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Showcases for Kids' Art
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Showcases for Kids' Art Web Site Links

Sports Snapshots - Middle School Students paint about sports.

Arts and Kids - This site displays children's art on the web. You can play puzzles and win prizes. Any child can contribute art for print and web publication at no cost.

Global Show-n-Tell - A virtual art gallery of children's original artwork, displayed in galleries for ages 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13-17.

Global Children's Art Gallery - Online art gallery with pictures from children age 1 to 12 from around the world. Free scanning is provided if needed.

The Refrigerator Art Contest - Five submissions are picked each week for a contest. Winners pictures' are posted in the hall of fame.

Art-vark Gallery - Four galleries of kids' art.

Ninanet - Kids can share their original art with friends, family, each other and the world. Totally non-commercial and non-invasive. Please e-mail pictures for posting.

We Save Animals - Artwork by children who want to save endangered animals.

Romanian Kids Art - Displays the artwork of students from Timisoara, Romania.

Kids' Space - Educational site devoted to fostering the creativity in kids of all ages around the world. Share your stories, pictures, and musical compositions.

Witbones - Funny Kolumns by Kids - Post art and writing. Require parental assistance to post.

Whimsical Sculptures - Functional ceramic containers decorated with surface designs of an animal or human figure that suggest movements and whimsy. Created by eighth grade students.

Art Kids - Includes virtual gallery, sketchbooks, coloring books, puzzles, games, and hints and tips.

PapaInk - Large collection of different styles of artwork organized by theme.

Amazing Kids Artists Gallery - Sponsors art contests and provides kids a place to post their artwork.

The Worldwide Kids' Art Gallery - Exhibits children's artwork online. Also provides free tutorials, short biographies of famous artists, and a look at different styles of art.

Eastchester, NY - Middle School Students paint life in a New York City suburban town.

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) - Promotes children's art, imagination, and creativity among kids around the world.

Dragons: Sculptures - Dragons depicted in original clay sculptures. Sculpted by Middle School Students.

Cave Wall Paintings - Re-creations of prehistoric paintings found on cave walls throughout France.

The Lost Dream of America - American children's art in response to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

OncoLink - Gallery of pediatric oncology patients' artwork.

Outlet Magazine for Children - Online magazine written and illustrated entirely by kids. Children express themselves through articles, stories, poems, and art.

Avis First Gallery - A gallery of portraits, landscapes, still-life, and sports art work by Avis Lupovitch.

TeleCommunity Project - Features computer art and computer graphics by young people who participate in a community outreach project in Pittsburgh.