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Our Core Problem: The "Culture of Corruption" and "Crisis in Character"

Our United States Constitution begins with the words "WE THE PEOPLE."  In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed "[T]hat government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth."

Our Declaration of Independence provides "We hold these truths to be self-evident . . . Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

We as a nation are facing a crisis in the form of political corruption, "pay-to-play" politics, and a general lack of integrity among a growing number of "politicians."  This behavioral misconduct has resulted in a Culture of Corruption and Crisis in Character that have contributed to our record budget deficits and national debt, and have prevented our elected leaders from addressing our most dire concerns, including the state of emergency in our health care, social security and other public health and welfare programs. 

The Culture of Corruption has empowered an "inner circle" of politically elite to rule our land.  WE THE PEOPLE have been bound and gagged in the ropes of disenfranchisement and our representational form of democracy has been left for dead.  Why is this? Is it because our "politicians" and those who empower them have become too self-interested to care about what is best for us?  Is it because some are too beholden to those who fill their campaign coffers?

Our elected leaders are supposed to be public servants.  Their mission is to carry out the will of the people and to protect and serve us.  Their official duties must never be influenced by the lure of personal gain.  How are WE THE PEOPLE to feel safe and secure?  How are WE THE PEOPLE to plan for our futures and the futures of our children when our elected "representatives" are putting their own needs and desires before ours?  If they are not representing and protecting us, who will? 

Is this what has become of our democracy?

Our great nation prizes the principle of equal access and equal justice for all.  Justice begins with those who draft the laws, our legislators.  These members of the most powerful branch of our government must be the pillars of our democracy, not the architects of its demise.  Our forefathers did not envision a Lady Justice whose hand extends outward soliciting offers to remove her blindfold for the highest bidder. 

Congressman Doolittle has not lived up to the standards of our forefathers.  I urge you to "follow the money" in John Doolittle's history of "earmarking" efforts, fundraising activities, lobbyist associations, and financial investments.  You will find a continuous "wheel of fortune" benefiting his political action committees, his hand-picked lobbyists, his other "close friends," his family, and John Doolittle himself--all at the expense of citizens of the fourth congressional district and other taxpayers.

John Doolittle's unethical conduct simply must not be tolerated.  If we do, we have only ourselves to blame for the consequences.  We must hold our public officials to a higher standard than just merely complying with the literal letter of the law while knowingly violating its intent and spirit.  John Doolittle is a master of exploiting "loopholes" and employing "end runs" to evade legal consequences. Such conduct is shameless, highly unethical, inherently inconsistent with the notion of public service, and unbefitting of a Congressman.  Not only must our legislators do what is "legal," but they must also learn to do what is RIGHT! 

WE THE PEOPLE can no longer sit idly by wasting the unlimited power of democracy bestowed upon us by our Constitution.  WE THE PEOPLE must demand a representative of the highest ethical standards, one that represents our best interests rather than his own.

The Candidate for Truth

Each of the democratic candidates in this California 4th congressional district race has identified Government Corruption and the need for Ethics as the most important issue confronting our nation and our district.

I have been fighting a lifelong "War on Deception." As the KPMG whistlelbower, I helped to expose "the largest crimial tax case in United States history."  As a member of California's Abusive Tax Shelter Task Force, I continue to this very day to battle the type of deceptive conduct that is rendering the truth irrelevant, bankrupting our nation, and destroying our social fabric.

As a registered democrat, I am seeking to become the democratic nominee for California's 4th congressional district, but make no mistake, my ultimate allegiance rests not with any political party or any special interest.  Rather, my loyalty remains forever committed to the truth and to serving the public interest.  This is why I am running as The Candidate for Truth.

Some may dismiss my lofty expectations of democracy as quixotic, and they may dismiss me as lacking in experience as a "politician."  No doubt this perspective of practicality has become our political reality, but in the words of William Wordsworth, perhaps "the world is too much with us."

Many Americans and citizens of this fine district have relegated themselves to the belief that it is just plain unrealistic to demand truth and honesty of a "politician."  Some have come to believe that the nature of politics itself is inherently untruthful.  It seems that many have simply accepted our "Crisis in Character" as an inevitable fact of life.  I am not naive as to the dismal reality of our degradation in veracity. I am however unwilling to accept its inevitability so long as WE THE PEOPLE have a vote. 

If we are to now blaze a path towards a brighter tomorrow, WE THE PEOPLE must rise up to summon the awesome power of the electorate.  If we are to salvage our representational form of democracy, WE THE PEOPLE must act swiftly to eradicate the Culture of Corruption and Crisis in Character by purging our government of corrupt and self-interested so-called leaders masquerading as our representatives.  If we are to secure this bright future, WE THE PEOPLE must demand that our new leaders "walk the walk" and lead by example to ensure that their decisions and conduct are guided principally by truth and the interests of their constituents--not by a thirst for money or power.

We are at a critical juncture in this great nation's history.  It is a time for truth, or a time for consequences.  A nation that does not seek and demand truth from its political leaders is a nation in peril.  I offer to the voters of the the 4th congressional district my knowledge, my experience, and my unrelenting efforts to blaze this path towards restoring truth, honor, integrity, and accountability to the representation of this congressional district.  I offer an Era of Truth.

I call on the voters of this fine district to join me in the "War on Deception" and in this battle for Truth. Together, we shall send a loud and clear message to John Doolittle that his brand of "pay-to-play" politics, his earmarking "favor factory," his Culture of Corruption, and his Crisis in Character, will no longer be tolerated.  The time has come to turn Mr. Doolittle out of office. The time has come to return truth and dignity to an office that has too long been devoid of your hopes, your aspirations, and your values.


Michael Hamersley