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Windows optional component maker "oppcom" for Windows ME, returns control of your computer Back To You, the person that paid for it. By adding scripts to windows that put back in the ability to remove the programs that come built into Windows ME. Oppcom does not remove these components. It gives you the power to remove them, or put them back, it lets YOU decide what you want running on YOUR computer.
OppCom Version 2.1
Build Date 07/07/2003
Oppcom 2.1 Fixes a small bug where windows setup would say it could not find a file.

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Download Oppcom

Oppcom for Windows ME Gives You The Power To Remove,

Media Player 6 - Media Player 7
Microsoft Agent - Microsoft OOBE
Windows System Info - Microsoft Movie Maker
Microsoft Web Folders - Windows Scripting Host
Windows Update / Auto Update
Web Based Computer Management "webm"
Microsoft Pc Health/System Restore/System File Protection
Windows Task Monitor New In 1.9
Windows Task Scheduler New In 1.9
Macromedia, Director, Flash, Shockwave New In 2.0
Wmiexe.exe, Rpcss, and a bunch of other Junk

If your not sure you want to remove something, just try it, then put it back, it's that easy, and every thing will reinstall just as it was before Oppcom

Please Read This Before Using Oppcom
One person has reported that windows Add/Remove setup quit working and said that setupx had a problem, this is caused by a bad or corrupted file in the Windows\INF directory, not by oppcom. but to be sure just go to the INF dir and delete all the beta10 files and try running setup again, then remove more files until it works, then put some back etc
PCHEALTH, IS System Restore and System File Protection. And it must be removed first, before you try to remove anything else. If it is not removed first then system file protection will protect the other components from being removed. Once you have removed the other components, then just reinstall PC health if you want it.
To USE Oppcom just go to the control panel, click on ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS, Click on the Windows Setup tab, Double Click on Beta10 Optional Components, And Remove what you don't want.
WHY. It's not that all these programs are bad, pchealth actually does work pretty good. It's that when your doing a hundred different things, or trying to play a game, or whatever. It slows down your system to have all these programs running in the background. On top of that is the fact that system restore has been proven to backup and restore virus's very nicely,. Thanks M$. And above all, it should be left up to the computer owner/purchaser to decide what he/she wants to run on their computer.

Please REMEMBER, some Windows programs rely on others to work right. Example = Ms Info will not run without PC Health installed. Also there are times when you will need to have windows update, scripting, etc installed in order to download or install other programs and updates from M$. Example, to install Direct X 9.0 pc health has to be installed.

To automaticly set MEDIA PLAYER 6 to be the default movie player, you must remove it, and Then reinstall it. This will reset the file type associations. "IE what happens when you double click on a file to play it".
NOTE The C:\RESTORE directory is remade by winnit.exe each and every time a major program is installed or removed, In other words, when wininit.exe is used to install or remove a program it will automatically backup any old files to the restore directory. But it should never become the big monolithic hog that it once was. When it does come back, just right click on the directory and delete it.
YES, Oppcom did remove Internet Explorer at one time. but the fact that so many other programs rely on it to run correctly, and M$ has so much crap built into and around it we decided to take the option out. Maybe at some time in the future we will make a IE remover. Till then we suggest using The Opera web browser.
Oppcom uses Windows to install itself. If the install does not work, it is not oppcoms fault, but Windows itself. Microsoft addressed this problem, and came up with this soultion. Click here for the fix