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Since 2004, IDW Publishing, the finest name in independent comics, and Konami, the world's premier video game company, have worked together to bring you comics based on the most popular video game franchise ever.

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Complete Metal Gear Solid TPB HC/SC

This deluxe 288 page edition collects the entire saga of Metal Gear Solid in one all-inclusive, hard cover volume. Featuring bonus artwork and a cover gallery from series artist Ashley Wood, this re-imagining of the beloved Konami videogame is a must-have for all MGS fans! Coming this October. Item Code: (HC)AUG06 3391, (SC)AUG06 3390

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MGS: Sons of Liberty #7

In MGS: SOL #7, the intense, stealth-and-action extravaganza kicks into high gear. Raiden must prove his VR-only training has paid off when he uses all his skills to battle Revolver Ocelot. And the stakes are high... if Raiden fails, the President of the United States dies!

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MGS: Sons of Liberty #6

As the Metal Gear Solid story hurtles forward, Snake and Raiden engage Metal Gear Ray in an all-out battle! And old mysteries are laid to rest, as Snake finally reveals the truth behind the shadowy events of his confrontation with Revolver Ocelot two years prior. Featuring artist Ashley Wood's brilliant art, including two covers, and a gripping script by Alex Garner.

MGS: Sons of Liberty #5

The saga of Metal Gear Solid continues! Finally, Raiden and Pliskin face off against the terrorist leader of the Sons of Liberty. Is he really Solid Snake, or someone far more sinister? Artist Ashley Wood provides the stunning visuals to accompany Alex Garner's script, and offers up two more covers as well.

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Metal Gear Solid - Snake

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Metal Gear Solid 09

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