Focus on Invent-Tech’s internal departments — Compliance & Quality Assurance

June 7th, 2006

Invent-Tech’s Sr. Technical Writer here with a new series that focuses on Invent-Tech’s internal departments.  We recently completed a series of entries about Invent-Tech’s powerful range of Inventor Assistance Services. In those posts, we described the products and services produced by a few of our different teams of professionals that support our efforts to promote the ideas of individual inventors. These include the Visual Design Team, Research Department and Production Department. However, there are numerous other departments and employees involved in providing the best possible service to our clients. They include our New Project Directors, Inventor Relations Team, Information Technology Department, Manufacturer Response Team and Compliance & Quality Assurance.

As this is the first in a series of posts about the various departments that comprise Invent-Tech, we will begin with a department that is core to the values of our organization—Compliance & Quality Assurance. This department is a testament to Invent-Tech’s unwavering commitment and strict adherence to the industry’s most stringent standards of honesty, accuracy and integrity.

Invent-Tech has always employed mechanisms such as our Inventor Assistance Authorization Form and our Quality Assurance Questionnaire to gauge inventor satisfaction and quality of service.

Eventually, an entire department was created dedicated solely to ensuring the highest quality of service to the inventors that we assist. According to Invent-Tech’s Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance, the department’s primary operating objective is to “achieve and maintain the maximum standard of quality and satisfaction for every inventor, through every stage of their relationship with Invent-Tech.”

The mission of the Compliance & Quality Assurance department affects the policies, procedures and day-to-day functions of every other department within the company. Compliance & Quality Assurance personnel ensure that Invent-Tech’s methods and services comply with state and federal regulations that govern the sale of services, and in particular, the invention industry. The department is very actively involved with our New Project Directors who consult with inventors about Invent-Tech’s services. It is also responsible for monitoring calls and continually improving the satisfaction of current clients with our services.

In achieving these objectives, the Compliance & Quality Assurance department has implemented a number of initiatives. For example, Invent-Tech became a member of the American Teleservices Association, which promotes and supports courteous, ethical and relevant telephone communication between consumers and businesses. Additionally, the Compliance & Quality Assurance department has reinforced our comprehensive program for training, certifying and evaluating New Project Directors.

Please join us next week for our continuing focus on Invent-Tech’s Compliance & Quality Assurance department. We will begin by elaborating on its role in the proper training and certification of New Project Directors.

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