About the Land Management Office

Mission Statement
The mission of the Land Management Office is to provide and apply a practical approach to the administration of university resources as they relate to land and property management.

The idea of an office for land management was developed in the late 1970s by Jack Breslin, MSU vice president for operations and public affairs, and Jacob Hoefer, associate director of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. Such an office would centralize the maintenance and operations of off-campus properties, provide adequate facilities and equipment for research and education, and improve community relations at off-campus properties.

The Land Management Office was established July 1, 1979, and was charged with managing university properties and facilities. These include University Farms in East Lansing, the off-campus Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station field research stations, and all other agriculture and natural resource properties owned by Michigan State University or the MSU Foundation. The properties include more than 23,000 acres at 44 locations in 28 counties and two states. The Land Management Office is responsible for budget development, personnel, improvement and maintenance of physical facilities, community relations, planning and evaluation, documentation and reporting on all university lands and associated facilities, and conducting special assignments.

The Director of the Land Management Office reports to:

Michigan State University's philosophy dictates that non-campus land not being used for research or teaching should be sold and put back on the tax rolls. The income from the sale of excess land is placed in a land fund, which allows the university to buy more land when it is needed. This philosophy has allowed the university to purchase land for three new facilities rather than keep donated land that was unsuitable for research.

Staff Members  
Charles J Reid, Director
Management of off-campus agricultural research stations, University Farms, MSU properties and MSU Foundation properties.  Duties include property management, real estate (transactions, easements, leases, and property inventory), and building construction.  MSU properties total more than 23,000 acres in 44 locations and include 15 Michigan Agricultural Research Station throughout the State of Michigan.

Brenda Clark, Assistant Director
Responsible for space management for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, university land leases and contracts, accounting and budgeting for off-campus properties.

Benjamin P. Darling, Assistant Director
Responsible for capital improvements, space management for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, real estate transactions and management of three College of Engineering off-campus facilities.

Michelle Starr, Administrative Assistant
Responsible for accounting, budgeting, allocating funds and managing Camp Wa Wa Sum.

Linda Peters, Secretary
Responsible for accounting for off-campus properties and acting as secretary for the director and assistant director and Land Management Office receptionist.

Kevin Shelle, University Farms Manager
Responsible for all unassigned university land south of Mt. Hope Road, including personnel and equipment necessary to maintain the land and to produce livestock feed. University Farms also provides general services to the departments that perform research south of Mt. Hope Road.

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