Minix for the HP200LX

MINIX can be run on the HP200LX palmtop using the dosminix "file as disk" file system. Mack Baggette modified the minix kernel so that it will work with the LX's eccentricities. There is now access to the LX's dos drives, and work on the serial port is progressing. PCMCIA support is still lacking.


The following packages are based on Mack's final release of minix. The first one is the original file, with each one after a modification of the preceding one, as described.

Package ZIP size uncompressed
blocks free description
minix-o 6.25M 41,943,040 19,166 Original file, unaltered
minix-f 5.39M 41,943,040 20,980 Object files removed (make clean)
minix-40 5.38M 39,845,888 18,964 The /usr partition was resized to fit 40M card
minix-30 5.35M 29,360,128 8,886 The /usr partition was resized again to fit 30M card
minix-20 7.29M 19,922,944 5,760 The source files for the kernel and commands were tarred and compressed. This increases the download size. /usr partition resized to fit 20M
minix-16 4.32M 15,728,640 4,557 Command sources deleted, kernel source remains. /usr partition resized to fit 16M
minix-8 2.60M 7,540,032 1,253 Deleted the kernel sources, deleted the commands and man pages for : add_route, apropos, backup, badblocks, banner, bc, bsfilt, calendar, cdplay, dd, de, dis88, eject, ellec, elvrec, ethers, factor, fd, fdisk, finger, format, g_h_b_n, hosts, ifconfig, in.fingerd, in.ftpd, in.rld, in.rshd, in.telnetd, installboot, irdpd, isodir, isoinfo, isoread, kermit, loadfont, lp, lpd, mesg, mixer, mkdist, mt, netdefault, od, playwave, postmort, pr, pr_routes, printroot, rcp, readclock, readfs, recwave, remsync, resolv.conf, resolver, rhosts, rlogin, rsh, setup, spell, swapfs, talk, talkd, ttt, vol, write and all of man(2) and man(3). /usr partition resized to fit 8M
minix-2 743K 1,991,680 195 Resized the root and /usr partitions. Many commands and man pages deleted. This could be used as a rescue file to repair a larger dosminix file

Mack's previous version is also still available.

LX Utilities

I'm working on a few utilities for the LX. These should all be considered beta versions right now. Catd in particular is unstable, at least when writing to a flash card, and will lockup the palmtop frequently. I believe it is a problem with speed of writing. Writing to the built-in C: drive so far has worked ok. Writing to the flash card will sometimes work. Running it on a laptop, and writing to the flash card also works without problem.

  1. Download
  2. Unzip to the directory which contains your dosminix file. This will create a 64k file called lxutil.mnx which is a small dosminix file system.
  3. Boot minix, but instead of pressing = at the prompt, hit the escape key to enter the monitor.
  4. Type in 'dosd5=lxutil.mnx' without the quotes, and press enter.
  5. Type 'boot' and press enter to start minix.
  6. Login as root, and at the prompt enter 'mount /dev/dosd6 /mnt' to mount the new partition. Yes, that should be a 6, not a 5.
  7. Now you will find the utilities and a README file in the /mnt directory. The README will explain installing the files to your command directories and has a little more information on each command.
  8. After installing the utilities, the lxutil.mnx file is no longer needed. It's only purpose was to transfer the files, and does not need to be mounted the next time you run minix.

Minix documentation