MySpace Mobile To Debut On Helio; Details on Handsets
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Helio, the MVNO being launched by SK Telecom and Earthlink this spring in U.S., has announced some more details on its handsets, and more importantly, done a partnership with MySpace, to being the hugely popular social networking service to mobiles. The “MySpace Mobile On Helio” will leverage the devices’ advanced capabilities to keep MySpace members connected to their network through mail, bulletins, profiles, blogs and photo galleries, the company said. Not sure if this is an exclusive mobile deal with MySpace, but checking now with the Helio people…it is an exclusive mobile deal, but the companies are not disclosing for how long.
Along with this, the MVNO, which is aimed at younger audiences, is leveraging its Korean connection in the handset arena: it has announced two handsets that will go along with the service (picutres of the phones are here on Flickr):
– The jet-black Hero, produced by Pantech, has a 2.2 inch, 262K-color high-resolution QVGA LCD display, industry-leading audio capabilities with full duplex stereo speakers, removable memory, and a 2.0 megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash for capturing pictures and video.
– The pearlescent Kickflip, produced by VK Mobile, packs similar features as the Hero with a swivel opening that flips to the right or left with the nudge of a finger.
There was some speculation over the last few months that the new handsets would include Wi-Fi receivers, so as to have a hybrid model. The ones above do not have Wi-Fi built in, but a Helip spokesperson told me: “There has been speculation that our first phones would have wifi, but we’ve consistently said it would be later in our first year. We are still committed to that.”
AP: SK Telecom owns the Korean equivalent of MySpace. Called Cyworld, it is hugely popular among young South Koreans and can be accessed from cell phones.
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9 Responses to “MySpace Mobile To Debut On Helio; Details on Handsets”

  1. PaidContent.org Says:

    MySpace Mobile To Debut On Helio Exclusively

    : MySpace is going mobile, on Helio, the MVNO being launched by SK Telecom and Earthlink this spring in U.S. The “MySpace Mobile On Helio” will leverage the devices’ advanced capabilities to keep MySpace members connected to their network through…

  2. Scott Rafer’s Mobile Chair » Blog Archive » Thank G-d for Fox and Sky Says:

    […] MySpace, the largest and most successful social network on the planet, just announced the exclusive way it will enter the mobile arena. It’s worth noting that existing MySpace users effectively inc […]

  3. LK Lai Says:

    Referring to mySpace’s mobile debut on Helio, I am not sure how this will be effective in keeping mySpace’s members connected:
    1) because it is not obvious if members will switch from their current operators to Helio.
    2) because Helio is not in most other countries thereby effectively cutting out the millions of non-US mySpace members
    3) from the experience of DoCoMo, take-up for services tied to selected handsets are generally lower. It is my belief that DoCoMo would be alot more successful outside Japan if not for the fact that users have to buy certain handsets just to access DoCoMo.

    On the contrary, it is worth noting that in other parts of the world, myGamma, a mobile networking community, already thrives.

    myGamma is available on any WAP/GPRS enabled handset and is accessible from more than 30 oeprators around the world. The service is currently in 9 countries: Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the UK. In the next or so month, it will enter the US market.

  4. myspace Says:

    I think thats a great move for myspace it’s the right move to make with a social networking site it’s coming up with great ideas that keeps it going strong.

  5. Sercom Says:

    One of the ways that companies can offer mobile access that is not carrier dependent and is not handset dependent - is to use numeric domains (the alpha equivalent on most of the world’s over 2 billion cell phones).

    For example, instead of entering an alpha domain such as mobile.myspace.com on those small cell phone dialpads (38 keypad inputs), one could simply enter the numeric equivalent of MySpace - 6977223.com. No language issues. No undue carrier interference. No handset exclusivity.

  6. Larry Chiang Says:

    College students are often on a family plan that they don’t pay for.

    …so getting this plan will be a $80 swing per month. The $40 that they were getting free vs the $40 they have to spend.

    Looking into my crystal ball in the arena where my IQ bleeds slightly over the Mendoza line… I will go out on a limb to say this new MVNO deal has short wiskers and a shorter life.

    The MySpace version 2.0 of mobile will allow users to bring whatever handset they own.

  7. Chris Says:

    Myspace is almost to 62 million users. Granted there’s a lot of artists’ profiles and groups, stuff like that, but Cingular already has 62 million users, and I being the Cingular-loving kind of guy that I am, and quickly becoming addicted to MySpace, would love to see more than just an alert that I got a message on MySpace with my phone. I would like to be able to access it. Cingular’s already got the largest mobile customer base in the world, it just makes sense. However, I understand that with this move they are trying to help launch a new product. After it’s released, I’d be looking for MySpace to allow all mobile phones access thru any carrier.

  8. MySpace Layouts Says:

    […] MySpace Mobile To Debut On Helio; Details on Handsets MySpace Mobile To Debut On Helio; Details on Handsets Related Topics: MVNO Permalink - Comments (7) [by rafat] Helio , the MVNO being launched by SK Telecom and Earthlink this spring in U […]

  9. WhatUpWitDat Says:

    […] Ok, so now you can post, email and read your Myspace shit on your cell. Oh, shit grades will fall. Click here for story. […]

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