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In the year 1978 the engineers of Bose company stepped into researching ways and means of producing headsets that can completely cancel background sound thereby providing for the aviation industry across the world the best possible headset ensuring flight safety.

Ever since, the bose headset is amongst the most recommended of devices in the aviation industry across the globe. It is used by pilots of commercial airlines, as well as those employed in the defence units the air force and military in general. Each bose headset used by pilots continues to incorporate an active noise reduction technology, which is improvised with each passing year. However, the first bose aviation headset (trademarked) was put out in the market in 1989.

The fact is that today bose headsets have reached almost the pinnacle of perfection and therefore are also used by space station astronauts and sonar operators of the U.S. submarines. The prime characteristic of this headset is that it has larger than usual ear-cups and a tightly fitting headband that actually muffles or rather silences the external sounds.

The bose headset is known to provide a complete spectrum of noise minimisation that fits comfortable and provides for two-way communications with clarity is required while flying. In fact, pilots across the world prefer the headsets manufactured by this company as against others.


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