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Theme Housing



The Office of Residence Life has approved four Theme Houses, three of which are new to the College.  For the 2006-2007 academic year W&J will be offering the following Theme Houses: Pet House, Outdoor House, Intensive Study/Courtesy House and a Hometown Heritage House.  Below is more information on each house.   


     The W&J Pet House will be housed in Monroe Hall located in President's Row.  This house will provide a friendly environment to pets, their owners and pet lovers alike.  The Office of Residence Life hopes that by allowing students to bring a pet from home or simply live in a house where animals are allowed, their transition into College life will be eased and provide an opportunity for the student to now be responsible for more than just themselves.  Since few Colleges and Universities offer a housing option such as this, we hope that students will be intrigued by this housing option when choosing W&J for their studies. 

Registration Form
Pet House Policies
You, Your Pet and Your Roommate


     The Outdoor House is a new concept, brought to the Office of Residence Life by a group of students with a love of the Outdoors.  Goals for this house include programming on making the outdoors a safer place to be, fire safety, physical improvements to the College campus and retreats that provide students a chance to experience the outdoors through rock climbing and camping.  The students are also planning physical changes (painting, art hanging, etc...) to Buchanan Hall, which will be their home for the next year. 

House Leaders for this house are Josh Linton (lintonjt@RemoveThisPart.washjeff.edu) and Jennifer Little (littlejl@RemoveThisPart.washjeff.edu). 



     The Intensive Study/Courtesy House is the only returning Theme House for the 2006-2007 year.  This house is geared towards students who want a quieter living environment while attending W&J.  This house will be located in Jefferson Hall.   

House Leaders for the house are Stephanie Yeager (yeagerss@RemoveThisPart.washjeff.edu) and Lindsay Harlow (harlowlr@RemoveThisPart.washjeff.edu).



     Hometown Heritage is about just that - heritage of your hometown.  While not all members of this group are from Washington, they all take pride in the area surrounding their College.  This group hopes to give back to the community that has given so much to them.  Plans are in the works to participate in many events for charitable organizations as well as educate the campus on the many benefits of living in the Washington-Pittsburgh area.  The group also plans to educate students on many of the educational and fun activities this area has to offer its residents.  This group will be housed in Triplex 127, located on East Chestnut Street.

House Leaders for this group are Dan Rothstein (rothsteind@RemoveThisPart.washjeff) and Zachary Lewis ( lewiszs@RemoveThisPart.washjeff.edu).