City of Costa Mesa, California

Fire Chief's Message

The Costa Mesa Fire Department continually strives to meet the emergency needs our residents have for life safety. We provide public fire safety services in a number of ways. Emergency responses include fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, hazardous material response and containment and other emergencies which cause loss of life, property or environmental damage. These services require a level of expertise which our fire personnel maintain through their dedication to training and continuing education.

A wide range of fire prevention services are offered which include daycare, residential and business inspections, as well as plan review services to help design safety features in the building construction process. We administer a code enforcement program which helps ensure business operations abide by the State Fire Code Regulations designed to increase fire safety.

We are continually developing other means of fire safety education which the residents and business community may implement themselves, with little or no assistance from the fire department. We want to educate everyone in the community about the steps they can take to increase their safety. We want you to gain the knowledge to protect yourself and your family to help prevent a tragedy.

We are actively seeking new cost effective and efficient methods to improve public safety. Our team is proficient in every aspect of firefighting and providing medical services. We are ready to meet the demands of this community 24 hours a day.

James M. Ellis
Costa Mesa Fire Chief