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Updated : Thursday, August 31, 2006 6:30 PM Today's Headline Stories


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Here is the line-up for this week's broadcasts:
Monday - Doyel covering upcoming changes (positive) to HOTT and next years conference
Tuesday - David Christopher - Top 10 prescribed drugs and their herbal alternative
Wednesday - Rare recording of research into the NWO - Never before aired
Thursday - Aaron Zelman of JPFO - Discussing a nationwide plan in conjunction with HOTT - Also
discussing the falacies / lies of the ADL and SPLC


Doyel interviews Aussie Scott about the Australian government and some of the issues there.


The work on the new website continues... The conference set us back a few weeks but we're commencing the testing stages of the new site over the weekend and will invite conference attendees and others close to us to check it out as well. If you are interested, please e-mail Rob and he'll send you the details on how to view it.


ATTENTION! - The HOTT Broadcast for tonight is a very special one and equal to years of communist doctrine studies. From my personal research archives I am playing a recording from 1956 of actual Hungarian freedom fighters and their struggle against communism and fight for freedom.
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Don't miss this rare piece of history and remember, you heard it on Hour Of The Time. - Doyel
All orders that have been received through today have also been shipped today! Orders that we were behind on due to the conference and loss of computer for a week have coupons inside for FREE HOTT merchandise. - Doyel


"The Hour of Our Time", the independantly produced documentary on Bill Cooper's life is now in the final production and packaging stages and has already been premiered at the HOTT Skills and Research Conference 2006 held during the second week of August this year. The new promo/teaser is available for viewing HERE.

ATTENTION CONFERENCE ATTENDEES! If you have digital pictures from the conference you would like to share with our website visitors, please forward them to Rob HERE.


Tonight's broadcast will cover the CANAMEX High Priority Corridor as part of the North American Union. Also we will be covering illegal confiscation of money from innocent people and the "supporting" judicial opinions along with the Census Bureau's mapping of every door to every dwelling in America as part of the Regional Planning Process.

Tuesday will be David Christopher of the School of Natural Healing and I discussing some of the alternative health "treatments" that don't pay off for people.

Thursday will be Aaron Zellman of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership discussing the new battles on the 2nd amendment front and JPFO's new educational tools and videos.


Due to the HOTT Research and Intelligence conference we have fallen behind on order fullfilment for the last two weeks. All orders will be shipped promptly to catch-up and coupons for free items will be included in the orders for your inconvienence.

Tonight Doyel interviews a conference attendee and discusses what was learned throughout the week.

Be sure to call in tomorrow night (THURSDAY) at 1-928-333-2942 for our first call in show in a long long time! We will be discussing the conference, the documentary on Bill Cooper and many other topics. The show airs of course at 1900 Pacific, 2200 Eastern.. Listen live at

For those attendees wanting to get in touch with Rob, please feel free to call the Hour of the Time Canadian number at 1-613-733-4324.


We're already on day four of the conference! It has been an absolutely wonderful event so far, jam packed with activites and classes. We'll soon have some pictures and teaser videos on the site that you will be able to peruse. Here is a brief outline of what you have missed :

All of the guests began arriving last week and espite luggage delays and flight cancellations, everyone was able to get here for Monday morning where we premiered our latest presentation "Corporate Symbology"" where we analysed the ancient symbols that can be found in corporation logos and government buildings, etc. This 3 hour presentation will soon be available in a professionally produced DVD package. We have done the most extensive investigation done to date including over 50 video clips and over 600 logos. (We whittled it down from over 17,000 logos!!!)

After we broke for lunch, which has been delicious every day (Thanks Wink!), we were treated to the world premiere screening of "The Hour of Our Time" produced by Ether Studios. This heart warming documentary of Bill Cooper's life was followed by an intimate one-on-one discussion with the filmmaker himself, Jim Jankiewicz, from New Jersey.

Doyel Shamley then took to the stage and we had a wonderful discussion about Bill Cooper where everyone asked any questions that they had about Bill, his work, his life, and his murder. If you missed this event - you are now out of luck as Doyel will no longer be discussing anything about the murder of Bill cooper. All of the information has been discussed hundreds of times and is available through the documentary, DPS report, and dozens of Hour of the Time episodes.

DINNER TIME!!! Wow - the food was outstanding the first night, as it has been all week, with organic elk fajitas and all the fixings. Everyone has had nothing but very positive reviews about the menu so far - Fred (our chef) you have outdone yourself! He has treated us to some local dishes with lots of fresh fruit and veggies to along with the main courses.

We then retired for the evening to a gathering where we sat and discussed politics, religion, and the meaning of life until the wee hours of the morning.

Thus we came to the end of our "entertainment" day and hit the sack for a night of needed rest.

Tuesday morning came quickly and our excited anticipation of David Christopher from the School of Natural Healing finally was satiated! Thus began a wonderful day of stories jam packed with vital information about herbs and their uses. David has such a gift for giving presentations - none of us wanted it to be over! Maybe we'll have him back for 2 days at the ext conference! The 2 herb walks around the ranch gave us all of the information we needed to locate and identify many different herbs that can be used for natural health - and nutrition. Thanks David - it was great!

Everyone will come away from this conference with practical skills they can use to better themselves spiritually and physically. You can find conspiracy conferences here there and everywhere, but we know of no other conference where you will gain the practical knowledge you will need to support your family and friends in times of trouble - or even in everyday life. We are deeply concerned that the average person does not have the skills they will need to survive and we have tried to cover as many as possible this week. Gun stripping and shooting skills, growing your own food, map and orienteering skills, structure building with ropes including knot tying, herb identification and proper usage and much much more...

Doyel's coverage of maximum point blank range, and how to calculate the efficacy of your rounds and rifle was next on the agenda - after the visit to Bill's gravesite to lay down the rocks sent in from across the world!

We'll update more on the conference soon!


Doyel was on the Frank Whalen show today - you can visit Frank's website to listen to the MP3.


Hello folks - we are offering an autographed hardcover of Behold a Pale Horse for $650 or best offer. We have offered these only rarely in the past - pictures of the old books and the inscription can be seen here. Please write to Doyel directly if you need to know the exact inscription Bill had written in the new one we are offering. This item will not be put up on the shopping cart immediately so if you want it please E-MAIL DOYEL.


Ladies and gentleman,
Due to popular request, we have decided to add a feature to the conference for those interested in just one particular class or speaker. Tues. Wed. and Thur. will be open to advanced one day passes at $50 per day. This will include meals but not the week of research material's that are bound for the full attendees. This will also NOT include admission into the private meetings that full week attendees have access to enter.
You must contact Doyel at or (928) 333 - 2942 for details, passes and arrangements.


Listen to a FREE HOTT episode detailing the conference!



Here it is folks - we have finalised all of the details and arrangements for all of the special speakers and our own HOTT-exclusive conference presentations.

August 06-12 2006

Sunday 06 August 2006
Morning N/A
Afternoon Check-in / get info packets / schedules / classroom materials
Evening Check-in / get info packets / schedules / classroom materials

Monday 07 August 2006
Morning - Doyel / Rob- general outline of week / welcome / Corporate Symbology presentation
Afternoon - James Jankiewicz - World Debut of Bill's biography with production teams and research
Evening - Doyel - Q & A concerning Bill's death and periphial matters - ONLY TIME

Tuesday 08 August 2006
Morning - David Christopher - School of Natural Healing - Top 10 herbs
Afternoon - David Christopher - Herbal Walk and Identification
Evening - one on one with David Christopher

Wednesday 09 August 2006
Morning - Doyel & Rob - Fieldcraft/woodcraft skills - indoor session
Afternoon - Earl Kosmala - Noted researcher - Allodial Title - Land Patents - Banking
Evening - Map & orienteering fundamentals including night time stalking

Thursday 10 August 2006
Morning - Square Foot Gardening - Karen of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation
Afternoon - Doyel & Rob - Fieldcraft/ woodcraft skills - outdoor session
Evening - Doyel - Marksmanship fundamentals

Friday 11 August 2006
Morning - Doyel & special team - firearms maintenance - reloading - ballistics
Afternoon - Doyel & Rob & special team - marksmanship field session
Evening - Ann Heusted - Herbal vision care

LATE EVENING 8pm to ??? - Post conference fireside party

Saturday 12 Aug 2006
Morning optional


Be sure to listen to tonight's finale of "The History of Property Rights"-pt.5
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Be sure to listen to tonights broadcast! Another episode of the new, must have series:
"History Of Property Rights" Pt.4

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Tonight's Broadcast! The History Of Property Rights-Pt.3

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CONFERENCE UPDATE! Due to health reasons, Ralph Rene will be unable to attend the conference. We are currently attempting to get some video footage of his research so that conference attendees will be able to view his research onsite.

Now, that's the bad news, here's some GOOD news from Doyel...

Hello all,
I have secured a life long researcher to speak at the conference for a day. Some of his topics are included below, but we will be concentrating on Banking and finance, Allodial land title and UCC. For attendees I have gotten him to put all of his FOIA documents and resouces to find out what files exist on you personally in banking, the SEC, FDIC, IRS, etc. on a CD for you to take home and do your files. We of course have put my land acts and laws together with his to form the Allodial Land Titles class.
Earl has over 50 years of research under his belt and one of the most amazing libraries I know of. This is an exciting addition to our conference and if attendees are interested and ask nicely he will stay an extra day.

HISTORY OF U.S. - IN Bankruptcy
Who/What Are You Corporation? Citizen? National?
LAW? Law of Nature (God)? Law of Commerce? Common law? Statute Law?
BANKS AND BANKING Money - Bills of Exchange - Money of Exchange - Money of Account
Uniform Commercial Code? UCC-1 UCC-3 UCC-5 UCC-11
JUDGMENTS? Administrative? Court? Arbitration? Void?
JURISDICTION OF COURTS? Subject Matter: IN Rem: Personal?
LICENSES? Marriage? Drivers? Work?
INTERNAL REVENUE 1040? 1040NR? 1041? None?


Tonight's Broadcast! The History Of Property Rights-Pt.2


Be sure to listen to the broadcast tonight; 12 July 06 - "The History Of Property Rights - Pt.1"

Also, CD available for donation here:


Be sure to listen to tonight's broadcast: The Truth About Leftist Fronts, Organizations and Funding
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To listen to Doyel on the Frank Whalen Show today - please click here!

You can view Frank's website HERE.


Hello all,
Frank Whalen is having me on as a guest on his show on Monday morning to discuss some of these new land grabs by the fed. Please be sure to spread the word far and wide and show Frank and HOTT your support.


Doyel Shamley
10:17 p.m.
06 July 06
Ladies and gentleman,
I am writing this piece at 10:17 p.m. after just returning home from a major meeting on national forest policy. These are the starting meetings of a series to have open houses with the people to get their input on a national forest service plan and directive. The directive has already been handed down and it consists of massive closures nationwide in all 50 states of forest lands after being surveyed and analyzed to decide if given areas are crucial areas for we, the American people, to be traveling and using.
This evening all began when a friend called and told me that a meeting was being held at the town hall in Eagar. It was just starting with the Forest Service (read circus) as host and it was of utmost importance that I get down there immediately. So I grabbed my notebook and proceeded to the meeting, arriving about 15 minutes late.
I was greeted quite courteously by the chief of police who was in the entry and informed that if I wanted future information I could fill out a form laying on the table right there. The entire town hall being packed, I was forced to stay in the back of the room by the entrance and begin listening to the next big freedom grab from the American people.
The plan is a very simple one that has been officially directed and started to create a harmonized policy nation-wide of closing tracts of forest from the people. It consists of some starting maps that are intentionally very vague and do not contain nearly all the roads that exist already. In this plan to take effect in 2009, any roads and useable areas not listed on these maps will be closed to everyone. But wait, as a bonus when the directive is enacted we all get a FREE MAP of the areas, which will coincide, with posted signage. Then, as it was put in the meeting, it will be enforceable by law through the use of arresting, citing, fining and detainment powers vested in so called law enforcement.
There are some very obvious and glaring intrusions upon our rights and freedoms that immediately leapt out at me. First, I have known of and exposed these plans for years but the socialist bureaucracy has finally gotten their ball rolling. This is in direct correlation with the North American Union, SPP, FTAA, the Rio de Janeiro Summit and Biosphere Treaties, as well as the GATT and NAFTA trade treaties.
Second and really blatant is the fact the maps covering various National Forests did not contain nearly all of the roads and areas that exist at this time. If a road or an area is not surveyed, analyzed, approved for it's usefulness and placed on the maps by the end of 2007 then those areas will be off limits to travel. The use of the word travel is another stand-out term as it would cover peoples presence as well since walking, biking, horseback riding, driving, using OHVs, etc are all modes of travel.
When the meeting came to the comment session, which by the way the audience could hardly wait for, the sentiment was strongly opposed throughout. Many people stood up and made various forms of very valid arguments against any curtailment of our usage of the forests. Throughout this time one particular forest official kept trying to redirect the crowd by saying the directive was already handed down, now they just wanted some public comment on how to implement it. Again, another typical socialist tactic to convince people they had a part in the democratic process.
After listening to the forest officials including a chief of national forests, the audience and a very long time of my hand in the air, it was now my time to speak. The forests bureaucrats (socialists) had said numerous times that they would speak to groups on this topic, so I first got them to reiterate this statement and got them to include radio broadcasts. I told them to give me their contact information, which they did and they informed me they would have to get approval from Washington. I then questioned this mentality that they had already been directed by the chief forester of the U.S. to implement this plan and sternly reminded them that WE THE PEOPLE were their bosses, not some appointed bureaucratic socialist. I then went on to cover the various treasonous acts, treaties and partnerships that also dictate much of this policy, I did this to defend a gentleman who asked, "what next, are they going to close all our lands?", who was told that wasn't so. I reiterated that it WAS part of the plan and went on to make her say that we were her bosses. I also said that the argument of "we are just following orders" was tried at the end of World War II and it didn't go very far. A gentleman then said that a local broadcaster (me) talked about the U.N. seeking wider buffer zones and was this part of that U.N. giveaway. To which she replied that these were valid opinions but she didn't CONSIDER HERSELF WORKING FOR THE U.N., PER SE!
Following my statements the audience cheered and clapped at which point an older gentleman stood up to speak. Unbeknownst to me that he was in attendance was State of Arizona Speaker of the House Pro Tempore, Jake Flake. He informed the crowd that I was correct in my exposure of the groups and agendas really behind this program. That left me with just one thing to ponder, if the state speaker of the house knew that I was correct and there was a hidden agenda, then why wasn't he the one from the very beginning exposing it?
I will be covering this topic more in future pieces and on the air as I was able to get hold of the key project names, timelines and already have a national map on it's way.


Attention: We here at the Hour Of The Time have told you time and time again what was coming, and have been doing so for years (check out our broadcast catalog).
Here is a news clip so you can see it right from the establishments mouth:

Due to numerous requests from the listenership to complete their collections and to celebrate the anniversary month of our nations independence, we are offering for a short period another catalog sale! From 05 July 06 through 26 July 06, people can take an additional 25% OFF THEIR ORDER by entering the coupon code "July 06 sale" at checkout! This is for three weeks only so be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer to get your must have research items. This sale is good for HOTT audios and videos ONLY and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
Go here to view the on-line catalog:


Take this time to reflect on where we started and what we have lost over time.

Click on the pics for a full size image!

1.George Wythe
2.William Whipple
3. Joseph Bartlett
4. Thomas Lynch
5. Benjamin Harrison
6. Richard Henry Lee
7. Samuel Adams
8. George Clinton
9. William Paca
10. Samuel Chase
11. Rich. Stockton
12. L. Morris
13. Wm Floyd
14. A. Middleton
15. T. Heyward, Jr.
16. Charles Carroll of Carrollton
17. Robert Morris
18. T. Willing
19. Benjamin Rush
20. Elbridge Gerry
21. Robert Treat Paine
22. Wm. Hooper
23. Stephen Hopkins
24. Wm. Ellery
25. George Clymer
26. Joseph Hewes.
27. Geo Walton
28. Jas Wilson
29. A. Clark
30. F. Hopkinson
31. John Adams
32. Roger Sherman
33. Robert R. Livingston
34. Thomas Jefferson
35. Ben Franklin
36. Thomas Nelson, Jr.
37. Francis Lewis
38. Witherspoon
40.William Williams
41. Oliver Wolcott
42. Chas. Thomson
43. John Hancock
44. George Read
45. John Dickinson
46. Edward Rutledge
47. Thomas McKean
48. P. Livingston


Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian friends!!!! Today would be a good day to truly study your flag and maybe ask yourself why it's that lovely red colour (spelled with the Canadian "u"!). Send your answers to us here if you have an answer!

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Multiple U.S. Air Force Installations on Heightened Alert
Exclusive - 30 June 06
Doyel Shamley
Per orders of last weeks then Acting-Commander of the Air Force Space Command, General Fred Klotz, multiple U.S. Air Force Installations are on heightened alert.
The details obtainable so far are that the Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, which houses NORAD, is now at alert level “Bravo Plus”. An Air Force installation in Colorado Springs, Colorado and one near Denver, Colorado are operating with heightened security at this time. The order also affects Vandenberg Air Force Base in California along with Patrick Air Force Base in Florida.
The U.S. Air Force Space Command would not comment on the reasons for the heightened alert levels and security increases.


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REMINDER - You only have three days left to take advantage of the special products of the month for June. These products were picked especially for this month due to the times we are in and you may need these very items to survive the coming trials.
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Video coverage of the Albion road closure protest today in Ottawa available here. Doug Thompson, the Ottawa City Councellor who was at the protest, has a website HERE. His reason : OPEN ALBION ROAD RALLY 4:30 PM Intersection of Albion and Lester Roads.
After 2 frustrating years of having Albion Road at Lester Road closed to North-South traffic, I believe we need to show our collective displeasure. See you there.

.If someone involved in this protest would like to write up some more details of what you are protesting and why - please e-mail it to us here and we will create a page for you here on our website.

We find it interesting that there were more Ottawa residents here to protest this road closure than showed up to protest the Bilderberger meetings in Ottawa, but this is still a cause we support! Good luck folks - keep standing up for your rights!



As Above, So Below

Exclusive by Doyel Shamley
27 Jun 06

Dear reader and fellow researcher,
I wanted to display these three photographs and give a cursory explanation as to their symbolic bearing and meaning.
You will notice that the location for The National Presidential Wax Museum is “Keystone”. That very term is of significant importance to the mystery schools and their tutelage. The Keystone plays and integral part in the ceremonies of the Mark Master's degree of Freemasonry and its importance is equal to that of two other symbolic “building blocks”. The first being the “Corner-stone”, which is always placed in the North-East corner of the building to be erected and to which a powerful reference is made in the ceremonies of the first degree of Freemasonry. Lastly is the “Cape-stone”, upon which all the ritual of the Most Excellent Master's degree of Freemasonry is founded. These are all highly interesting and instructive symbols to the Mystery Schools as well as Operative and Speculative Freemasonry but must not be confused with the Stone of Foundation or it's symbolism. I will delve further into the particular aspects of the “Stones” of Freemasonry in subsequent articles.
Next I would have the researcher take note of the Obelisk in the monument for the Presidents Park Sculpture Garden. The Obelisk being a phallic symbol and the generative concept going back centuries with the Mystery Religions. Because of the extensive research already conveyed by The Hour Of The Time on the obelisk I will not delve into that subject any further but into the construction of this particular obelisk.
The intriguing part of the construction of this particular obelisk to the researcher of the Mystery Schools and Religions is the heavy use of the triangle throughout. It should be noted as a historical reference to the Mystery Schools, which includes Speculative Freemasonry, the origins of the use of the triangle.
Cabalist's, Talmudist, Freemasonry and the Mystery Religions in general have long held ceremonies, which sanctified the “ineffable” or unutterable word named due to its sacred inviolability. This word, called the “tetragrammation”, or four-lettered name was often inscribed inside an equilateral triangle. Due to the sacredness of the word to the Mystery Schools, the triangle alone became the ultimate symbol or hieroglyphic to express it, thus the triangle itself the symbol of Deity.
The researcher will also note the body of the obelisk containing mirror-image equilateral triangles pointing up and down simultaneously, thus symbolically expressing the Mystery Religions concept of “as above, so below”.
I will continue in subsequent pieces with a complete expose of the meaning of the triangle, the subject being too large for this cursory examination today.
However, you the reader and researcher will be left with just one piece of homework to complete today. Which way are the statues facing?

Click on the pictures for a larger view.




The new website format has hit some snags - but we still hope to have the new format online by the end of the month. Thanks to Rob from Northern Canada (another Rob!) who is helping us out.


Update 06/13/06 from a friend of HOTT who works in one of the buildings right across from the Brook Street Hotel :

"Actually there is not much to see anywhere around the hotel. Pretty low key event.
We went out there at noon and you still can't get very close to the building. The building is being guarded by security guards that have no visible affiliation. I didn't see any company name. no badges, no logos just youngish looking guys in black suits but they have a presence just the same. There's no mistaking these guys for business men in suits. More like "Boys from Brazil" meets "Men in Black"
Being a Disciple of Cooper I'm just dumbfounded.
The apathy is astounding. This is a gathering of people who hold perhaps more sway than that of the G8 simply because of how close to the front lines these people are on a day to day bases and yet there are no crowds, no protests, no concern and 
very little media. It seems to me the media typically react with outrage if they are ignored or not given access to cover anything these days. Yet here is a group of some 130 world movers and shakers who's primary reason for existing is to allow these leaders to discuss notions and concepts in a group setting decidedly out of reach of media. That alone should make the media say "Wait a Minute!" "What's with all the secrecy?" but like I said earlier the interest seems to be coming from curious laymen and not the media. I just find it really strange.
For starters what keeps running through my mind is how does this "Resort Hotel" even get to host an event like this. I put the quote marks in there for a reason. Kanata Business Park is about as far from a resort environment as I can imagine. It is an amazing facility in the heart of the worst excuse for a wannabe Silicon Valley North. In 20 years from now this may be the hub of a great business center but right now it's a very convenient out of the searchlight world class hotel." - John

Limos lined up to haul out the rats at the Bilderberg conference. Video HERE.

Alex Jones! Can you believe he's exaggerating in this video? Alex claims the Bilderbergers are losing - that the public is winning. This just isn't so. As much as we'd like to believe Alex we're just not winning right now. We do not stand as free human beings - we lay as steaks on their table. When only 20 people show up to protest the Bilderbergers - we are losing - we are not a threat. Welcome to 1984. Don't get us wrong - we will not give up - we will fight until the end. But, let's be serious Alex - we're not winning - not by a long shot. It is not hopeless and we CAN turn things around. Fight the good fight friends. But be aware how big your fight may be...


As Promised - more video footage from the unwashed masses on front lawn of the Brook Street Hotel - Bilderberg Central!

I guess the police were bored as HOTT got in trouble for having one leg of our videocamera tripod on the hotel grass. Video HERE. Yeah yeah yeah, we could have spun it up into an "Alex Jones frenzy" but it only lasted a few minutes - not the 14 hours dear Alex had to deal with...(It's interesting to note that customs hassled Doyel for several hours the last time he came up for a visit - we didn't make headlines/choose to make headlines though! Hey Doyel - you must not be sexy enough for the papers!)

ALSO - Make sure your travelling papers are in order!!!!!! This gentleman had a temporary license tag for his vehicle and the cops insisted he hadn't filled in the back of the tag properly. Little did they know it was a NEW type of tag that had NO FORM TO BE FILLED IN!!! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! They eventually apologized for not knowing it was a new type of form - they hadn't been told about the change...

Hmm.. Good to know the cops have YOUR best interests and not their employer's interests in mind...... Laugh if you still can - but only if you have a permit! Video HERE.

This character claims to be the Guiness Book of World Records holder for the most losses in elections. He has run many many times for the Social Credit party. (These jokers are pseudo-communists but have a great knowledge of the way the elite control our money systems. Read "The Coming Battle" for a more in depth analysis, but enjoy these two short videos in the meantime. )

Poem #1 by "The Engineer" - Video here

Poem #2 by "The Engineer" - Video here

For those of you interested in some excellent stills of the location of Bilderberger meeting, please check out Jade Pichette's blog here. We met Jade on the sidewalk in front of the hotel and Jade has taken some excellent photos. Thanks for sharing your research Jade!


Some footage from the Bilderberg Group meeting in Ottawa is available here. We'll have some more footage available here by tomorrow.

Update : 11pm est. The new footage from the Bilderberg meeting will be available Sunday afternoon. There will be news-reel type coverage and also plenty of raw footage for you to digest on your own - WITHOUT editing. As of this evening, nothing much has been happening at the hotel beyond some mild intimidation tactics from security and police. There are NOT throngs of Canadian media with satellite broadcasting vehicles covering this event - despite what some alt-media outlets may be telling you. We saw only one photographer from the Ottawa Citizen (local daily newspaper) in our over 6 hours spent onsite yesterday and today. Also, we didn't see Alex Jones in all this time. If you're here to cover this event Alex - why aren't you AT the event? We were looking forward to having a chat with you about Bill! The Citizen photographer only stayed for about 15 minutes and took only a few photos. We need to remember to report only the truth without exaggeration when covering these events. We welcome video/audio/still photo and text reporting from all those who were onsite. Please write to us HERE. It was a pleasure meeting you all and we'll see you over the weekend! We, here at HOTT, find it absolutely pathetic to report that on Thursday night there were only about 15-20 onlookers and today, in the rain, we numbered only a dozen. The public is truly an apathetic lot. The Canadian public, especially so. You will get what you deserve and you will be slaves to these Bilderbergers in their New World Order.

For those interested in lying down with dogs and waking up with fleas, you might like to sleep in the same beds as these world elite power brokers by booking your reservation now at the Brook Street Hotel.


It is with great sadness that I am writing this announcement. On 03 Jun 06 at 2:15 pm, Michelle Moore passed on to be with her creator. She was a wonderful researcher, author, wife and mother and was very close to The Hour Of The Time for many years. There will be a memorial service held in Oklahoma on the 10 Jun 06 at 7:00 p.m.
She had put up a good fight against cancer and was finally tired of fighting, chose to fight no longer and passed in her sleep.
Our prayers go out to her husband, David Moore, and her daughter Anna.



The new HOTT website is almost ready! Stay tuned and check back daily - we think you'll love the new site. Many thanks to Rob#2 for helping us out with this. Also, remember that tomorrow is Doyel's birthday! Please send him birthday wishes here!

Rob Houghton

Newest audio promo for the HOTT Conference available HERE. Please send this MP3 to everyone you know who might be interested in attending our August conference!

Previous articles from this year Jan 06 to May 06 available here.