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Cyclic Defrost

Funded project occured in 2002
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About Cyclic Defrost

Cyclic Defrost is both an online resource and a quarterly, national magazine dedicated to independently produced electronic music. Cyclic Defrost is committed to quality music, intelligent discussion, and contributing to its community.

Since its first grant, obtained under the New Audiences program, Cyclic Defrost has continued to receive financial support from government agencies such as the Australia Council and Austrade.

Cyclic Defrost is run by Sebastian Chan, currently operating as a sole trader. Contributors and other workers operate as independent contractors. It is intended that Cyclic Defrost will be incorporated as a limited liability company or a non-profit organisation in the near future.

The People

Sebastian Chan is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief. Sebastian – who also hosts a radio show for 2SER on Monday nights and works for a museum as an internet manager – is responsible for advertising, strategic planning and grant application writing.

Dale Harrison is Art Director and Co-editor. A bass player in leading Australian hip hop band The Herd, and a freelance graphic designer, he is responsible for the ‘look' of the magazine. Dale also designs many of the advertisements.

Together they select the content for the magazine.

The magazine is written by a crew of 20 writers from around Australia, with others in Canada and Europe. Most of the writers also write for street press and have other media commitments, such as hosting a radio show.

Everyone has a day job and most of us are performers, artists or musicians too. Whenever we go away to perform or for our work, we take the magazine with us. If one of our writers wants to write something they can, provided it is interesting and has something to say to a national audience, Sebastian said.

Sebastian Chan

Art Director and Co-editor
Dale Harrison

Postal Address:
PO Box A2073 Sydney South NSW 1235


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