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Kids' Corner

Jackie Chan Urges China to 'Have a Heart' for Dogs

Dog Being Beaten As a PETA affiliate's representatives meet with Chinese officials following the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of dogs, actor Jackie Chan has created a unique greeting card that will be auctioned off to benefit PETA Asia-Pacific's humane rabies-control campaign.

Shaped like a heart, Chan's card features the Chinese characters for "love" and "respect" along with the actor's signature and this inscription: "Of course it is our duty as human beings to love and respect each other. But that obligation extends to our animal friends as well. They are just as deserving of our care and kindness."

We have good news: Representatives of our Asia-Pacific affiliate are in China and have confirmed that reports indicating that Nanjing had plans to slaughter dogs are inaccurate. PETA Asia-Pacific’s chief representative and his colleague met with Ministry of Agriculture officials and toured a local animal shelter in late August and were told that the city has neither a rabies control problem nor any need to kill any dogs. We also understand that Mouding has stopped killing dogs (this is where most of the dogs have already been killed), although we are still trying to confirm this report.

PETA Asia-Pacific’s representatives then traveled to Jinning and met with officials from the mayor’s office, who stated that no dogs are currently being killed. Our affiliate’s visit to the office drew major attention to humane rabies prevention programs, and the representatives are in contact with other Chinese city governments to make sure that these routine, inhumane, and ineffective dog slaughters are a thing of the past.

One desperate Chinese woman wrote to an American friend, “I’m really worried about the dogs and cats. But I can’t do anything in my country! Could you do me a favor? If it is possible, could you find some information and send it back to your country? Public opinion maybe can stop this silly activity! This is the only [thing] I can do for the harmless animals.” PETA has received more than 15,000 letters from citizens around the world that we will deliver in person to Chinese authorities. Please get family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, delivery people, and everyone else you know to add their voices today.

Demand Change From China Now

Photos of the mass dog murders are being sent around by compassionate Chinese citizens who are desperate for help from the international community.

Dog Being Strangled Dog on a Catch Pole
Dog Being Thrown Off a Truck Dogs in a Bloody Cage
Dogs Confined Dumping Dead Dogs

Demand Change From China Now

Please give a generous donation to PETA today to help us in our vigorous fight to stop animal abuse worldwide.

Read more about what is being done to dogs and other animals in China.


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