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Earth/Space Science - CORE

What You Need:

Clay or playdoh in several colours
A container in which to put the colours
Plastic straws
Single edged blades
Large piece of paper,
Course spices
Coloured pencils

What You Do:

Using playdoh or clay of several different colours make a series of different coloured layers. Within some of the layer, mix small spices such as course ground pepper or dried parsley to simulate fossils found in different types of rocks. Have some layers not cover the entire container. Fold or indent as needed to represent faults or other conditions you would like to simulate.

Each person needs a plastic straw with a large diameter and a single edge razor. A large piece of paper should be available for each half.

Take a core sample of the clay layers with the straw. By cutting away the straw with the blade, examine and represent on paper what they have found.


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