Available Courses

IB Courses
AP Courses
English HL (2 years) AP English (1 year)

Spanish SL
French   SL             (2 years)
German SL


Economics SL (1 year)

History of Americas HL (2 years, 1st year is AP US History)

AP US History (1 year)

AP European  (1 year)
AP Psychology (1 year)

Chemistry SL (1 year)                       
Chemistry HL (2nd year of  2 year sequence)      
Environmental Systems SL (1Year) 

AP Biology (1 year w/pre req)

AP Chem (1 year w/pre req)

AP Physics (1 year no pre req)

AP Environ. Science (1 year)

Anatatomy & Physiology (1 year)

Math HL (2 years)                            

Math Studies SL (1 year)
 AP  Calculus (1 year)

Theater Arts SL (1 year)                          
Theater Arts HL (2nd year of 2 year sequence)

AP Computer Science (1 year)

Visual Arts SL, Research (1 year)
Visual Arts HL, Studio (2 years)


IB Computer Science SL (one year w/pre req)


Theory of Knowledge (2 semesters) - spring of junior year & fall of senior year