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Scaphiopodidae (Cope, 1865) American Spadefoot Toads
These little toads are stocky and compact, with eyes that seem to protrude from the head (see photo of Scaphiopus holbrokii). Spadefoot toads are named because of a keratinous bone, a metatarsal spade supported by a well-ossified prehallux, on the hind feet. The spade is used to burrow backward into the soil. The family Pelobatidae was formerly comprised of three genera, Pelobates from Europe, and Scaphioupus and Spea from North America. Recently, the two American genera have been placed into their own family, Scaphiopodidae, leaving only Pelobates in the family Pelobatidae. Synapomorphies of Pelobatids include a fused joint between the coccyx and the sacrum, exostosed frontoparietals, and the presences of the metatarsal spade.  

Genus Scaphiopus (Holbrook, 1836) Southern Spadefoot Toads
  Scaphiopus couchii Couch's Spadefoot
  Scaphiopus holbrookii Eastern Spadefoot
  Scaphiopus hurterii Hurter's Spadefoot
Genus Spea (Cope, 1866) Western Spadefoot Toads
  Spea bombifrons Plains Spadefoot
  Spea hammondii Western Spadefoot
  Spea intermontana Great Basin Spadefoot
  Spea multiplicata New Mexico Spadefoot

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