Past Fellows

2004-2005 Dionne Bennett The Emotional Politics of Difference: Race  (re)Cognition and Resistance in African American Life History Narratives
Ira Berlin Passages: Movement and Place in African American Life from the Mid-Seventeenth to the Mid-Twentieth Century
Vincent A. Carretta Olaudah Equiano, the African: A Self-Made Man
Prudence Cumberbatch Working for the Race: The Transformation of the Civil Rights Struggle in Baltimore, 1929-1945
Derek Hyra The New World A-Coming: The Economic Transformation of Harlem and Bronzeville
Anthonia Kalu Language, Woman, and Story: African Literature and Social Transformation
Marisa Parham Things Pungent and Composite: Memory, Space, and Haunting in Modern African American Literature and Culture
Lorraine Roses Black Boston's Cultural Flowering, 1920-1940
David Schalkwyk Service and Love in Shakespeare's Poems and Plays
Wole Soyinka Tradition and Vectors of Language
Jeffrey Stewart Beauty Instead of Ashes, the Life of Alain Locke, Patron Saint of the Harlem Renaissance
Ermien van Pletzen Reading, Diversity, and the Curriculum: MBCHB Reading Curriculum at the University of Cape Town
2003-2004 Wallace Best Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952
Regine O. Jackson No Longer Visible: Haitian Immigrants in the 'New Boston
David Kim Negroes and Orientals: The Black Pacific and the American Century
Robert Korstad The Political Economy of White Supremacy
Hameida Parker Facilitating Entrepreneurship amongst Disadvantaged Communities
June Pym Deep Level Learning and the Pertinent Issues That Impact on Learning for Previously Disadvantaged Students at the University of Cape Town
Ato Quayson Representations of Physical Disability in African and African American Writing
Ronald Radano Rhythm Circuits: The Global Transmission of Black Music
Christopher Saunders Comparisons and Links Between Freedom Struggles in South Africa and the United States
Nick Shepherd Archeology and Post-Colonialism
Follarin Shyllon Biography of Edward Long, 18th Century Jamaica Planter
Claude Steele Contingencies of Social Identity - Their Unseen Effects on Human Performance and the Quality of Life in a Diverse Society
Dorothy M. Steele Reflections on the Stanford Integrated School Project
Rebeccah Welsh Black Art and Activism in Postwar New York
2002-2003 Marcellus Blount Listening for My Name: African American Men and the Politics of Intimacy 
Roy Bryce-Laporte Sociological Studies and Implications of Black Experiences
Frances Smith Foster  Afro-Protestant Interpretations of Marriage, Family and Sex
Malick Walid Ghachem The Colonial Terror: Haitian Variations on a Metropolitan Theme
Cassandra Jackson Between Us': Mulatto Figures in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
Teodoros Kiros Zara Yacob on the Rationality of the Heart
Bernth Lindfors Ira Aldridge's Theatrical Career in Europe: 1852-1867
Glenn Loury Colorblind Affirmative Action: The Costs of Transparency
Mesfin Wolden Mariam Ethiopian Famine and Human Rights 
Ezenwa Ohaeto Wole Soyinka and the Transcultural Biography
Cherise Smith Adrian Piper, Eleanor Antin, and Anna Deveare Smith: Ethnic, Gender, and Racial Performance
Ryan Smith Color-tocracy at Work: Racial and Ethnic Authority Hierarchies in Organizations
Ibrahim Sundiata Brothers and Strangers: African Americans, Africans and the Specter of Slavery, 1914-1940
Mark R. Warren White Americans Against Racism
Nan Yeld Using Assessment to Widen Access for Educationally Disadvantaged Students:          Â 
2001-2002 Joan Bryant Reluctant Race Men: American Resistance to the Idea of Race
John Conteh-Morgan Cultural Performance and the Search for Form in Black Atlantic Theater
Barrington Edwards W.E.B. Du Bois, Empirical Social Research and the Challenge to Race, 1868-1910
Stephen Hall To Give a Faithful Account of the Race: History and Historical Writing in the African American Community, 1817-1915
Coleman Jordan Scripting the Legacies of the Black Atlantic: Spaces of Oppression and Liberation
Janis Kearney William Jefferson Clinton and the African American Community: The Ties that Bind
Tyson D. King-Meadows From Footnote to Main Text: W.E.B. Du Bois, Franz Boas, and Anthropological Notions of Race
Anthea Kraut Staging the Vernacular, Choreographing Race: The Dance Performances of Josephine Baker, Zora Neale Hurston, and Katherine Dunham
Emmanuel Obiechina Slavery and the Fall of Africa: Textualizing a Historic Tragedy
Terri Oliver Disease, Disability, and Death: An American Rhetoric of Minority
Naomi Pabst Freedom Tropes and Representation Struggles: A Politics of Blackness
Barbara Rodriguez The American Slave Narrative: Slavery and the Persistence of Form
Fikeni E.M.K. Senkoro Transcription, Translation, Analysis and Writing of a Full Length Bilingual Anthology of Folktales from Zanzibar
Mason Stokes Straight, No Chaser: Harlem, Heterosexuality, and the 1920s
Aaronette White About Face: Turning Points in the Lives of Black Men Who Support Feminism
Stephanie Williams Searching for a Place in the American Art Museum:  A Study of Middle Class Black Americans
2000-2001 Muhammad Saalih Allie Physics Education
Anne C. Bailey Oral History of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Cathy J. Cohen Evolution of Black Civil Society in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia
Janis F. Kearney President Clinton's Historic African Visit (March 22-April 2, 1997)
Chirevo V. Kwenda The African Theory of Religion
Lesley Marx Dispossession, Reclamation and the Sense of Place
Simon Mawondo Truth, Reconciliation and Justice: The Search for Peace
Ezenwa Ohaeto The Biography, African Perspective, African Knowledge:  Wole Soyinka
Naomi Pabst Freedom Tropes and Representation Struggles:  A Politics of Blackness
Augusta Rohrbach Nineteenth Century Women Writers: A Study of Authorship
Fikeni E.M.K. Senkoro Transcription, Translation, Analysis and Writing of a Full Length Bilingual Anthology of Folktales from Zanzibar
1999-2000 Mia Elisabeth Bay A Cultural History of Afrocentrism
Emily E. Bernard Black Anxiety, White Influence: Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance
Richard K. Dozier Encyclopedia and Research Guide to African American Architects and Architecture
Kathleen Morgan Drowne Legislating Morality: Modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Literature of Prohibition, 1920-1933
Marilene S. Phipps Living Altars of Haiti
Barbara Rodríguez The American Slave Narrative: Slavery and the Persistence of Form
Carli Coetzee Going Native: The Effect of Africa on Whiteness
Huda Nura Mustafa Resituating Ethnography: Sartorial Modernities in Senegal
Shawkat M. Toorawa Unbecoming (?) African, (Re)becoming African: Acknowledgment and Disavowal, Construction and De(con)struction of Race and Identity in Mauritius
1998-1999 Olufemi Akinola Beyond the State-Society Chasm in Africa: Refocusing the Democracy Problematic
Joanne Braxton Deep River: Multi-Media Performance Anthology
June Cross Secret Daughter: A Study of Double Consciousness Amidst the Changing Social Mores of Race, Sex, and Identity in the U.S. since 1954
Laurent Dubois A Colony of Citizens: Revolution and Slave Emancipation in French Caribbean, 1789-1802
Fabien Eboussi African Philosophizing
Lawrence Jackson The Life of Ralph Ellison, 1913-1952
Biodun Jeyifo The Dismemberment of Orisanila-Abibiman: The Black Racial Imaginary in African and the U.S.
Christine Levecq Philosophies of Literary History in the African American History Novel of Slavery
Barbara McCaskill William and Ellen Craft in Transatlantic Abolition
Barbara Rodriquez The American Slave Narrative: Slavery and the Persistence of Form
Carlo Rotella Postindustrial Transformation, Race, and Culture
Catherine Tumber The Sound of the Genuine: The Papers of Howard Thurman
1997-1998 Katherine L. Balfour The Evidence of Things Not Said: Race Consciousness and Political Theory
Robert M. Baum Emitai Has Sent Them: Alinesitoue and the History of the Diola Women Prophets in Colonial Senegal
Ruth Elizabeth Burks Intimations of Invisibility: African American Women in Hollywood Cinema
Walter C. Carrington Military Rule and the Collapse of the Nigerian State: The Abacha Regime
Lelia Lomba De Andrade Investigating Identities: Gender, Race and Class in an Ethnic Community
Flora M. Gonzalez Mulata/Black Woman? Reading Women in Contemporary Cuban Culture
Modupe Gloria Labode Women, Mission and Representation in Africa
Ronald Kent Richardson  Africans, Britons, and Modern Identity
Richard P. Taub  Black, White and Hispanic: Working Class Communities in Chicago
Maude Southwell Wahlman Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art of the South
1996-1997 Wande Abimbola Oral Literature in Africa
Ronald Bailey Those Valuable People, the Africans: The Slave(ry) Trade, Cotton, and the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain and the United States
Laure Balfour The Evidence of Things Not Said: Race Consciousness and Political Theory
Stephen Behrendt Atlantic Slave Trade Project
David Blight America's Unmasterable Past: Race and Civil War Memory at the Semi-Centennial, 1911-1915
Daphne Brooks The Show Must Go On: Race, Gender & Nation in 19th Century Trans-Atlantic Performance Culture
Tung-jung Chen Toni Morrison's Poetics and African-American Culture: Some Observations
John Gennari Entering the Mainstream: Jazz and Cultural Politics in the 50's
Cheryl Greenberg Negotiating Coalition: Blacks and Jews in Twentieth Century America
Nell Irvin Painter Sojourner Truth: The Life of a Symbol
Anita Patterson Black Ars: Political Forms in Caribbean, African-American & South African Poetry, 1965-74
Carl Pederson The Space In Between: The Middle Passage in the African-American Experience
Guthrie Ramsey Toward a Cultural Poetics of Race Music
Barbara Rodriguez Visions, Context and Voice in Zora Neale Hurston's Dust Track on a Road
James Smethurst Ethnic Dreams: The Rise of the 'New American Poetry' and the 'Black Arts Movement'
Brent Edwards Wandering Forms: The Culture and Politics of Black Modernism in France 1921-1935
Alessandra Lorini History and Memory in African-American Pageantry: W.E.B. Du Bois' The Star of Ethiopia
Jeffrey Melnick Island of Love? Black and White in Doo Wop Music
H. Lewis Suggs Chester Franklin and the Kansas City Call , 1919-1954
Harold Weaver Paul Robeson Revisited 
Cornel West A Genealogy of the Public Intellectual: Erasmus, Paine, Emerson, Du Bois
Edward Widmer African Drums & their Repercussions
1995-1996 Rebecca Carroll Sugar in the Raw: A Profile of Young Black Girls in America
Kathleen Neal Cleaver Research Guide to the History of the Black Panther Party 1966-1980
Catherine Clinton Lift Every Voice: The African American Experience
Lee A. Daniels Afro-American Studies, 1968 to the Present
Maria I. Diedrich Onilie Assing & Frederick Douglass
David Eltis A Comprehensive Data Base of the Slave Trade of the Western Hemisphere
Robert J. Fowler The Letters of Ira Aldridge
Maria Frias The History of the Southern Civil Rights Movement
Lisa M. Gates Images of the African and African-American in Modern German Literature and Culture
Roderick Grierson Art and Ethiopian Identity
Barry Hallen The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful; An Examination of the Value Theory in Yoruba Culture
Mary Hamer Sculpture and Race in the 19th Century
Roger R. House Key to the Highway: The Life and Songs of William 'Big Bill' Broonzy, 1893-1958
Sidney N. Klaus The Science of Skin Color in th Age of Reason
Robert R. Krueger First Collection of Brazilian Slave Texts: Translation and Analysis of the Principal Works
Shelly Leanne African American Initiatives against Minority Rule in South Africa: A Politicized Diaspora in World Politics
Sieglinde D. Lemke Modernism, Primitivism, the Bogue Negro and the Harlem Renaissance
Alessandra Lorini The Color-line Language of Early American Social Science: Mainstream Paradigms and Oppositional Discourses
William S. McFeely The Writing of Biography and Autobiography
Elizabeth A. McHenry Forgotten Readers: African American Literary Societies in the United States, 1830-1940
Jeffrey Melnick Ethnicity, Modernity, and Modernism
Jill Netchinsky-Toussant The Writings of Juan Francisco Manzano, Poet, Autobiographer, Slave: Translational Edition
Adam Z. Newton Literary Blacks and Jews: A Thematics of Recognition
Stephan Paimie Towards and Historical Sociology of Cultural Complexity in African-American Populations
Susan M. Reverby Creating Nurse Rivers: The Metalanguage of Race and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
Gail M. Robinson An Historical Study of Todd Duncan
John Saillant A Life of Lemeul Haynes: Race, Religion, and Political Ideology in Revolutionary America, and the Early Republic
Barbara L. Solow Rise and Fall of Plantation Slavery in the West Indies: A Case Study
Wole Soyinka The Crisis in Nigeria
Therese H. Steffen Rita Dove's Poetic Network: From Transatlantic Dialogue to Multicultural Polylogue
Patricia A. Sullivan Encyclopedia of the Southern Civil Rights movement, 1865-1965
Constance Porter Uzelac The Correspondence of James A. Porter
Eleonore van Notten Letters from the Harlem Renaissance
Michael Vorenberg Final Freedom: The 13th Amendment in History and Memory
Sondra Kathyrn Wilson The Collected Writings of James Weldon Johnson
Jean Fagan Yellin African American Writers in European Editions
1994-1995 Allan D. Austin Proud Exiles in the Land of Unbelievers: African Muslims in Antebellum America
Mia E. Bay The Lady Among the Races: Gender in African American Racial Thought, 1830-1925
Kathleen Neal Cleaver Memories of Love and War
Catherine Clinton Tara Revisited: African American Women and the Civil War
Donald Cunnnigen The Civil Rights Movement and the Mississippi White Liberal Community 
Lee A. Daniels Pushing Propaganda: The Media's Coverage of Race in the 1980s and 1990s 
Maria L. Diedrich Ottilie Assing - Frederick Douglass: Re-imagining the American Dream for a German Audience
Gerald L. O'Grady The Films of the American Civil Rights Movement
Nancy L. Grant Uncivil Service: Black in the Federal Government, 1940-1972
Lucy K. Hayden Phillis Wheatley's Trip to London: Her Growth as a Black Poet
Sieglinde D. Lemke Modernism, Primitivism, the Vogue Negre and the Harlem Renaissance
William S. McFeely An Island's History: Sapelo and Its People
Elizabeth A. McHenry Forgotten Readers: African American Literary Societies in the United States, 1830-1940
Sabine Seilke Reading Rape
Barbara L. Solow Marx, Slavery, and Economic Growth in Colonial America
Patricia A. Sullivan Confronting the Color Line: The Letters of Virginia Durr, 1951-1968
Constance Porter Uzelac The Relationship Between Henry O. Tanner and James A. Porter
1993-1994 Esme Bhan Reflections on Documenting Dorothy Porter Wesley's Life and Works
Elsa Barkley Brown Telling Stories: The Invention of Black Richmond
Selwyn Cudjoe Eric E. Williams and the Politics of Language
Lee A. Daniels A Cyclone in a Wind Tunnel: African-American Students in Higher Education, 1960 to the Present
Thadious Davis Collisions of Gender and Race: Jessie Fauset's Victorian Modernism
Sylvio Ferreira African American Scholars' Perceptions of Patterns of Race Relations in Brazil: A Contextualized Analysis
George Fredrickson Reform and Revolution in American and South African Freedom Struggles
Gerald R. Gill "No Jim Crowism in Boson": African-American Protest Activities in Boston, 1939-1953
James A. Miller Racial Representation in the 1930s
Adam Zachary Newton Literary Blacks and Jews: A Thematics of Recognition
Manisha Sinha "The must be lashed into submission": The Political Culture of Slavery and the Caning of Charles Sumner
Clark Eldridge White The Lost Generation: Black Youth Unemployment, Class, and Public Policy
Wang Xi The Inner Reconstruction: The Formation of the Republican Party's Policy Towards Black Suffrage, 1860-1870
Jean Fagan Yellin Harriet Jacobs: Incidents in a Life
1992-1993 Fawaia Afzal-Khan Gender, Nationalism and the Politics of Identity: Towards Cross-Cultural Poetics of Women's Writing
Lee D. Baker The Role of Anthropology in The Social Construction of Race
Karen C.C. Dalton Image of the Black in Western Art
Timothy H. Flake Medieval Studies: the Work of Louis F. Klipstein, Old English Scholar of the Ante-Bellum South
George M. Fredrickson Black Ideologies and Movements in the United States and South Africa, 1880s-1980s
Cheryl Townsend Gilkes The Sanctified Church and the African-American Imagination: A Socio-historical Study of Community, Culture, and Social Change
Maryemma Graham Enriching the Humanities: The Great Migration, 1900-1939
Maya Hostettler Toni Morrison: Value in Literature; Reader's and Writer's Responsibilities
William S. McFeely The Writing of Biography
J. Lorand Matory Afro-Brazilian Religion and Politics
Richard J. Powell Blacks, Visual Arts & Society in the Nineteenth Century America
Gail M. Robinson Factors Influencing the Education and Careers of Four African-American Male Opera Singers
Walter Robinson "Look What a Wonder Jesus Has Done," An Opera based on the Life of Denmark Vesey
William M. Rodgers Black Internal Migration from 1980 to 1991: A Response to Widening Black-White and Central City-Suburb Wage and Employment Gaps
Norris D. Saakwa-Mante Eighteenth Century Studies of Human Variation
Marcia R. Sawyer Surviving Freedom: African-American Farm Households in Cass County, Michigan, 1832-1880
Manisha Sinha Slavery and Planter Ideology in Antebellum South Carolina
Barbara L. Solow Rise and Fall of Plantation Slavery in the West Indies: A Case Study
Sondra Kathyrn Wilson James Weldon Johnson Papers and Documentary Project
Prior to 1992 Wande Abimbola
Hussein M. Adam
Fawzia Afzai-Khan
Benedicite Brigitte Alliot
David H. Anthony
Ronald L. Ausbrooks
Donald Irving Barfield
Elizabeth Rauh Bethel
Donald Allport Bird
David William Blight
Robert Bone
Silvia Boni
A. Alexander Bontemps
Kamau Brathwaite
Marcus Coleman Bruce
Jennifer Susan Burton
Deborah G. Chay
Chris B. Chikwujindu Chidebe
Lorraine T. Cole
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Clifford Ellis Darden
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Linda Carolyn Coleman Denard
Billy Reginald Dickens
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Maya Ursala Hostettler-Geiger 
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Maria T. Iacullo 
Noel S. Ignatiev 
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Lawrence P. Jackson 
Shirley M. Jackson 
Walter Anderson Jackson 
Weldon Jackson 
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Christopher Johnson
Lillie Molliene Johnson 
Carolyn Johnston 
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Robert R. Krueger Â 
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