ARAGO, FRANçOIS, Member of the Institute. Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Members. Translated by Admlral Smith Rev. B. Powell, M.A., and R. Grant, M.A. 8vo. 1857. [Life of James Watt.]

BABINGTON, JOHN, Pyrotechnia: or, A Discourse of Artificiall Fire works. Whereunto is annexed a short treatise of Geometrie. Folio. 1635

BACON, ROGER. Frier Bacon his discovery of the miracles of art nature and magick. Faithfully translated out of Dr. Dee's own copy, by T. M. and never before in English. London Printed for Simon Miller, at the Starre in St. Pauls Church-yard. 12mo. 63 pages. 1659.

BARLOW, PETER, F.R.S. &c._See Encyclopædia Metropolitana.

BATE, JOHN, The Mysteries of Nature and Art in four severall parts. The first of water-works: the second of fire-works: the third of drawing, washing, limping, painting, and engraving: the fourth of sundry experiments. 4to. 1634. The second edition. 1635.

BECHERUS, J. J. Character, pro Notia Linguarum universali. 8vo. Franc. 1661.

BEDWELL, WILLIAM._See Peter Ramus.

BESSON JACQUES. Il Theatro de gl' Instrumenti e Machine con una brieve dichiaration di tutte le figure di F. Beroaldo. Folio. Lione, 1582.

BESSONI JACOBI Delphinatis Mathematici ingeniosissimi. Theatrum Instrumentorum et Machinarum. Cum FRANC. BEROALDI figurum declaratione demonstratiua. folio. Lugduni. 1578. [London Institution.]

BETTINO, Bononiensi, e soc. Jesu. Mario. Apariari universæ philosophiæ mathematicæ. Folio. Bononiæ, 1642.

BILLINGSLEY, HENRY, Citizen of London. The Elements of Geometrie, of the most auncient Philosopher Euclide of Megra. Faithfully (now first) translated into the Englishe toung. With a faithfull Preface made by M. J. Dee. Imprinted at London by John Daye. Folio, 1570. [The date is at the end, vice page 465.]

BOURNE, WILLIAM, Inventions or Devices. Verv necessary for all generalles and eaptaines, or leaders of men, as wel by sea as land: Written by_ 4to. An. 1578.

BOYLE, THE HONOURABLE ROBERT, The Works of. Preface by Thomas Birch. 5 vols. folio. 1744.

BRADLEY, RICHARD, F.R.S. New Improvements of Planting and Gardening, both philosophical and practical. 8vo. 1718.

[The 2nd edition in 3 parts, separately paged. See 3rd part, pp. 174 - 179.]

BRANCA, GIOVANNI. Le Machine. Volume nuovo e di molto artificio, da fare effetti maravigliosi tanto Spiritali, &c. 4to. Roma, 1629.

BROCLERUM, GEORGIUM ANDREAM. Theatrum Machinarum novum. Folio. Coloniae Agrippinae, 1662.

BROWN, J. W. The Life of Leonardo da Vinei, with a critical account of his works. 12mo. 1828.

CAUS, ISAAC DE. New and rare inventions of Water-works, shewing the easiest waies to raise water higher then the spring. By which invention the Perpetual Motion is proposed many hard labours performed And variety of motions and sounds produced. First written in French by Isaak de Caus a late famous engineer: And now translated into English by John Leak. London, Printed by Joseph Moxon. Folio. 1659. ~London Institution.]

CAUS, SALOMON DE. Les Raisons des forces Mouvantes avec diverges Machines. Folio. Francfort, 1615.

-- Zusatz von allerhand Muhl Wasser und Brotten Werken. [The second part of a volume commencing with, "Heronis Alexandrini Buch von der Lufft und Wasser Kunst."] 4to. Erancfurt 1688. ,

[Fifty-five quarto copper-plates, Mills, Fountains, and Automata.]

CHlLMEAD, WILLIAM M.James Gaffarel.

CLARK, DANIEL Je., C. E._See Encyclopaedia Britannica.

COSMO THE THIRD, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Travels through England during the reign of Charles II. (1669). Roy. 4to. 1821.

DESAGRLIERS, The Rev. J. T. LL;.D., H. R. S. &c. A Course of Experimental Philosophy. 2 vois. 4to. 1763.

Account of the Automaton, by M. Vaucanson, Inventor,

tranSlated by. 4to. 1742.

DIGGES, THOMAS, A geometrical practical treatize named Pantrometria divided into three BookS. Folio. 1691.

DIGGES, LEONARsD, Gentleman. A Prognotification cuertainingo Orriginal good effecte, fruitfully augmented by the auctour, &c. augmented by Thomas Digges his sonnet B. L. 4to. 1676.

DIRKES, HENRY. Perpetnum Mobile; or, a history of the search for selfmotive power, during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, illustrated from various authentIc sources; with an Introductory Essay. Post 8vo. 1861.

DIRCKS, HENRY. A Biographical Memoir of Samuel Hartlib. Containing a reprint of his publication of Cressy Dymock's account of " An Invention of Engines of Motion." 8vo. 1865.

DOPPELMAYR, JOHANN GABRIEL. Historische Nachricht von den Nurnbergischen Mathematicis und Eunstlern. Folio. Nornberg, 1730.

DUDLEY, DUD. Metallum Martis: or, Iron made with Pit-coale, &c. 4to. 1665.

DYMOCK, CRESSY. An Invention of Engines of Motion lately brought to perfection. [See reprint in H. Dircks' Life of Samuel Hartlib. post octavo. 1864.]

ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA. Vol. 20, 8th edition. 4to. 1860. [Article -Steam and Steam Engine. By Daniel E. Clark, C. E.]

ENCYCLOPAEDIA METROPOLITANA. 4to. 1845. [Vol. 6, Mixed Sciences. Containing - A Treatise on the Manufactures and Machinery of Great Britain. By Peter Barlow, F.R.S., &c. 1836.]

ETTEN, HENRY VAN. Mathematicall Recreations. Or a Collection of sundrie Problemes, extracted out of the Ancient and Moderne Philosophers, as secrets in nature, and experiments in Arithmeticke, Geometrie, &c. Most of which were written first in Greeke and Latine, lately compiled in French, by Henry Van Etten, Gent. Small 8vo. 1633

Recreation Mathematique et entretien facetieux de plusieurs plaisants problemes en faict d'arithmetique, geometric, mechanique opticque, et autres parties de ces belles Sciences. 12mo. Pont-aMousson, 1699.

See also Claude Mydorge.

EVELYN, JOHN, F.R.S. Memoirs illustrative of thc Life and Writings of, edited by William Bray, F.S.A. 2 vols. 4to. 1819.

- The Miscellaneous Writings of. By William Upcott. 4to. 1825.

FALCONER, JOHN. Cryptomenysis Patefacta: or the Art of Secrct Information disclosed without a key. Small 8vo. 1685.

[Contains also notices of " Secret Information, mentioned by TrithemiuS."]

FAREY,JOHN. A treatise on the Steam Engine. 4to. 1827.

FELTON, EDMOND. Engins invented to save much blood and moneyes (in these times of warre), and to doe extraordinary good service. [A tract of 8 pages.] 4to. 1644.

FIGUIER, LOUIS. Exposition et Histoire des Principales Decouvertes Scientifiques Modernes. 4 vols. post 8vo. Paris, 1862. [Tome Premicr. Machine a vapeur.]

FLUD, ROBERTO. Utrisque Cosmi majoris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica atque technica historia in duo Volumina secuudum cosmi differentiam divisa. Folio. Oppenhemii, 1617. [Dedication signed _R. Fludd.]

FOSBROKE, The Rev. Thomas D., M.A., &c. :Encyclopædia of Antiquities and elements of Archaeology. 8vo. 1840.

FOSTER, SAMUEL. Miscellanies: or, Mathematical Lucubrations. Translated by Dr. John Twysden. Folio. 1659.

FRENCH, JOHN, Doctor of Physick. The art of distillation, or a treatise of the choicest spagyricall preparations performed by way of distillation; in 6 books. 4to. 1660.

FRENCH, JOHN. The same. Second edition. To which is added, The London Distiller. 4to. 1653.

[Numerous woodcuts of distillatory apparatus.]

GAFFAREL,JAMEs. Unheard-of Curiosities concerning the Talismanical sculptures of the Persians, &c. Translated by Edmund Chilmead, M.L small 8vo. 1650.

GHEYN, JACOB DE. The Exercise of Armes, for Calivers, Muskettes, and Pikes, After the ordre of his Excellence Maurits, Prince of Orange, &c. Sett forth in the figures by Jacob de Gheyne. Printed at the Hage. Folio. 1607.

GIACINTO, A]fATI. Ricerche Storico-Critico-Scientifiche sulle origini, sconerte, invenzioni e perfezionamenti fatti nelle lettere nelle arti e nelle scienze. 6 Tom. 8vo. Milan, 1828. [In Vol. 2, " Stenografia."]

GRASGOW Mechanics' Magazine, and Annals of Philosophy. 2nd Vol. 8vo. Glasgow, 1825.

GROELIEB DE SEBVIERE, NICHOLAS Recueil d'ouvrages curieux de mathematique et de mechanique _ ou description du cabinet de M. Grollier de Serviere. 4to. Lyon, 1719.

GOOSE, FRANCIS. Military Antiquities. 2 vols. 4to. 1801.

HALLIWELL, J. O., F.R.S. &c. A Collection of Letters illustrative of the progress of Science in England from the reign of Q. Elizabeth, to that of Charles II. Edited by. 8vo. 18 ll.


Rara Mathematica; or, Collection of Treatises on the Mathematics. Edited by. 1841.

HARLEIAN MISCELLANY. By Oldys and Park. 4to. 6th VoL 9th Vol.

HARSDOBFFERN, GEORG PHILIPP. Delicim Mathematicæ et Physicæ. Z'weyter Theil. 4to. Nurnberg, 1677

Dritter Theil. 4to. Nurnberg, 1692. [See M. D. Schwen" serum.]

HARTLIB, SAMUEL.-See Invention.-See aIso H. Dircks.

HERO, Alexandrinus, Senior; CTEsIBII Ascreni Discipulus.

1. Spiritalium Liber, a FREDERICO COMMANDINO ex Græco in Latinum conversus; cum figuiis. 4to. Urbini, 1675.

2. Di Herone Alessandrino de gli Automati, overo Machine se Moventi Libri due, Tradotti dalGreco da Bernardino Baldi. 4to. Venetia, 1689.

3. Spiritalium Liber: altera editio; cui accesserunt Jo. BAPT. ALEOTTI quatuor Theoremata Spiritalia, ex Italico in Latinum converse, cum figuris. 4to. AmsterdaIn, 1680.

[A 4to. edition also printed at Bologna, 1647.]

4. Veterum Mathematicorum-Athenaei, Bitonis, Apollodori, Heronis, Philonis, et Aliorum Opera; Græce et Latine, pleraque nunc primum edita. Ex Manuscriptis Codiaibus Bibliothecæ Regi~e. Folio. E'arisiis, 1693.

EEWETT, JOHN. Ancient Armour and Weapons. 3 vols. 8vo. 1860.

HOOKE, ROBERT, F.R.S. Lectiones Cutlerianæ, a CollectionofLectures made before the Royal Society. 4to. 1679.

[See No. 1. of the " Philosophical Collections" therein.]

HOOPER, DR. WILLIAM. Rational Recreations. 1st and 2d Vol. 8vo. 1794.

HUMANE INDUSTRlY: or a History of most manual arts, deducing the original, progress, and improvement of them. Furnished with variety of instances and examples, shewing forth the excellency of Humane Wit. small 8vo. 1661. [By ThomaS Powell, D.D.; see Ant. 'A. Wood, &c.]

HUTTON, CHARLES, LL.I). and F.R.S. Mathematical Dictionary. 1815.

INVENTION (An) of Engines of Motion lately brought to perfection. Whereby may be dispatched any work now done in England or elsewhere, (especially works that require strength and swiftness) either by wind, water, cattel or men. And that With better accommodation, and more profit then anything hitherto known and used. London, Printed by J. C. for Richard Woodnoth, next door to the Golden heart, in Leaden-hall Street. 16 pages. 4to. 1651.

[Two copies in the British MuSeum; one as above, the other with " next" corrected to "next." This scarce pamphlet consists of two Ietters Without signature, addressed to Samuel Hartlib.]

INV]ENTION.-See Cressy Dymock. Also, Temple Anecdotes.

INVENTIONS._See Wonderful Inventions.

EIBCHERUS, Athanasius, Germanus, Fuldensis, Soc. Jesu. Romani Collegii Societatus Jesu MuSæum celeberrimum. Folio. Amstelodami, 1678.

[Caput IV. De Horologiis. Caput V. De Mobili perpetuo apparerte.]

LANIS; P. Francisci Tertii de. Magisterium Natura,, et Artis. 3 vol. fol. Brixiæ, 1684.

LEAK, JOHN._See Isaac de Caus.

LEYBOURN, WILLIAM, Philomathes. Pleasure with Profit: consisting of recreations of divers kinds, viz., Numerical, Geometrical, Mechanical, &c. folio. 1694.

[The compiler was a schoolmaster, and although largely indebted to Bishop Wilkins and other learned authorS, he never nameS a single authority.]

LUCAR, CYPRIAN, Gent. Three Bookes of Colloquies concerning the arte of shooting in great and Small peeceS of artillerie, variable randges, measure, and weight of leaden, iron, and marble Stone pellets, minerall saltpeetre, gunpowder of divers sortes, &c. Written in Italian by Nicholas Tartaglia; and now translated into English by, (augmented, and with additionS) fol. 1688.


A Treatise named Lucarsolace, divided into Fovver Bookes, which in pert are collected out of diuerse authors, in diuerse languages. 4to. 1690.

LEOPOLD, JACOB._1. Theatrum Machinarum generale; mit figurenr und register. Folio. Leipzig, 1726.


2. Hydrotechnicarum. Folio. 1724.


3. Machinarum Hydraulicarum, oder, Schau Platz der WasserKunste. 2 vols. Folio. 1724-26.


4. Staticum universale. 1726.

4. Pontifieiale. Folio. 1726.

_6. Machinarum; oder, Schau-Platz der Heb-Zeuge. 1726.

___7. Arithmetico-Gemetricum 1726.

MECHANICS' MAGAZINE. Third Vol. 8vo. 1826.

MEIKLEHAM, ROBERT. Author of several works under the pseudonym of Robert Stuart: which see accordingly.

MARKHAM, G. The Souldiers Exercise: in three Bookes. 4to. 1639.

MEYRICK, SIR S. R. Ancient Armour and Arms. 2 vols. Folio. 1830.

MORVVYNG, PETE B. The treasure of Evonymus, contayninge the wonderfull hid secretes of nature, touchinge the most apte formes to prepare and destyl Medicines, &c. 4to. 1559.

MYDOBGE, CLAUDE. Examen du Livre des Recreations Mathematiques, et de ses problemes en Geometrie, Mechanique, Optique, and Catoptrique, &c. [And at the end] Notes sur les Recreations Mathematiques. Par D. H. P. E. M. Smal1 8vo. Paris, 1638.

[See Van Etten's work printed at Pont~a-Moussou, 1629, and later editions; Mydorge's work is a copy of their matter and engrave ings. He was an eminent mathematician: b~rn at Paris, 1585.]

MUIRHEAD, JAMES, P. M.A. &c. The Life of James Watt, with selections from his Correspondence. 2nd Edition. 8vo. 1859.

NOWE, LORD DE LA. The Politicke and Militarie Discourses of. Translated out of the French by E. A. B. Letter. 4to. 1587.

PANCIROLLUS, GUIDO. The history of many memorable things lost, which were in use among the Ancients, &c. 12mo. 1715.

PAPILLON, DAVID, Gent. A practicall Abstract of the Arts of Fortification and Assailing. 4to. 1645.

PABTINOTON, CEARLEs F. A course of Lecturcs on the Steam Engine delivered at the London Mechanics' Institution, &c. 12mo. 1&26.

PEACHAM, HENRY, M.A. The compleat Gentleman. 4to. 1627.

PERCY ANECDOTES. By S. & R. Percy. 12mo. 1820.

[Articles_Science, Genius, Ingenuity.]

PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE. Edited by A. Tilloch. 18th Vol. 8vo. 1801.

PLAT, SIR HUGH, of Lincolne's Inne. The Jewell House of Art and Nature. Printed by Peter Short, on Breadstreet hill, at the signe of the Star. 4to. 1594.

[It contains 4 Books and a last part. The 3 first Books have separate title pages, the first paged 1 to 96, the second 1 to 60, and the third 1 to 48, but also takes in the fourth Book and last part under continuous paging, ending p. 76.

According to the Table of Contents_" The first Booke conteineth divers new and conceited experiments."

The second of "husbandry," the third of "Divers Chimicall conclusions concerning the art of Distillation."

The fourth Book the " Art of molding or casting." And the last part " an offer of certain new inventions."]

___ The Jewel Rouse of Art and Nature: containing divers rare and profitable inventions, &c. Another edition. 4to. 1653.

PLOT, DR. ROBERT. Natural History of Staffordshire. Folio. 1684.

PORTA, JOHN BAPTISTA. I tre Libri de Spiritali. 4to. Napoli, 1606.

Natural Magick; in 20 Books. Wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the Natural Sciences. Folio. 1658.

POWELL, THOMAS, D. D. See Humane Industry.

RAMELLI, CAPITANO AGOSTINO. Le Diverse et artificiose Machine.

[This exceedingly rare and valuable work contains 195 well executed folio plates.]

RAMUS, PETER. Via Regia ad Geometriam. The way to Geometry. being necessary and useful. For Astronomers, Geographers, Landmeaters, Seamen, Engineres, Architecks, Carpenters, &c. Written in Latine by Peter Ramus, and now translated by Mr. William Bedwell. 4to. 1636.

ROVINSON, JOHN. A treatise of Metallica. And containeth a briefe explanation, &c., of the instruments, engins, furnaces, &c. 4to. 1613.

[A copy in the British Museum; also reprinted in two editions, edited by Mr. John N. Bagnall, at Wolverhampton, 1854.]

SCNOTTUS, GASPAR, Regis Curianus, Soc. Jesu, in Herbipolitano- Franconia Gymnasio Math. Prof.


Magia universalis naturæ et artis, sive recondite naturalium et arDlficialium reruTn scientia; cum figuris, et indicibus. 4 vols. 4to. Bambergæ, 1677.


Mechanica Hydraulico-Pneumatica (cum notis musicis). Plates. 4to. Herbipoli, 1657-58.


Pantometrum Kircherianum, hoc est, Instrumentum Geometricun novum a Eirchero inventum, explicatum et demonstrationibus illustratum. Plates. 4to. Ibid. 1660.

Cursus Mathematicus. Fol. 1661.

_Mathesis Caesarea, sive Amussis Ferdinandrea ad Problemata Uni" versa' Matheseos, &c. Plates. 4to. Ihid. 1662.


Technica Curiosa, sive Mirabelia Artis. 2 parts in 1. Ibid. 1664.

SCHWENTERUU, M. DANIELEU. Delictæ E,hysico-Mathematicæ. 4to. Nurnberg, 1636.


See also G. F. Harsdorffern.

SEBVIERE, GROLLIER DE._See Grollier de Serviere.

SORBIERE, MoNs. A Voyage to England, containing many things relating to the state of learning, religion, and other curiosities of that kingdom. 8vo. 1709.

[Also, Observations on the same voyage, by Dr. Thomas Sprat, F.R.S. With a Letter of M. Sorbiere.]

SORBIERE, SA~UEL. Relation d' un Voyage en Angleterre. Paris, 1664.

[Dedication to the King, dated 12th Dec., 1663.]

SPRAT, THOMAS, F.R.S. Observations on Monsieur Sorbiere's Voyage into England, written to Dr. Wren, Professor of Astronomy. 12mo. 1665. [See M. Sorbiere.]

STATE PAPERS, Calendars of (various). 8vo. 1856-64.

STEVIN, SIMON, de Bruges. Les OEuvres Mathematiques. Augmentees par Albert Girard. Fol. A Leyde, 1634.

STUART, ROBERT. A descriptive History of the Steam Engine. 8vo. 1824.


Historical and Descriptive Anecdotes of Stcam Engines and of their Inventors. 2 vols. 32mo. 1829,

STURTEVANT, SIMON. Metallica, or the Treatise of Metallica. [The making of Iron with Sea-cole, &c.] 4to. 1612.

SWITZER, STEPHEN. An introduction to a general System of hydrostaticks and hydraulics. 2 vols. 4to. 1729.

TEMPLE ANECDOTES, THE; Invention and Discovery. By R. & C. Temple. Post 8vo. 1864.

TEYSER, JOHANNIS. ArchitectUræ Militaris. 4to. 1553.

[In 4 Books, with engraved title and plates; pp. 56.]

TIMBS, JOHN, F.S.A. Stories of Inventors and Diseoverers. 12mo. 1860.
TREDGOLD, THOMAS, C.E. The prineiples and practice, and explanation of the Machinery used in steam navigation. Compiled by

2 vols. 4to. 1861.

TRITHEMII, JOANNIS. Libri Polygraphiæ VI. Smal1 8vo. Argentinæ, 1600.

[There is also a quarto edition, with diagrams.]

TYMME, THOMAS. A Dialogue Philosophical, wherein Natures secret closet is opened, and the cau~e of al1 motion in nature shewed out of master end forme, &c. 4to. 1612.

UBALDI, GUlDI, i machionibus montis in duos Archimedis æqueponderantium libros praphrasis scholiis illustrate. Folio. Pisauri, 1688:
_e marchionibus montis. Mechanicorum Liber, Pisauri, 1577.
- Mechanica. Fol. E,isaur. 1577. And Venice, 1615.

De cochlea. Fol. Venice, 1615. pp. 160.

UPCOTT, WlLLIAM See John Evelyn, F.R.S.

VALTURIUS, I1OBEnTUs, De Re Militari. Folio. Parisiis, 1532. _Another edition. Folio. Parisiis, 1534.

[In the LibrarY of the Patent Office. The same volume contains:_ Flavius Vegetius de Re Militari._Sextus Julius Frontinus, Stratagematum._AElianus de Instruendis Aciebus._And, Modestus, Libellus de Vocabulis Rei Militaris.]

VEGITIUS Renatus, Flavius.


1. De re militari Libri IV. Fol. E.lato de Benedictis, Bononiæ 1495. Inter Scriptores de re militari.

Sextus Julius Frontinus Vit. consularis de re militari._Flauius Vegetius Vit. Illustris de re militari._Aelianus de instruendis aciebus._Modesti, libellus de uocabulis rei militarist [No engravings.]

2. De re militari Libri IV.: cum picturis bellicis ligno incisis. Fol. Char. Wechelius, Parisiis, 1535._Inter Scriptorcs de re militari.

[Large engraved figure of a l~night on the back of the title page and numerous bold, freely executed curious large wood engranugs.]

__3. VEGEZIO den' arte militare, nella commune lingua novamente tradotto da TrzzoNl GlAETANO da Pofi. Small 8vo. Venetia, 1640.

[Wood engraved title page.]

- 4. I1 Modesimo; tradotto da FRANCESCO FERROSI. Small 8vo.

Gabriel Giolilo, Vinegia, 1551. [No engravings.]

_ 5. De re militari Libri IV. Sexti Julii Frontini viri consularis de stratagematis libri totidem. Fol. Paris, 1553.

- 6. De re militariLibri IV. [Frontini; JElianus, Modestus.~ G. Stewechio. 8vo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1592.


VINCI, LEONARDO DA. Life of. See J. TV. Brown.

VITRUVIO de Architectura traducto (da C. Cesariano, Bono Mauro, Benedotto Jovio, Novo Comasco, &c.) e commentato da Cesare Cesariano. Woodeuts. Fol. Como, 1521.

[1st Book, p. 23. Aeolipilarum Figura. Also engraving of a large vessel with paddles. Liber Decimus, p. 174.]

VITRUVIUS PALLID, MARCUS. De arehitectura Libri X. Eol. Romee, circa 1486.

[WALLACE, PROFESSOR]. The History of the Steam-Engine from the second century before the Christian era. NEW edition, illustrated. 12mo, London, Cassell, 1860.

WATT, JAMES._See J. P. Muirhead,


WHITE, JOHN. A rich Cabinet, with variety of Inventions, unlock'd and open'd, for the recreation of ingenious Spirits. 12mo. 1684.

WILKINS, JOHN, M.A. (Bishop of Chester). Mathematicall Magick. Or The wonders that may be performed by mechanicall geometry. By J. W., M.A. Small 8vo. 1648.

___Mercury, or the secret and swift messenger: strewing how a man may with privacy and speed communicate his thoughts to a friend at any distance. By J. W., M.A. Small 8vo. 1641.

WONDERFUL INVENTIONS; A History of. 12mo. 18_.

ZEISING, HENRICUS. Tllcatri Machinarum. Thick 4to. Leipzigk, 1612. [Compiled principally from Bessoni and Hamelli's vrorks.]

ZONCA, VITTORIA, Architect. Novo Teatro di Machine et Edificii. Folio. Podoua, 1656.

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