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Student Media

The main student media organizations at Washington & Jefferson College provide a professional, fun experience to interested students. These organizations are open to all enrolled students at W&J; students do not need to be enrolled in a specific course or major to be eligible to join.

  • The Red & Black
    The student newspaper at Washington & Jefferson College publishes once per week. Students are involved in every aspect of the publication, from writing and photography to layout and advertising sales.
  • WNJR Radio
    The 1500-watt radio station, a collaborative effort between the Office of Student Activities and the Theatre/Communication program, invites students to take part in a real-world broadcasting experience. Historically, student DJs have hosted far-ranging programs, from talk to rock, and from country to jazz. In the Washington area, tune in to 91.7 fm to hear us, or listen online.
  • Pandora
    The Pandora is the yearbook of Washington & Jefferson College, produced entirely by students.

No experience is required for W&J students to take part in any of these organizations, no matter what your major is.