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Gordon Pask 2007 award winners announced

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Winners are Laurent Bossavit and a joint award to collaborators, Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce.

The Gordon Pask Award recognizes two people whose recent contributions to Agile Practice demonstrate, in the opinion of the Award Committee, their potential to become leaders of the field. The award comes with a check for 5000 USD from Agile Alliance. The winners were announced at Agile2006 end of conference banquet.

Laurent Bossavit, for translating Extreme Programming Explained into French, for early and helpful activity on the English-language XP mailing list, for organizing a French-language site, mailing list, and wiki, for XP Day France, for the (incipient) thoughts on his blog, and for his championing of code dojos.

The collaborators Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce for helping found XP Day, for their long-time involvement in the Extreme Tuesday Club, for their joint role in the development, evolution, and popularization of the idea of mock objects and its realization in jMock, and for the networks of collaborations they're involved in (storytelling in Fit and scrapheap programming, for example).

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