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Diamond Jubilee Number - June 4, 1931

The purpose of this number of THE SETONIAN is to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of our Alma Mater by recalling in word and picture, scenes and events of the past. No claim is made for completeness or literary excellence. A worthy and inspiring account of the vicissitudes and progress of Seton Hall still awaits the pen of a living historian. Only a few facts and names are set down to stimulate the memory and awaken thoughts and emotions, solemn and happy, good and, perhaps, sad, yet without gloom in retrospect. Such as it is, this account is offered in the hope that it may serve as a literary monument to a memorable event. This number is a work of collaboration of the editorial staff of THE SETONIAN, Rev. William J. Caffrey, '10, and the Administration of the College. The pictures have been gathered from the archives and through the friendly offices of acquaintances. The disastrous fire of the past have destroyed the photographs of all classes save one before 1908. On this account, we crave indulgence for omissions, trusting that our archives and museums may be enriched by pictures and accounts in the possession of friends of Seton Hall for future use and reference.

Time did not permit, nor were the facilities at hand which would have enabled us to secure complete files of material records. Hence, many may with some shadow of reason, feel disappointment when they peruse this paper. Our only excuse is that omissions are unintentional and unavoidable. Corrections, as well as information bearing on the history of the college, will be gratefully received, noted and utilized in future numbers of THE SETONIAN.

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