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Medical practitioners who wish to supply or prescribe Flunitrazepam must first obtain an authorisation number from the Commissioner of Health for each individual patient. This number must be endorsed on the prescription prior to presentation at a pharmacy.

It is Departmental policy that Flunitrazepam may only be supplied or prescribed by consultants in psychiatry and sleep medicine. General practitioners may prescribe Flunitrazepam only when nominated as a co-prescriber by a consultant who has received prior written authorisation from the Commissioner of Health.

Relevant legislation

The statutory requirement for authorisation from the Commissioner of Health to prescribe flunitrazepam is specified in Regulation 51GB of the Poisons Regulations 1965.

Gaining written authorisation

A completed Application to Prescribe a Drug of Addiction form must be faxed or mailed by the medical practitioner.

Forms are available from:

The Department of Health website: http://www.population.health.wa.gov.au/environmental/resources/Application to Prescribe a Drug Of Addiction.pdf, or contact:

Pharmaceutical Services
Department of Health

Phone: (08) 9388 4985

Authorisation is required:

Prior to supplying or prescribing flunitrazepam.

Authorisation forms should be sent to:

Pharmaceutical Services
Department of Health

PO Box 8172
Perth Business Centre WA 6849

Phone: (08) 9388 4985
Facsimile: (08) 9388 4988

For more information regarding authorisation to prescribe drugs of addiction

Contact Pharmaceutical Services on (08) 9388 4985.

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Last Updated: 13 August, 2004


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