GNOME Games Plan for Included Games


To revitalize the Gnome Games package, the maintainers have decided based on user feedback on the following plan for deciding which games that are included.


Decision on Game Going In and Game Being Deprecated

This decision will be made based on a combination of the results of the above survey and a sample of the new game suggestions below. Andreas and Jason, the co-maintainers, will have the final say. This decision will be made at 6 week in to the release cycle.

Deprecation of Game and Inclusion of New

This work should be completed two months in to the release cycle. This provides four remaining months for the game author and documentation team to adapt to the inclusion of the new game.

Suggested new games

Add your suggestions here and discuss them! Based on the games listed here, the maintainers will create a survey for selecting the one new game in Gnome Games:

Card Games


Mindsports (go/igo/weiqi/baduk chinese/western chess etc.)

Childhood, Educational

Unusable Games

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