About the Bighorn Center

The Bighorn Center was created in 1999 to give Colorado's political middle a credible and legitimate voice in the state's increasingly polarized landscape and more importantly, to get things done. The concept was to bring together leaders from both parties, good ideas (best practices) from other states, the private sector, and to use objective data and research in order to identify, develop and advocate public policies that improve the lives of Coloradans. As part of the mission, the Bighorn Center actively recruits and trains leaders who share these values through a bi-partisan leadership development program. Bighorn is a 501(c)3 -- private operating foundation. A sister organization, Bighorn Action is a 501(c)4 and implements public policy through legislative lobbying and/or ballot initiatives.


We identify, develop, and advocate public policies to improve Coloradans' quality of life through effective and efficient state and local government.


Message from the CEO

Colorado today faces unique challenges and extraordinary opportunities. The Bighorn Center is dedicated to finding thoughtful solutions instead of the tired left-right debate. We believe:

  • Coloradans deserve a civil and rational discussion of issues instead of partisan polarization.
  • Government must empower people to solve their problems rather than attempting to solve all their problems for them.
  • Public policy should reflect the values and priorities of citizens and should not be manipulated by special interests.
  • Issues that have great practical impact on the lives of all Coloradans should not be held hostage to political bickering.

At Bighorn, we seek common sense solutions that reflect Coloradans values.

-Rutt Bridges, CEO

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