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College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
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Tour of the College

Where Are We?

The College is located on 4 floors in the north and west sections of the Thorvaldson Building, which was named after the Dr. Thorburger Thorvaldson, Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry, first Dean of Graduate Studies and the scientist whose work extended the life of structures made from concrete one hundred fold!

Entrance to Thorvaldson

Come through the beautiful old main gothic doorways erected in 1923, the 1966 addition, any of the side doors or the two pedestrian "links" - one with the Arts Building and the other with the Geology/Biology/Physics complex.

Reception in the College Office (116 Thorvaldson)

Welcome to our office and reception area where future students can obtain application forms and brochures about our programs and current students can pick up materials about their courses, obtain lockers, book meeting rooms, etc., and speak to our friendly staff.

Faculty Offices

Faculty offices are located on Floors G, 1, 2 and 3 and there is a directory at the north and south entrances.

Classrooms and Labs

Many of the Pharmacy and Nutrition classes are held in Thorvaldson but some are scheduled in adjacent buildings. There are advanced nutrition, foods and pharmaceutical sciences labs. Many of our "labs" extend outside of the building and into the excellent healthcare and related agencies in the community that provide the structured professional practice experiences for our students.

Patient Focused Professional Skills Teaching Facility (G11 Thorvaldson)

This is a state-of-the-art facility that provides learning opportunities on self-medication, prescription services and specific treatment areas.

Nutrition Resource and Volunteer Centre (G27 Thorvaldson)

The NRVC serves as a clearinghouse for nutrition resources developed by the Centre and gathered from a variety of organizations, agencies and industries. Each summer the Centre offers Food Fun Camps for children aged 8-12. Please see Nutrition Resource and Volunteer Centre for more information.

Computer Learning and Resources Centre (112 Thorvaldson)

Our Computer Centre, which is upgraded on a regular basis, provides students access to nutrition and pharmacy educational, research and practice-based software packages, CD ROM databases and Internet resources.

MacAulay Pharmaceutical Collection and Study Room (118A Thorvaldson)

The Collection displays pharmaceutical paraphernalia, including information on early remedies such as smartweed and cherry bark syrup.

Saskatchewan Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Society Lounge and Office (G28 Thorvaldson)

The SPNSS lounge is a meeting place, study and planning area, and hub of activity for the student association. It provides a great range of resources and information to students. The SPNSS office is located within. Please see Saskatchewan Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Society for more information.

Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Graduate Student Lounge (127 Thorvaldson)

The Graduate Student Lounge serves as a meeting place, resource and lunchroom for Pharmacy and Nutrition graduate students. Please see Pharmacy and Nutrition Graduate Course Council for more information.



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