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If you don't know whether to laugh or cry about the latest news from the Bush-Cheney team's adventures in national security, you can do both while reading The Dreyfuss Report, the widely read blog by one of the country's leading freelance investigative journalists. Read it
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A Higher Power, The Washington Monthly, September, 2006. Can anyone, even James Baker, get through to the president about the catastrophe in Iraq? Read article
Bring the War Home,, August 9, 2006. The war is Iraq is ugly. But the political war at home is about to get ugly too. Read article

Maliki: Dead Man Walking,, July 26, 2006. Iraq's prime minister recycles administration talking points, while Baghdad burns. Read article

Iraq's Bloody July,, July 21, 2006. As hell is unleashed in a civil war, Bush refuses to see the situation for what it is. Read article

Neocons Rise from Middle East Ashes,, July 17, 2006. Israel may be playing deliberately into the neoconservatives' bid to dominate global politics. Read article

Next We Take Tehran, Mother Jones July/August 2006. Bush, Iran, and the geopolitics of oil: the American power grab in the Gulf. Read article

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