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Spatial quality enhancement, Alleviation of flood damage and Nature enlargement by Development and redevelopment of mineral extraction sites along rivers.

Project period: July 2003 - June 2008
Budget: 9.8 million euro

The objective of SAND is flood alleviation in North-West Europe by the use of mineral extraction pits, with a special focus on improving water quality and spatial quality. SAND addresses various aspects of developing mineral extraction sites depending on the local situation. The project involves several countries with different types of rivers, including large rivers like the Rhine and the Seine and small rivers like the Oise, Aisne and Erft, each with their own site-specific mineral extraction. Clay, sand and gravel extraction is important in France and the Netherlands, while lignite mining is important in Germany.


(last update 7 July 2006)
On 8 April a Public Meeting Day for the project Keent was organised in the municipality of Overlangel. Around 350 people showed up at the event and visited the information desks, listened to presentations or joined excursions on bicycle or on foot.

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