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Interview with Midori
Part 1

  "...  Show Time with Midori.  I raised the bar so far up for myself.  Itís hard for me to settle for what everybody else is getting.  (Laughing) Because I feel like I deserve more.  I take a risk by being in this business, by being a mom, by being a sister, and being a wife.  Iím representing this industry and your company.  So, you need to treat me [well].  You know what Iím sayiní!  ..." --- MIDORI

We want to thank our Talent Relations Associate Mark David for arranging our contact with Midori.    

Midori is the proprietor of www.midorixxx.com and www.midorimusic.com.

We spoke to Midori on Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 1:30 AM EST.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Thanks for taking time out to talk to us.

MIDORI:  Thatís not a problem.

DCDANCERS.COM:  How did you choose your stage name?  

MIDORI:  My name came from a conversation with director/producer David Christopher on the set of my first movie, which was Pussyman Auditions #3.  He said I should choose a name that describes my personality.  And he said, ďsomething like this.Ē   He was drinking a melon liqueur.  The drink was green and in Japanese midori means green.  I found out that the name of the drink is Midori Liqueur.  I adapted it to mean the color of money. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Of course, we didnít know that story.

MIDORI:  Yeah, most people think that itís a reference to Midori Sour. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  What projects do you have in the works?

MIDORI:  I just finished 3 movies:  2 for a company called Wildlife and 1 for VideoTeam.  The VideoTeam feature is with Evan Stone.   He is the male performer and best actor of the year [AVN 2000 awards].  It was cool because I am the first black woman to win an AVN performance award.  Actually, Jeannie Pepper was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.  I am the first black woman to receive that honor.  It was the first time a black woman and a white guy were on a box cover together. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Congratulations!

MIDORI:  Thank you.  Itís kind of weird Ė even though itís adult entertainment Ė to be breaking ground like that. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Are you saying that weíre in the year 2001 and itís surprising that it hadnít been done already?

MIDORI:  Exactly.  It should be a very liberal industry.  (Pause) Iím looking at the news and theyíre talking about passing an ordinance that will make it illegal for a dancer to touch her self.  (We paused to listen to the news.)  Hello

DCDANCERS.COM:  Yeah.  Thatís bizarre.  Youíd think this is the 1950ís. 

MIDORI:  (Laughing) Can you believe that?

DCDANCERS.COM:  That is absurd.

MIDORI:  I was reading this article today.  They had this picture of this female with heavy breast.  You canít see her head.  Her boyfriend was about to face 5 years for taking lewd pictures of her.  She was 17.  She was underage;  but, she gave her permission to do it.  What came out in court was sheís old enough to have sex, but not old enough to take nude pictures taken.  The people who processed the film turned him in.  I thought it was really odd that she can have sex; but she canít take nude pictures.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Since the Bush administration took over, weíve noticed an increase in the pursuit of restrictive policies, particularly regarding the adult industry.

MIDORI:  I know weíre easy targets.  People in the adult industry donít have power in numbers.  Weíve got it in the banks.  They canít refute that. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Thereís an article in the latest issue of AVN magazine about interracial scenes.  It says producers are shying a way from doing interracial scenes in their productions since the Bush administration took over.  Have you seen that?

MIDORI:  Yeah.  The industry is an easy target.   Take the case of someone like Sean Michaels working with some brand new young looking straight out of Nebraska white girl.  Try that case in this city with a jury that does not like black people.   Say, ďdo you think this is lewd conduct?Ē 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Oh, easy conviction!

MIDORI:  Exactly.  So, to not have to deal with that they made a guideline.  Itís OK for a black woman to do interracial scenes.  They play that on cable.  When itís the other way around, thatís still an issue.  Itís sick.  What are they afraid of?  Are they really that insecure?  I get that [kind of treatment] all the time in the dance market.  Itís unbelievable.  I still donít get bookings, no matter how many awards I win.  [Iím told] Iím a black woman and Iím going to attract a black  male street clientele thatís not going to buy drinks at the bar and thatís going to cause trouble.  So, letís not deal with her and her people at all. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Oh.  So, youíre stereotyped.

MIDORI:  People are set in their ways.  It does take some market research.  I just had a club owner in Canada contact me to apologize for misjudging my fan base.  He had booked me and then he had second thoughts.  He thought I didnít have a large fan base.  He did some market research from Windsor to Detroit and he realized that I have a huge fan base.  He apologized and said he wanted to book me.  That made me feel really good.  Typically when you get into the [adult] industry, you want to get quality box covers.  You want to get some awards and you want to get some magazine covers.  That brings you more money on the dance circuit.  The dance circuit is really where you make your money.  You get paid to show up.  You can sell your merchandise.  You are presented as a star because of all the things youíve done.  You make more money that way, if your smart and you have some type of talent.

DCDANCERS.COM:  We have seen your work and we think youíre beautiful.

MIDORI:  Now thatís what Iím talking about.  I donít think itís calculated.  I just think itís stupidity.  This is my motto.  Iím not white and Iím not black enough.   At the conventions, the guys Ė who come up to me and know all the stuff that Iíve done Ė are middle aged white guys.  I guess theyíve just got a lot of free time on their hands.  (Pause)

DCDANCERS.COM:  Are you updating your web page now?

MIDORI:  Yeah.  My husband has taken over loading the graphics.  Iím making a bunch of changes on my video page.  Iím adding box covers and stuff. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Are you training him?

MIDORI:  (Chuckles) Yeah.  I taught myself actually.

(We talked about web page publishing.  We return to the interview when we are discussing feature dancing.)

MIDORI:  When you try to deal with this situation, you become embittered.  Iíve been asked:  ďWhy do you have a chip on your shoulder?Ē  I donít have a chip on my shoulder!   It isnít fair.  ďWhy are you whining?Ē  Iím not whining! 

DCDANCERS.COM:  You want what is your due.

MIDORI:  Yeah.  I have been in many situations where I could have pissed people off.  If I feel that something isnít fair or right,  then that [speaking up] is my job. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Since you are well established in the industry, you can voice an opinion about a situation that a lot of ladies are experiencing.

MIDORI:  Right.  I wanted to try something like the Dennyís lawsuit and Jeannie Pepper said that she would help me.  This is serious money that weíre talking about.  Weíre only going out to 30% to 40% of the clubs in the United States.  I mean, Dťjŗ vu, Sreaming Rhino, and some of the other chain clubs have probably only hired Heather Hunter Ė if theyíve hired a black dancer. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Do you believe these clubs are open to a class action lawsuit?

MIDORI:  If the right lawyer would take it seriously, he could treat it like a case of racism.  He could take the adult part out of it and he would have a strong case.  The gray area would be they have black house dancers.  But a house dancer is not a feature dancer.  Theyíre making tips.  But Iím talking about being PAID!  Iím talking about the fees, the marketing, the newspapers, and all of that.  You know.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Have you considered creating a black adult entertainers alliance of some sort?

MIDORI:  I would love to.  I have tried to get a couple of panels together.  Sharon Mitchell runs the medical thing out here in LA said that she would give me the space to hold meetings.   The problem is just getting everyone together.  You have so many girls who are just in it for the moment.  Theyíre just trying to get their check and theyíre not looking at it in the long run. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Originally, Mr. Marcus raised the issue of finding a good distributor.  Are you concerned with finding a distributor for your productions?

MIDORI:  Definitely.  Lately Iíve taken heed to my sisterís advice to just go independent.  Why mess around with the middlemen?  You have to wait 3 to 6 months and sometimes a year to get your money back anyway.    

DCDANCERS.COM:  So you recommend skipping the distributor and selling directly to the customer?

MIDORI:  Yeah!  Thatís what the internet is good for.  Itís just like the difference between an independent record deal and a major record deal.  An independent will lack promotion.  For a female in this business, thatís what we want to see.  We want to see our faces on the covers of the magazines and the glamour boxes.  The bigger companies are the ones who are putting the money into funding those kinds of projects.  I can happen.  Look at Sean Michaels and Jake Steed.  Sean has his own distribution.  SMP (Sean Michaels Productions) is his distributor.  It can happen.  I have to check myself all the time.  When youíre dealing in this situation, these guys have been around for a long time.  They all play golf together.  If you piss one of them off, you basically piss all of them off. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Weíve heard that before.

MIDORI:  Yeah.  It can happen.  I know that Jake Steed pissed some people off a couple of years ago.  We (Jake Steed, India, and Mr. Marcus) did an interview with AVN magazine a coupe of years ago.  I was on the phone because I was in Chicago and I didnít want to miss the interview.  He [Jake] said that white people should stay away from producing black movies.  A lot of people on both sides were mad at Jake.  Jake was able to work for the bigger companies Ė VCA, Vivid, and stuff like that Ė earlier on in his career.  A lot of black guys coming into the business donít have that opportunity now. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Did repercussions come from the interview?

MIDORI:  He did change.  But people attributed that to him.  It didnít spread out to ďall the blacks are trippiní.Ē (Everybody Laughs)

DCDANCERS.COM:  What would happen if all the blacks decided to leave the plantation?

MIDORI:  I have a problem with the whole hip-hop street lingo.  If you put me on the cover, you see itís a black or interracial movie.  You know that by looking at my brown face.  Why do they have to put CHOCALICIOUS or something like that on the box?  Is that what they think weíre all about?

DCDANCERS.COM:  It almost reminds me of the movie Hollywood Shuffle.  Itís like they still reflect that stereotypical attitude in the porn industry. 

MIDORI:  Yep.  Some of the guys donít see the harm in it.  They say hip-hop is strong.  They do it in hip-hop. Whatís the big deal?  But, Itís perpetuating the stereotype and we Ė on both sides Ė feed into it.  Iíve done all I can do to show a different side to it.  The guy who runs VideoTeam said he didnít want me to become the Diana Ross of porn.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Why did he say that?

MIDORI:  I donít know.  I remember that because I wanted to get away from the stuff [hip-hop stuff].  Heather and Dominique were the only ones who did the glamour stuff. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Are you referring to the higher budget productions?

MIDORI:  Yeah, that kind of stuff with a story line and a leading actress.

DCDANCERS.COM:  I believe some of the ladies went to Europe when they wanted to do higher quality productions.

MIDORI:  Yeah, I was there for 2 months.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Did you make any videos?

MIDORI:  Yeah, I did 2 movies there and I recorded a dance CD.  Actually, the adult company funded my movie project.  And I have a video on CD-ROM. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Can you name any of the titles?

MIDORI:  Ummm, In Bed with Midori and Big Sister.  Big Sister is a take-off of the show Big Brother.  I pretend to be a man for the majority of the movie and at the end Iím Midori.  (Laughs) I donít do girls and I had a strap-on.  I was doiní this girl from behind.  It was funny and really cute.  I wore a mustache and all.

DCDANCERS.COM:  How was your trip to Europe?

MIDORI:  It was a beautiful experience.  I was very sad when I had to come home.  [Here] Iíve had to jump over road blocks and pave my own way.  I didnít have to do that over there.  Itís a totally different way of thinking when it comes to racism.  If there is racism over there, I didnít feel it or see it.  I was performing for thousands of people.  They go all out for their erotic festivals.  They rent ice hockey arenas and they do it over the course of a weekend.  It was beautiful.  Some of these people had never seen a black woman before.  I was in Eastern Europe. I went to Poland, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Had they seen your videos?

MIDORI:  Some of my videos were just being released.  They just got the licensing.  Out there, It just became legal to have triple-X movies last year. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Before that, they had to be underground?

MIDORI:  Yeah.  They were poor quality and they certainly didnít have any black women in them.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Was the money good while you were out there?

MIDORI:  Yeah.  I went shopping a lot.

DCDANCERS.COM:  Did you take any family with you?

MIDORI:  Yeah.  My husband went.  He appeared in both movies with me.  I didnít get a chance to take my daughter.  But, I wouldnít have wanted her to go on that particular trip.  I didnít have any free time. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Whatís your husbandís stage name?

MIDORI:  His stage name is Silo.

DCDANCERS.COM:  According to Video Team, youíve been in the business since 1996.  What has changed between then and now?

MIDORI:  Um, I think the number of producers and the tapes have quadrupled.  Itís making it harder to be competitive.  Anyone can pickup a camera and call themselves a porn producer or director.  And any girl is all of a sudden a porn star.  Itís taking the stardom out of it.  Itís like having a Nail Shop on every corner, you know.  When I came in [the adult industry], anal was becoming the popular scene.  Now, girls are doing crazy stuff.  These girls are not getting the box covers and the rates they should be getting for the things theyíre doing.  I was very lucky.  When I came in, I knew Julian St. Jox.  He introduced me to Sean Michaels.  I did my first convention 3 months later.  I met Nina Hartley.  I met all of the OGís.  Sean Michaels was the one who gave me my rate.  He said:  ďIf anyone tells you otherwise, tell them I paid you that.  If I can pay you that, then they can pay that and more.Ē  Itís weird.  I am always humble.  But, I have established a set of principles for the way a black woman should be treated.  When I first got in, guys were telling me:  ďDonít get your hopes up too high because black girls donít go too far in this business.Ē  Everything Iíve set out to do, Iíve basically done it.  My next thing is the club circuit.  I was doing the interracial gonzo movies and wanted to get into features.  So, I wrote my own damn script and casted it.  I talked to Tom Sawyer.  He used to do the Baby Got Back series.  He walked me into VideoTeam.  I laid the script down on Chrisís desk and he was Ė like Ė shocked.  Shortly after that I was signed to a contract that lasted for the next 3 years. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  What was the name of the video?

MIDORI:  Show Time with Midori.  I raised the bar so far up for myself.  Itís hard for me to settle for what everybody else is getting.  (Laughing) Because I feel like I deserve more.  I take a risk by being in this business, by being a mom, by being a sister, and being a wife.  Iím representing this industry and your company.  So, you need to treat me [well].  You know what Iím sayiní! 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Are you still under contract?

MIDORI:  I quit.  I left the business last year.  So, Iím really selective about the projects I do.  I needed a break.  I quit in my 3rd year and I didnít do anything for about a year.  Iíve done about 8 or 10 [videos] in the last year and a half.  Since I came back in, the morale is down.  The girls are [not excited].  Theyíre like, Iíll be glad when this shit is over with.  Itís changed. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Where do you see this attitude?

MIDORI:  I see it in the performance.  I see it in the articles I read.  I see it in the magazines.  [In the past] When a new girl came in and she was hot, you would hear a bout her.  I donít hear about anybody. 

DCDANCERS.COM:  It looks like an assembly line now.

MIDORI:  Yeah.  Itís funny all the black girls are starting to look alike.  All the white girls STILL look alike (Laughs). 

DCDANCERS.COM:  Yeah, blonde and big boobs.


End of Part 1 of Midori Interview.

  Part 2 Coming soon!

In the mean time, show some Luv.
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