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Petr Adámek
Přesličková 2679, 106 00 Praha 10
606 226 316
General science and technology, chemistry, nuclear, environmental

Zdeněk Bobek
Fibichova 39, Adamov, PSČ 679 04, Czech Republic
Mobile: +420 603 844 754
Company ID No.: 462 48 927
Freelance translator, interpreter and tutor since 1993.
English lessons
Czech for foreigners
English-Czech and Czech-English translation services
I am experienced in the following fields:
mechanical engineering, civil engineering, information technologies, computer graphic, business correspondence, trade negotiations, geology, brick and tile industry, linguistics.

Jirka Bolech
Franklinova 729, Liberec, 46005, Czech Republic
http://www.bangl.cz ,
English to Czech: electronics, computers, business and much more...

Melvyn Clarke
Kamenné Žehrovice 254,
273 01 Czech Republic

Skype: zehrovak2
+420 603 942 957

Legal, commercial, journalism, advertising and marketing, police work, librarianship, archive work, literature, non-fiction, accounting, meteorology, town planning, linguistics, banking, construction, education, entertainment, theatre, video, cinema, food and drink (menus), hotels and catering, human resources, IT, insurance, publishing, water management, tourism, sports.

Living and working in CZ since 1990. BA Czech and Slovak – School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London. My work is reviewed by Hana Jirkalová, my Czech partner, who for over 25 years has been Editor-in-Chief of Ctenář, a professional magazine for librarians. Together we translated Who Invented, Discovered, Made the First... (Kdo první vynalezl, objevil, vyrobil) by Kenneth Ireland (the first draft into Czech was mine) and other non-fiction. I also work together with Stanislava Kellnerová (below) and occasionally consult other translators on this list regarding specialist terminology problems and nuance issues.

Clients include the Office of the President, the Senate of the Czech Parliament, the Academy of Sciences Archive, Institute of Czech Literature, Institute of Slavonic Studies, Czech TV, Czech Radio, Patria Finance and Sitel.

References available upon request. Annotated samples of my translation work can be found at: http://www.bohemica.com/czechparallel

Michal Činčiala
N. Frýda 6, 700 30 Ostrava
Tel./fax: 596-721-061
Mobil: 603-410-754
URL: http://www.cinciala.cz
ICQ: 299498940
Freelance translator since 1994
Technical translations, contracts, legal translations

Gabriela Fiserova
206 South Fifth Ave, Suite 175- Ann Arbor-MI- 48104
Mobile: 734.709.3777
Export-Import- international contract translations. International business. General. Experience: Tutor for students from Slavic Department @University of Michigan. Translated during Science Fair in Detroit 2000.

Alexej Havlíček
Nad pilou 49, 273 51 Kyšice
tel: +420 602 219 029
fax: +420 602 682 411
Freelance translator since 1972 with experience in the following fields: financial, general economics, legal, mechanical engineering, IT, EU legislation. Over 10 years experience as investment banker and IT manager with Credit Suisse First Boston.

Alena Jetelinová
Lipovec 128, CZ-679 15; 405 N. Wabash #1104, Chicago,IL
604/ 131 139, (+1) 312- 282- 1420
Commercial, legal, general, food & menu, correspondence

Stanislava Kellnerová
Hackerova 3, 181 00 Praha 8
604 30 11 95
Copyright law, general legal, commercial and technical.
I have translated several plays including Master Class by Terrence McNally (performed at Viola, Praha), Key for Two by John Chapman and David Freeman (performed at Skelet, Praha) and Murder by Sex by Joan Shirley (performed at U hasičů, Praha).

Liba Khan
Chuderov 121, Usti nad Labem/ West Lodge, Sunningdale, UK
603 140525
Medical, legal and general.

Zuzana Kočičková
Střelniční 518
793 26 Vrbno pod Pradědem
Legal, commercial, general technical, chemistry. I have worked as a translator since 1993.

Robert Morrison
Pohořelec 3, 118 00 Praha
Mobile: +420 602 357 673
Fax: +420 233 353 991
Czech Commercial Registry ID: 7105 0523
Czech to English Translations
Experience: translator for marketing presentations, technology, real estate, culture, business correspondence, and contracts
Background: more than 11 years of business and living experience in the Czech Republic, native English speaker with fluent Czech, references availableCAT Tools: TRADOS 6 Freelance and Multiterm 5.5 with an extensive Czech to English translation memory and termbase.

Radovan Pletka
Czech and Slovak Services, 180 Crestwood East, Prescott, AZ 86303, USA
928 445 3259, E- fax 561 423 8233, Mobile phone 703 980 8554
Contracts, business documents, letters and other materials for American companies doing business in Czech and Slovak Republics, technical translation, including nuclear powerplant contracts, textile patents and agricultural, medical, banking and computer materials. Translations of manuals and other materials for government agencies and U.S. companies, Translation and revision of Czechoslovak statutes and agreements for the U.S. Department of State and several D.C. law firms. Freelance conference interpreter for Department of State, including interpreting for President Clinton during his visit to the Czech Republic in January 1994. Consecutive or simultaneous interpreter for a number of Czech and Slovak delegations - journalists, supreme court judges, mayors, university deans, health care professionals, etc. - in the U.S. for USIA and other agency programs. Publisher of the famous weekly job list for translators/interpreters For more info see www.jobsfortranslators.com Feel free to request a sample (-:

Ondřej Roldan
Vlastislavova 22, Praha 4, 140 00
777 242 674
241 740 706
Business, banking&finance, contracts&law, advertising, technical (esp. aerospace industry), historical science, librarianship, general
Translating and interpreting since 1993. Just for the record, my second B/C language is Spanish.

Šárka Rubková
Sibeliova 1001/23, 16200 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone: 0420 220518582
Mobile: 0420 605 446504
Fax: 0420 220518581
Freelance interpreter and translator since 1983.
Translation of training programmes and hand-outs for various Phare programmes and companies.
Literary translations (Geoffrey Regan: Guinness Book of Military Blunders (Guinnessova kniha válečných omylů), published by Velryba, Jungmannova ul. 3, Praha; Weather and Climate (Tajemství podnebí), published by Velryba Publishing House, Jungmannova ul. 3, Praha 1 and others).
General and technical translations (architecture, art, civil engineering including all necessary trades, town planning, landscaping, history of art, sports - canoing, quality management, paper industry, wood industry, forestry, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, power plants, computers, software; banking, etc.)
Interpreting both simultaneous and consecutive (courses, conferences, business affairs and negotiations, banking and accountancy, civil engineering, architecture, light engineering, power plants, etc.)

Vít Růžička
Prague, Czech Republic
+420 731 700054
Hi-technology, aircraft, nuclear industry, accounting, immunology, miscellaneous

Miluse Saskova-Pierce
See CV

Patrick Seguin
Bryksova 666/4, 198 00 Prague 9
(+420) 775 119 995

Freelance translator (Czech to English, English to Czech, French to
English), copywriter and editor specialising in telecommunications and
advertising and marketing. Also very skilled at translating literature and
non-fiction, legal documents and business correspondence.

References and samples for translations available on request. Part of my
writing and editing portfolio can be seen at www.prague-spot.com/blog .

Martina Silpoch
1512 Grant Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119
Translations - general, technical, legal, educational materials, personal and business correspondence, documents, manuals (since 1985)
Court interpreting in the US (since 1990)
Teaching Czech in St. Louis, MO area - private or through several local agencies (since 1990)

Tomáš Skřont
Kurzova 12/ 2224, 155 00 Prague 5
420 2 56 156 77, 420 602 712 923
Economics, management, marketing, law, business contracts, correspondence, general, sports, informatics, communications

Zuzana Slánská
Belehradská 513/97, 530 09 Pardubice, Czech Republic
Tel/Fax: +420 46 641 26 51
Mobile phone: +420 603 164 831
angita@volny.cz  angita@seznam.cz
ICQ: 232 286 161
English-Czech, Czech-English, Italian-Czech, Czech-Italian and English-Italian translations, and Italian-Czech and Czech-Italian interpreting, Italian-Czech and Czech-Italian sworn translations and interpreting
Technical translations, mechanical engineering, contracts, legal translations, commercial and general translations
Freelance translator and interpreter since 1991

Pavel Storkan
Pod vodojemem 1597, Beroun 2, 266 01
603- 262886
311- 625542
Mechanical and electronic engineering, hardware and software, telecommunications, patent applications

Jitka Subiková
Zolova 13, 783 01 Olomouc, Czech Republic
Mobile: +420-608-123-350
Tel/fax: +420-585-433-148
Business license No.: 733 01 124
Freelance Czech/English translator and interpreter, various fields.

Lenka Suková
Jagellonská 25, 130 00 Praha 3 - Žižkov
602/ 829651
Law (contracts), Business, Finance, Telecommunications, Audit
Degree in Hindi

Martin Tlustý
Phone: 272 912 787 (home), 222 510 164 (work)
Mobile: 607 883 661 / 601 248 581 (only at home)
Address: Michnova 2, Praha 4, 14900, Czech Republic
Resume: http://www.martin-tlusty.euweb.cz/CV.htm
Technical (civil engineering, mechanical engineering etc.), scientific, general,
Christian texts. Eng>Czech: above-average expressive abilities in Czech,
Czech >Eng: adequate for technical texts, Refs available.
Katerina Tlusta, Martin Tlusty's wife:
Professor of Czech & writer, offers proof-reading of Czech texts
Phone: 233 325 557 (work), 732 546 618 (mobile)

Pavel Trusina
Translator and interpreter specializing in pharmaceuticals.
For all details see: http://www.pt.cz

Jaroslav Tupý, RNDr.
Stonky 630
Dům bytové kultury Uherské Hradiště
Otakarova 1253
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic
E-mail: dbk@dbk.cz
CellPh: +420 777 340 384
Fax: +420 572 555 066
English/Czech translationsand interpreting: general, technical, business, law (contracts), finance, audit, certificates

Petr Veselý
Plucárna 16, 695 01 Hodonín, Czech Republic
+420 608 667 188
General, technical, law (contracts), IT, business, finance

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