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Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Foxe, John. Acts and Monuments of Matters most Special and Memorable, Happening in the Church: with an Universal History of the same.
Now again, as it was Recognized, Perused, and Recommended to the Studious Reader, by the Author, Mr. John Fox. Whereunto are annexed certain Additions of like Persecutions which have happened in these Later Times. To which also is added the Life of the Author both in Latine and English. Ninth Edition. (London: Company of Stationers), 1684.

Provenance unknown. Heraldic bookplate of Beilby Thompson of Eserick.

Contents, vol. I:

List of Plates, vol. I:

Frontispiece. [Portrait of John Fox.] John Walden Citizen of London. Tabula merito Votiva in perpetuam rei memoriam. (I. Sturt Sculp.) title page
A most exact Table of the first ten Persecutions of the Primative Church under the Heathen Tyrants of Rome continuing the space allmost of three hundred yeares after Christ from ye time of Timerius unto Constantius Emperors of the said Empire with the sundry kind of torments devised against the Christians and executed upon them. double page engraving between p. 36-37
Heptarchia Angliae Saxonica : Or, a Description of England, as it was divided in the Saxons time into Seven Kingdoms. p. 120
A Table of the Saxon Kings, which ruled alone from King Egbert unto William Conqueror. p. 150
Henricus the Emperor, with his wife and child waiting barefoot and barelegd, three days and three nights, at the gates of Canusium. p. 202
Pope Alexander treading on the neck of Frederick the Emperor. p. 231
The description of ye poysoning of King Iohn by a Monke of Swinsted Abby in Lincolne Shiere. p. 290
The order and manner of taking up ye body of John Wickliff, and Burning his bones 41 years after his death. p. 529
The burning of William Sawtre. p. 590
The description of the horrible Burning of Iohn Badby, and how he was used at his death. p. 595
A description of poor men doing their Penance with their straw on their back. The bag full of straw I beare on my back, Beause my lords horse his litter did lack If ye be not good to my lords graces horse, ye are like to goe barefoot before the crosse. p. 633
Divers Persons counted for Lollards hanged and burned in the first year of the Reign of King Henry the V. p. 669
The description of the Popes Councell holden of Rome, in which appeared a monstrous Owle, to the utter defacing of the Pope, and all his Clergie. p. 675
The description of the burning of Iohn Hus, contrary to the safe conduct granted unto him. p. 710
The burning of master Ierome of Prague. p. 724
The Burning of John Claidon and Richard Turming. p. 728
The description of the cruell Martyrdome of Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham. p. 731
The burning of William Tailor Priest. / The displing of John Florence. p. 749
The Burning of William White. / The description of the penance of Thomas Pye and John Mendham. p. 753
The burning of Richard Houeden. / The burning of Thomas Rhedonensis. p. 757
The Burning of John Goose. p. 814
The burning of Babram. / The Martyrdome of Ierome & his two companions. p. 830
The true Plate of Hus and Jerome, among the Bohemians. p. 873
The Burning of James Mordon & Thomas Bernard. p. 878
The proud Primacy of Popes described, in order of their rising up from faithful Bishops & martyrs, to become Lords & Governors over Kings & Kingdoms. double page etching between p. 884 and 885

Foxe, John. The Second Volume of the Ecclesiastical History: Containing the Acts and Monuments of Maryrs: with A General Discourse of the later Presecutions, horrible Troubles and Tumults, stirred up by Romish Prelates in the Church.
Recognized and Enlarged by the Author, Mr. John Fox. (London: Company of Stationers), 1684.

Provenance unknown. Heraldic bookplate of Beilby Thompson of Eserick.

Contents, vol. II:

List of Plates, vol. II:

Reign of King Henry the Eighth. p. 1
A description of ye Lollard's Tower, where Mr. Richard Hunne was murdered. p. 9
The burning of John Stillman. / The burning of Thomas Man. p. 19
The burning of William Sweeting and James Brewster. / The burning of Christopher Shoomaker. p. 22
The Burning of Henry Voes and John Esch, Priers Augustines. p. 80
The burning of John Castellane. p. 86
The Burning of Wolfgangus. p. 91
The Martyrdome of George Scherter. p. 95
The Martyrdome of Giles Tilleman. p. 97
The burning of Richard Ffeurus. p. 120
The Martyrdome of a Christian Jew. p. 179
Seven godly Martyrs burned in Coventry. p. 181
The Burning of Thomas Hitten. p. 211
Mr. Thomas Bilney, proving the fire with his finger. / The Burning of the Godly and constant Martyr Mr. Thomas Bilney. p. 227
The Martyrdome of Richard Bayfield. p. 241
James Bainham enjoyned penance. p. 247
The burning of James Bainham. / John Bent, Martyr. / Robert King, Robert Debnam and Nicholas Marsh hanged for taking downe the Rood of Dovercourt. p. 249
The Burning of Iohn Frith & Andrew Hemet. / The Burning of Thomas Benet. p. 256
The Martyrdome of Master William Tindall in Flanders, by Vihord Castle. p. 305
The order and manner of the burning of the constant Martyr of Christ, John Lambert. p. 358
Collins with his dogge burned at London. / The burning of one Peke at Ipswich. p. 367
The Martyrdome of D. Robert Barns, Tho. Garret, and William Hierome in Smithfield, Ano.1541.
The description of Windsor Castle. The condemning of Anthony Person, Marbecke, Testwood, and Filmer, with ye burning of the said Person, Testwood, and Filmer, under the Castle of Winsor, here lively described. Marbecke Saved by the Kings Pardon. / Anthony Person, Marbecke, Testwood and Filmer, condemed by Doctor Capon, Bishop of Sarum : Fachel giving judgement. / D. London and Simons riding about the Market place with papers on their heads, for perjury, and secret practicing against certaine of the privy Chamber. / Robert Ockam standing on the Pillory in the Towne of Newberry, where he was borne for the licke offence. full page engraving betw. 468 and 469
The Death & Martyrdome of Damlip. p. 476
The burning and martyrdome of Kerby. p. 481
The manner of burning Anne Askew, Iohn Lancels, Iohn Adams, Nicolas Belenian, with certane of ye counsell sitting in Smithfield. p. 490
The martyrdome of master George Wisehart. / The burning of the blessed Martyr Adam Wallace. p. 525
The Burning of Walter Mille. p. 530
The Popes Arms. p. 536
The cruell handling of William Gardiner an English Merchant, in Portugall. p. 92 (of Bk. 9)

Foxe, John. The Third Volume of the Ecclesiastical History: Containing the Acts and Monuments of Maryrs: with A General Discourse of the later Presecutions, horrible Troubles and Tumults, stirred up by Romish Prelates in the Church.
Recognized and Enlarged by the Author, Mr. John Fox. Whereunto are annexed certain Additions, unto the time our late Soverign Lord King Charles of Blessed Memory. (London: Company of Stationers), 1684.

Provenance unknown. Heraldic bookplate of Beilby Thompson of Eserick.

Contents, vol. III:

List of Plates, vol. III:

The burning of master John Rogers, Vicar of St. Pulchers, and Reader of St. Pauls in London. p. 108
The burning of Master Laurence Sanders at Coventry. p. 114
The burning of Mr. Iohn Hooper, at Glocester, Anno 1555, February 9. p. 128
The Martyrdome of Doctor Taylor, burned at Hadley for the Testimony of the Gospell, February 9, Anno 1555. p. 146
The burning of Thomas Tomkins hand by Bishop Boner. / The burning of the blessed Martyr Thomas Tomkins. p. 154
The burning of William Hunter, Martyr. p. 159
The cruell burning of Iohn Laurence, Martyr. p. 165
The cruell burning of Doctor Farrar, Bishop of St. Davids. / The burning of Rawlins White, Martyr. p. 178
The description of a Popish Priest, who, when he had taken away the Glory and office of Christ, fell down Suddenly, and died. p. 184
The cruell burning of George Marsh, Martyr. / The burning of William Flower at Westminster, ye 24 of April, Anno 1555. p. 192
The martyrdome of Iohn Cardmaker, and Iohn Warne Upholster, Anno 1555 May 30. p. 206
The Martyrdome of Thomas Haukes in Essex, at a Town called Coxehall Anno 1555 June 10. / The burning of Thomas Wats, Martyr. p. 220
Certain Bishops talking with Mr. Bradford in Prison. / Two Spanish Friers talking with Mr. Bradford. p. 244
The description of the burning of Mr. John Bradford Preacher, and John Leaf a Prentice. p. 254
The burning of four Martyrs. p. 313
The Martyrdome of Margery Polley. / The Martyrdome of Dirick Carver. p. 320
The Martyrdome of Thomas Iveson. / The Martyrdome of Master Iohn Denley. p. 321
The burning of Six Godly martyrs in one fire. p. 327
A Picture describing the manner and place of them which were in bonds for the Testimony of the truth, confering among themselves. p. 335
The Martyrdome of William Hale. / A Picture describing the strait handling of close prisoners in Lollards Tower. p. 344
The cruell burning of Robert Samuel, Martyr. p. 345
The burning of five Martyrs at Canterbury. p. 350
The burning of Master Robert Glover, and Cornelius Bongey, at Coventry. / The burning of William Wolsey and Robert Pygot, Martyrs. p. 357
A Description of Master Latimer, preaching before King Edward the Sixth, in the preaching place at Westminster. p. 385
A Table describing the burning of B. Ridley, and Father Latimer at Oxford, D. Smith there preaching at the time of the Martyrdome. p. 429
The order and manner of buyrying in the fields such as died in prison, and namely, Will Wiseman. p. 459
Master Philpots being in the Colehouse, where he found Tomas Whittle Priest, sitting in the Stocks. p. 462
The martyrdome of Master Iohn Philpot Archdeacon, with the manner of his kneeling and praying at the Stake. p. 498
Seven Godly and constant Martyrs, suffering at one fire together in Smithfield. / The burning of the fore said man, and four women. p. 530
The description of Dr. Cranmer, how he was plucked down from the stage, by Friars and Papists, for the true Confession of his faith. / The burning of Dr. Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, in ye Towne ditch at Oxford, with his hand first thrust into ye fire, wherewith he subscribed before. p. 562
The burning of two Women. p. 568
The burning of the forsaid Six men at Colchester. p. 586
The Martyrdome of a blind man and a lame man, at Stratford the Bowe. / The Martyrdome of three Women. p. 587
The burning of thirteene persons at Stratford the Bowe neer London, whereof the two women went in among them to the Stake untied. p. 594
The Martyrdome of three Godly Saints. p. 622
A lamentable Spectacle of three Women, with a silly Infant brasting out of the mothers womb, being first taken out of the fire, and cast in again, and so all burned together, in the Isle of Garnsey, 1556 Iuly 18.
How Buces bones, and Paulus Phagius bones were put into two new Coffins, and so bound to a Stake and burnt with their books. p. 646
The burning of Six Martyrs at Canterbury. p. 655
The Picture of 22 Godly and faithfull Christians, apprehended about Colchester, prisoned together in one band, and so with three Leaders at the most brought up to London. p. 658
The burning of five Martyrs in Smithfield. p. 662
The burning of Seven Marytrs at Canterbury. p. 669
The burning of 10 Martyrs at Lewes. p. 694
The burning of Rose Allins hand, by Edumund Tyrell, as she was going to fetch drink for her Mother, lying sick in her bed. / The Martyrdome of three men and three women at Colchester, burned in the forenoon, besides foure others burned in the afternoon. p. 698
The Martyrdome of Ralph Allerton, James Austoo, Margery Austoo, Richard Roth, Anno 1557 Sep. 17. / The Martyrdome of Margaret Thurston, Agnes Bongear at Colchester, Anno 1557 Sep. 17. p. 712
The Martyrdome of Iohn Kurde, at Northampton, Anno 1557 Septemb. 20. / The Martyrdome of Iohn Noyes of Laxfield Anno 1557 or as some say Anno 1556 September. p. 714
The Martyrdome of Cicely Ormes at Norwich. An. 1557 September 23. p. 716
A true description of the racking and cruell handling of Cutbert Symson in the Tower. p. 726
Three Godly Martyrs burned in Smithfield, Anno 1558 March 28. / The burning of William Nichol at Hereford West in Wales. p. 729
The burning of 3 Godly Martyrs at Norwich, (viz.) William Seaman, Tho: Carman, and Tho: Hudson. Anno 1558 May 6. p. 730
The Martyrdome of Henry Pond, Rainold Eastland, Ro. Southam, Mat. Ricarby, Ioh. Floyd, Io. Holiday, Ro. Holland, in Smithfield An. 1558 Iu 27. / The Martyrdome of Six men burned at Brainford An. 1558 Iuly 14. p. 734
The right Picture and true countfeit of Boner, and his cruelty, in Scourging of Gods Saints, in his Orchard at Fulham. p. 740
The burning of Richard Yeoman Minister at Norwich 1558 Iuly 10. / The Martyrdome of Thomas Benbridge, Anno 1558 Iuly 19. p. 742
Foure burned at St. Edmunds Bury. / The Martyrdome of Alexander Gouch, and Drivers wife. p. 744
The patient Martyrdome of a poore woman at Exeter, being one Prests wife. / Two godly Martyrs burned at Bristoll. Anno 1557. p. 749
Thomas Benion burnt at Bristoll Aug. 27, 1557. / The Martyrdome of five Godly Martyrs in Canterbury Anno 1558 November 10. p. 750
The manner of the Popish Spaniards in carrying Nicholas Burton, a blessed Martyr of Christ, after most spitefull sort to the burning. p. 755

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