Chamish. In addition, Chamish himself has unwittingly put the lie to his own disingenuous claim (that his articles are printed by the neo-Nazis without his permission because they are supposedly awed by his brilliance).

On this web page, the nazi Adelaide Institute prints a cordial and personal letter to the heads of the Institute, asking them to publish a false caveat on their website saying that they were not provided with Chamish's material by Chamish in person, as his own initiative to have his material published on their site. Frederick Toben, the notorious nazi who runs Adelaide Institute, did indeed place such a false caveat on the page as requested by Chamish, but alongside it he runs Chamish's original letter � for all the world to see - asking Toben to lie.

Here is Chamish's letter in full, written to the Nazis running this site, taken from the Adelaide Institute web page:

From: Barry Chamish []
Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2005 10:13 AM
Subject: letter

This is vital. I have a court case coming up and I request you e-mail the following verification. The problem is you put me in your Christmas family without asking me. Please write that it was done without asking my permission.

Please write in the letter the following facts:

1. I have never requested that you post my material. You have chosen to do so independently.
2. I am not affiliated with your institute in any way.
3. You are aware that I am not a Holocaust denier, nor have I ever written material justifying Holocaust denial.
4. Your interest in me has nothing to do with such denial.

Do me this favor quickly or I'll lose a suit.

Best, Barry

You will note the cordial, intimate, indeed affectionate signature: "Barry". You will note that nowhere in this letter does Chamish request that his articles be removed from this nazi website.

The above proves that these articles appear on the nazi website in question with Barry Chamish's personal approval.

Chamish Agreed to an Invitation by Nazis to Speak in a Holocaust Denial Conference in Sacramento

In 2004, neo-Nazi websites announced with great fanfare that among those who would be speaking at their upcoming conference in Sacramento was none other than "Barry Chamish, author (Israel)". The conference was billed a "Major Revisionist Conference" to be hosted by the neo-Nazi "Institute for Historical Review:, called by ADL "a leading voice in the international movement to deny the Holocaust and vindicate Hitler and his Nazi regime." The IHR announcement proudly stated that the April 2004 event is "shaping up as the revisionist event of the year" and complimented itself on "a stellar line-up of speakers." The conference website also informed its readers that Chamish's books will be sold at the event for, as it explains, his writings "are not so bad, since they are mostly critical of the Israeli government." Chamish claimed he was going to the conference to educate the Nazis that there really was a Holocaust. Is that why the organizers were willing to foot Chamish's fare, or was it because they delighted in the spectacle of granting legitimacy to a conference of Holocaust Deniers by featuring a Jewish speaker from Israel?

Other Anti-Semitic and Nazi Web Ties of Chamish

The above are not all the nazi websites on which Chamish appears. Chamish appears on the Holocaust Denial website and is even printed in German, French, Italian and other languages there, to ensure that his writings have the widest international audience of nazis. The Stormfront neo-Nazi white supremacist website also runs Chamish's articles.

Chamish has ties with other anti-Semitic websites including "Radio Bergen", The Konformist, and "Red Moon Rising," and his personal website until recently linked directly to these. Chamish has published a large number of his articles in those websites. To be fair, Chamish is not only tied to numerous anti-Semites, but is also virulently anti-Catholic.

Chamish has composed numerous anti-Israel articles, including several proclaiming Israel a fascist state. On other anti-Semitic websites, Chamish has written that leaders in the Labor Zionist movement planned and executed the Holocaust of Jews in Europe. For example, on this site, Chamish writes, alongside a scurrilous attack on Simon Wiesenthal:

"Simon Weisenthal (sic) of Vienna received his just reward from the British royal family for covering up the full story of the Holocaust and making sure that only a few show trials of minor bureaucrats were ever conducted, worldwide. Thanks to Weisenthal, the Jews were satisfied that a relentless Nazi hunter was seeking justice for them. In fact, he was making sure justice for the Jews was never served.

Nowhere is the nazis' mass-escape from justice clearer than in Israel. In 60 years, with thousands of nazis who murdered her citizens to choose from, exactly two were tried and one was released on a technicality. The other one, Adolph Eichmann, was hunted down because he knew too much about the Jewish Agency's complicity in the murder of 800,000 Hungarian Jews."

And what about Chamish's "theory" of the Rabin assassination? Blogger Nathan Gesher says that Chamish's methods in "researching" that murder are identical to those used by Holocaust Deniers in proving there never was a Holocaust.

Interested in the conspiracist "theories" about the Rabin Assassination?
Beware! Learn who the people are who invented those theories!

Addendum: In Chamish's epistle to his followers from April 11, 2006, he recommends to his followers an openly Nazi book.