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Of these, whose Art means most to you? [view]


Paraders finesse 'infinite red carpet' (flickr via Gm)
Midday quickie: On a bag of paragraphs (RWx-short-arcane)
Cambodian monks stalk tourist chyx (flickr-thread)
TomCruise's evolving boxoffice stats (UkInd-dThom)
Characterising gigantic culture-shifts (iMomus)
Good week for secrets (pSecret)
MemeWatch: "why do i like this?" (flickr-28hits)
8yo tutors adults in Halo (UkTel) [pic?]
Excuse me, but are you talking to yourself? (oDinny) [also]
Charming homeschoolers' talent show (flickr-set-28pix)
DThom on NicoleK (Philly-bkrev)
Moon impact animated-gif (gif-3Mb) [info]
Free oldskool Windows wordprocessor (download via mshook)
American People Shrug, Line Up For Fingerprinting (Onion-mp3-vshort)

M.Amis fictionalises M.Atta (UkG-2pg-etext)
Banksy targets ParisHilton's cds (UkInd-no-pix)
New NYRB finally (toc)
PG-13 models w/messy foods (flickr-set-400pix)
G-rated toast orgasm (flickr w/recipe)
Beck employs go-go geek (flickr)
Saturday quickie: Evolving tastes on the Yahoo zodiac (RWx-moto)
Milhouse Mafia revealed (flickr-friv)
New low Canon 7Mp $180 shipped (oMax-DN)
Misleading mortgage deals threaten millions of homes (BizWk-long via dBaker)

Critical appreciation of Graves' Claudius (UkG-longish)
Life imitates Fowles' 'Collector' (UkTms)
OpenID = emerging password-management standard (Cnet w/links)
Moon impact ?visible Saturday night (NewSci)
Tone-of-voice supplies 38% of message-impact? (UkTms-longish)
MemeWatch: "hearts and minds of" (GgW via js)
Brain gene mysteriously uses multiple copies (Nature via /.)
New low refurb'd Roomba $135 shipped (Az-DN)
Improved character-AI in 'Saints Row' (Ktku)
TomFrank on effete Democrats (NyT-uCan via Crsr)
SpikeLee's 4hr Katrina-doc as free 10min yTubes (multipage via Crsr)
MemeWatch: energized (flickr-579hits-varcane)
MemeWatch: *bucks (1L-38hits-arcane)

AI wins crossword contest (Italy-short)
Tokyo got down (flickr-set-41pix)
Spooky all-ages fullmoon coven (flickr-PG13)
Don't-miss FrankLloydWright fps-machinima (no zombies) (yTube-4min via wdiKnow)
"the personification of Los Angeles castaway" (flickr)
Nice rant on gouging GIs for loans (C&L)
5 alltime lowpoints of VideoMusicAwards (1pg w/yTubes via Vh1)
Documentary on Oct2007 assassination of W (UkG)
UK child-safety database not safe enough for upper classes (UkG)
Readable rave about ScarlettJ (UkInd)
Flickr adds 'detail' view for sets (cool NewGuinea mudmen)
Professional football AI (tRev via digg)
3 pairs of short yTubes demo algorithmic sharpening (1pg via digg) [info]
Painless illustrated history of photography (1pg via Morn)
Charming subtle male nude (flickr-R-rated)
David Duke spells out why he's an antisemite (longish)
Motion-blur easier to remove if shutter 'flutters' (arcane w/pix via Engdgt)
Vscary portable wireless-eavesdropping command-center (w/pic via Engdgt)
"This is how life looks if you wander around outskirts of Shanghai" (flickr)
To be an Error & to be Cast out is a part of Gods design (passim) [fan]
Dialup-BBS nostalgia/e-tourism/time-travel (longish via Waxy)
Christian Zionism : Christianity :: Voodoo : Catholicism (short via Xym)
5Mp Samsung $75 shipped (Woot-24hrs via Cnsmrst)

Evening quickie: The Yahoo zodiac on the Tree of Life (RWx)
Abortionists for 11yo rape victim punished by excommunication (UkG)
Gucci boot semantics (GgBase-blog-vshort)
LBJ to PM Eshkol: "What kind of Israel do you want?" (NyO-Weiss)
Debunking YouTube hoax lonelygirl15 (blog w/links via Waxy)
Good wine in cheap packages (NyP w/url)
Is Judaism a religion of lawless racists? (Haaretz via Sam)
Unexpectedly gigantic/ancient black hole (SpaceRef-arcane)
Screencast on semi-automated screenscraping with DabbleDB (Flash-6min via iGreed)
New PSP2 rumor (jStiq)
340yo supernova (2000*1400 jpeg) [Esa-multiformat]
Disappointing page-sort-order in Gg site-search (GgW-arcane)
Oddly compelling female not-so-nude (24hrs)
Shoegazers' anthology (UkInd-cdrev)

Republicans' view of NASA is exploitative (longish via NasaW)
Blisspop for Virgo (mp3s) [Webjay]
What free GgApps-for-business can't provide (pr via GgOS)
Bollywood in TrafalgarSquare (flickr-2pix)
PG-13 party theme 'fishnets' (flickr-Flash-100pix)
The Yeti recommends... (dYeti)
Roasted roma tomatoes (flickr-no-recipe)
sometimes in the evening, my room actually feels this dreamy (flickr)
Brainscans close in on 'grandmother cell' (Euk)
Cutting-edge pomo dinner&movie (VV-MonkeyTown)
Righteous congressman's anti-W rant (rCellar-yTube-2min)
Telemachus in the Tower Thursday afternoon (Dublin-local) {jj}
Midday quickie: The self-conscious computer (RWx-short)
Ernesto update (jMast)
Woodstock outtakes incl ISB (dvd-review)
New content at GetYrWarOn site (mnftiu)
Willner makes Chanteys sound vfun (Oz)
Yahoo/flickr maps lack non-USA detail (jm w/pix)
Backgrounder on Abelard and Heloise (UkInd-long)
Midnight quickie: Your OS-avatar (RWx-short)

you work the oracle of my thoughts (Poems-vshort)
Wild shivery-in-parts live Mahavishnu 'Dance of Maya' (C&L-GgV-13min)
Nice JPiven putdown of pre-Emmy vapidity (Vh1-Flash-30sec)
Tufte on bullet-lists (ET w/page-images)
Afternoon quickie: Indra's rainbows (RWx-vshort)
Bilingual toddlers make interesting mistakes (PhysOrg-short)
Short interview w/Frank Rich (NyMag)
Lovely long analysis of Dylan (NYer-Menand)

yTube vlogger 'lonelygirl15' too slick to be real? (NyMag via 3.D)
Brazilians love fermented sugarcane w/lime (UkTel)
Purportedly the most expressive avatar-faces in 2ndLife (nwNotes-1pg)
Kasparov and Karpov still evenly matched (cBase w/many pix)
Lively Chomsky 'chat' q&a (UkInd)
Later quickie: Calculating Yahoo-signs (RWx-vshort-prereqs-below)
Evening quickie: A semantic Web of Indra (RWx-vshort-prereq-below)
Rare tripleheadbobble plus random 'Frida' in Apt3G (cCrmdgn-friv)
Neat summary of human evolution linking zillions of articles (NewSci)
Haiti's mountains pop Ernesto in eye (jMast)
iPod-culture snark (Gz-friv)
Microcosmic Afghan update (B&T)
Midday quickie: Communities on the 'Yahoo zodiac' (RWx-short w/pic)

If anything, greatness will make me smaller (Poems-longish)
'Granola goth' demerit badges (site via lf)
Evening quickie: Yahoo-betical order (RWx-arcane)
Cheney's venal ways escape scrutiny (Boston via sGuer)
Chatroom survey suggests hypersexualised tweens (UkInd)
Great update on UK rave underground (UkG)
I placed a jar in Reykjavik (flickr-arcane) [ref]
Afternoon quickie: Math-quandary revisited (RWx-arcane)
"...a very frisky Olive" (flickr-PG13)
MemeWatch: "as ignorant as an NPR reporter" (dBaker)
UK drugs prices (10 pounds = $18.88) (BBC-table)
Review/psychoanalysis of W's fratboy antics (Cnsrtm-Parry)
Lazy man's YouTube animations using whiteboard (1pg via digg)
New Saturn pix (Sat2-toc)

Curry for engineers (c4Eng)
Evening quickie: The idealism crushers (RWx-short)
Benzene in citrus sodas (cReports)
Midday quickie: Radial-ontologies math quandary (RWx-arcane)
Genetic algorithm inspired by waggle-dance (PhysOrg-varcane)
Lesser-known Joe Jacksons (Mcswnys-vshort)
Yahoo tries ivorytower PhDs (WSJ-za)
NYC real-estate is 'a blood sport' (sGuer w/link)
New 600Mb flight-sim demo (Windows) (pHead w/link)
Cher's son gossips about her on HowardStern show (friv via wSmirch)
Decent thinkpiece on Gitmo hunger strikers (Harpers-long)
EPA drags feet on weedkiller that mutates frogs (Harpers-loong)
Lebanon beats France at basketball world series in Japan (AP via aAard)
20" lcd $230 (bBuy via Cnsmrst)

Teh tragedy of frankincense abuse (MttS-gif)
Pretty blue nebula (1600*1000 jpeg) [info]
Anticipating Hurricane Ernesto (jMast w/maps)
Javascript face-animator (wide via jStiq)
eAard renaissance (witty blog)

Backgrounder/update on Poincare conjecture (NYer-looong)
SeanPenn ?unconvincing as HueyLong (Apple-QT via Cinem)
Superbly prescient PKDick story, 'Mold of Yancy' (dYeti w/pdf)
5000 free user-submitted 3D models (GgSketchup via mbox)
Alien foxes threaten 70 Tasmanian prey-species (NatGeo-2pg)
92% of Iraqis want USA gone (aAard-stats)
2ndLife enclosure acts (wE-rant)
Don't-miss rant on smashing the IsraelLobby taboo (NyObs-Weiss)
Yokohama got down (flickr-Flash-111pix)

Positive review of Willner's pirate cd (Detroit)
Under-$100 pda gets the job done (Z22 via /.) [Frgl]
Vlo-res yearbook pix of current celebs (1pg via Vh1)
MemeWatch: Dancing naked at Belle&Sebastian shows? (flickr)
7min yTube of 2ndLife 1stdraft (3.D)
Poetry as therapy (pFound)
NyTimes vlo-bandwidth feed (lite via edV) [BBC]
Male Japanese cartoonist reads female minds (Sinfest)
At times I love my life (flickr)
Your app-idea competes in 'Idol' contest (site via /.)
Picasso's wallpaper-collage (UkG-long) [pic]
Another fine JonStewart on Iraqi ingratitude (1gm-QT-4min)

Israelis smoke Lebanese (UkG)
Don't-miss free MortalKombat w/ragdoll physics (fMotion w/Flash)
Edutainment promoting health concepts (hReport via UkG)
RobertHughes disowns his Sixties (UkTms-longish via wStair)
ChannelIslands got down (flickr-Flash-28pix) plans major upgrade (PhilG-blog)
$400 media player plus translation assistant (Engdgt w/pic)
More on new dark-matter evidence (Euk-no-pic) [pix, QT]
Demographics, pensions, and universal healthcare (NYer-mGlad-long)
DDenby on UptonSinclair (NYer-loong)
Simple diy kids' electronics busybox (1pg via Make)

Chaucer's 'Serpentes on a Shippe' (longish-arcane)
MitchKapor on origins of 2ndLife (3.D-transcript)
ANWilson on Sir Walter Scott (UkTel-short) [2Drovers]
Patricia Barber's jazz Ovid (Reuters)
Evening quickie: Self-knowledge via Web2.0 (RWx-shortish)
Whiteboard leaks Google plans (1000*700 jpeg) [more]
Most interesting tagged 'zombiewalk' (flickr-Flash)
Parliament in revolt over mideast hamfistedness? (UkMail via digg)
DThom on Alan Arkin (UkInd-shortish)
Long survey of post-Katrina recovery-failures (AP-E&P)

Jesuits prep ghetto youth for college (BBC-feelgood)
Ibex death-battle is worst day ever for 6yo (Can via lf)
Sigourney Weaver profile/update (UkG-long)
Fun PG-13 image gallery: 'reclining nude' (GgI-8000pix)
'sandnet' = simulated/sandbox Internet for software testing (eWk-cool via /.)
Accidentally-fine-art X-rated male nude (flickr)
GM-infected US rice supply probably not poisonous (crossing fingers) (WaPo via eAard)
Droll 5min NeilYoung on Colbert (C&L-QT/wmv)
LyndaBarry burst (Marlys)
...the 3 Tenors' inspirational hit, 'Death to the Other 2 Tenors' [gif]
Boring new Dylan performance video (Az-Flash via lf)
Robots on a Train (Vancouver party/event) (flickr-Flash-32pix)
NewAge computer healing (PopSci-2003 via lf)

Spacious $500 diy yurt (1pg w/yTube-30min via eZ)
60s jazz pioneers Impulse Records (UkTel-bkrev)
Nicelooking Linux smartphone (Gz-no-price)
Midday quickie: The Stalking Expert (RWx-short)
"...The accident involved dark chocolate" (BBC) [SmoBros]
FDA okays swallowing spiders to catch flies (PhysOrg)
Adding AI to searchengines (Cnet)
GIs building concrete walls between Sunnis and Shias (Monde-WatchAm)
'Documentary games' = based on news fact ($!art w/links)
MemeWatch: The [not horse] whisperer (GgW)

New poll: Which artist (odd lot) means most to you? (MrPoll-short)
Writely accounts now free to all (GgOS)
Acoustic ?punk performance by 'Defiance, Ohio' (flickr-Flash-23pix)

JimmyCarter on W's criminality (Speigel-intvu via 1gm)
UK Deputy PM calls W 'crap' (Wlctt w/link)
10yo girl: "His smile haunts me" (oDinny)
two lights were becoming one, / the lips of a wound closing (Poems-wow)
Mary Beard nostalgic for dons who groped (UkTms)
Passionate G.Galloway vs SkyNews' pro-Israel bias (yTube-10min via sGuer)
1sthand account of catching tournament chess cheater (cBase)
1971 classic paper on inflated social statistics (ET)
State-of-the-art cell-bio animation w/awful color, music (Flash-3min via lf)
turn volume OFF to prevent slashing wrists-- it's that bad
I hope it's a bug, but flickr's disabled the 'blog this' button (disaster)
looks like a bug, whew
Philly got down (flickr-Flash-26pix)
MemeWatch: What's that, Lassie? (GgW)
What GoogleTalk users are listening to (list via GgOS)
$38 2Gb SD card (mLine-Gz)
$15 mp3 player w/0Mb (uGeek via Gz)
Creative gadget giveaway (Engdt-USAonly)
RC airplane $23 shipped (DN)
A major difference between chimps and humans involves RNA (Euk-arcane) [more]
Withering critique of airborne-chem-lab terror 'threat' (txt via Sam)
Rave for Chavez's Venezuela (cPunch)
The best singers had the happiest childhoods (NewSci-birds)
Google rolls out free local wifi (sjMerc via Engdgt)
DHS calls wargame-villain 'Freedom Not Bombs' (Poulsen via eAard)
Missile-vs-missile tech in post-Lebanon 4GW (TechRev via cPunch)

17" Sony lcd $156 shipped (Buy-DN)
Impressive 90sec preview of ancientRome game (yTube via Ktku)
Robot Swan Lake (flickr)
Arcane mathematics of cloudbursts (PhysOrg)
Finetuning our geological clocks (PhysOrg)
SpikeLee on Katrina (VV)
Dennis Hopper's Heavens Gate, 'The Last Movie' (VV)
Sneak preview of NASA dark matter announcement (/.)
$30 handheld game system also plugs into teevee (rShack via Ktku)

Starry night (1280^2 jpeg) [info]
Merv Griffin interviews himself (Esq-shortish-arcanish)
Evening quickie: Finnegans Wake on the Tree of Life (RWx-short)
Unpaid child models' characteristic protest-gesture (flickr)
?1st review of theatrical BaghdadBurning (Riverbend) (UkG)
Lebanon hails Hezbollah heroes (UkInd-Fisk)
TheCure demos vs final versions (siart w/mp3s)
Online Mathematica calculator solves integrals, etc (site via lf)
300Gb LaCie external $125 shipped (Buy-DN)
Dewey Decimal System Helpless To Categorize New Jim Belushi Book (Onion)
MemeWatch: [not Carthage] delenda est (GgW pattern)

A tad unclear on Funky Winkerbean (Zippy-24hrs)
Antiterror datamining (CIO-long) {ai}
Google making giant deals with corporate media devils (WSJ)
Vigilante slashes tires of cellphone-while-drivers (UkTel)
WallSt gloom-n-doom from AmbroseEP (UkTel)
WarrenEllis e-multinational now with added 2ndLife (wE-short)
Evening quickie: The human sciences on Flickr (RWx-shortish)
Documentary 'Spin' on 1992 presidential race (GgV-60min via wE)
Hezbollah still kickin' major ass (UkInd-Fisk)
Nice photoset of band (called 'Forget Cassettes') (flickr-18pix)
AI as lossless compression (/.-arcane)
What psychologists have learned about chess masters (SciAm-long via cBase)
Seismographs and other datasets MIDI-fied into fun 'music' (WFMU w/mp3s)
London Asia-fest w/dancers (flickr-Flash-25pix)
Interesting 25-best-ever-personal-computers list (toc via /.)
Artistic XXX female nude (flickr)
400*2400 (vtall/vvthin) portrait (flickr-2pg)
Singapore got down (flickr-Flash-135pix)
Why Greenspan was a villain (dBaker)
StarTrek motivational posters (1pg-phat via MovBlog)
New Sy Hersh on Lebanon (NYer via sGuer)


McCartney divorce gossip/speculation (UkInd)
What preteen girls learn from The Sims (UkTel)
Gunter Grass befriended Pope in POW camp? (UkTms)
Sondheim needs Depp to audition as Sweeney (UkTms-friv)
Condi speaks w/forked tongue, poison fangs (wBar-quotes)
HarryReid tears W a new one over cybersecurity (Risks#)
DesperateHousewives game is just halfassed Sims clone (jStiq-short)
Neat proof that each plant emotion is a separate 'personality' (SciDaily-arcane)
Ravers wear vcolorful boots (flickr-set-25pix)'s worst nightmare: an articulate passionate antizionist Jew (c.emptor via tiHell)
Happyslapping generalised to pedestrian/auto accidents (UkG via jm)
Welsh village abandoned 150yrs ago (BBC)
Chomsky summarises the Lebanon (il)legal (not)niceties (Znet-intvu)
Dancing to Otis (flickr-no-blog)
Windfarm hardware quality problems (UkG)
Okay freeform jazz (mp3s) [via] {fw}
Vancouverite (flickr)


Chessrace against naturedrowning (cBase w/pix)
Awesome disgusted Lebanon rant (Billmon)
Vicious dismissal of Colin Wilson (UkG)
his early novels were 1strate, the rest are all fun
Margaret Drabble on John Cowper Powys (UkG-long)
Birds preen w/mothballs, ants, etc (cCodder via dTongue)
Lebanon antiwar photos (flickr-pool)

The ParisHilton of Uzbekistan (yTube-3min) [UkG]
RSS-able LRB (GgN via Blgscpd)
V.ambitious-looking preview of Rockstar's 'Bully' (yTube-1min via Ktku)
Nicely done JonStewart birthpangs parody (1gm-QT-4min) [wmv]
Blackwater mercenaries update (Nation-Scahill)
OpenCyc 1.0 released (site via /.)
The WarOnTerror has no strategy beyond OldTestament shock-n-awe
if you don't do what we say we'll destroy everything you love
Penn&Teller on GgVideo (links via digg)

Beautiful lighting trick for party photo-op (flickr-set)
Sagamihara got down (flickr-Flash-16pix)
Tournament cheaters used chess computers (cBase)
2.5M annotated chess games on $100 dvd (cBase-2pg)
Details on winning pokerbot (DDJ-shortish)
SpencerTunick's latest orgy (flickr-4pix)
Meteor shower litters Norwegian neighborhood (NO w/pix)
Examples of new de-blur effect (Cnet-7pg)
Vdramatic recent Rainbows-vs-machineguns faceoff (yTube-10min via FMU)
'Medieval Chinese dog finds immortality' (Loom-arcane)
Morning slowie: A radial ontology for webpageviews (RWx-long-arcane)

I hope to be nearly crucified (Poems)
'planned-overs' = pre-planned leftovers (dTongue)
PoshSpice's endorsements lower fashion 'property values' (UkTel-friv)
NYC pedestrian/public-trans directions (Cnet w/link)
WickerMan fest/party in ?Scotland (flickr-100pix)
Leaked AOL searchdata posted in searchable formats (iGreed w/links)
End-of-the-road for US/Israeli bullying? (LaTms-longish via Crsr)
Map of NYC celeb hangouts (Flash via Vh1)
?Updated list of GgBase 'attributes' (arcane via Official)
Nintendo re-purposes climactic 'Deliverance' clip (yTube-30sec via Ktku)
12 killer still-lifes (flickr-stream)
She will probably tell you this... (flickr)
Roomba Continues Gathering Evidence Against Human Captor (Onion-mp3)
Revealing examples of AOL's leaked searchdata (Blgscpd)
"the C++ overlords believe... every loop should be an inline Sudoku puzzle" (RegUk-Stob-vvarcane)
P.Cockburn's obit for old Baghdad (UkInd-long)
70s UK series w/TonyCurtis, RogerMoore (UkInd)
Improved Apple speech synthesis (QT-audio via digg)


Chomsky in 1969 running circles around WmFBuckley (2yTube-20min via vBoat)
$350 Sony media player w/odd featureset (Gz w/yTube)
Monthly free content from Consumer Reports (GgN-rss-able)
Eccentric undermines London neighborhood w/tunnels (UkG)
Mapplethorpe retrospective (UkTel)
Rave for new Iraq play (UkTel)
Cuba's small farms upend neolib consensus (UkInd)
Update on Quorn meat-substitute (UkInd)
Offbrand probiotic drinks are risky (UkInd-short)
Semipoem w/clever punning (Poems)
HelloKitty adds ParisHilton character (TMZ w/pic via Sprf)
Anticipating fully 'distributed' 2ndLife (loong via nwN)
Java visualisation of science citations-network (iSthetics w/pix, link)
MichaelMoore update (Cinem)
N-Gage game/phones just $20 (jStiq-5pg)
Declassified spypix reveal ancient Syrian sites (Oz-no-pix via lf)
Cute reflection pic (flickr-no-blog)
PG-13 semihipster burlesque (flickr-set-200pix)
NYC's OneNightOfFire party (VV) [flickr-Flash]
Macca's vmessy divorce (UkMail via wSmirch)
'black bamboo' = Jamaican lovers for women tourists (dTongue)
"it creeps around the compass points just below the horizon" (flickr)
Update on chess champ DeepJr* (cBase) [*fan]
Moths threaten chocolate harvest (BBC)
Unprecedented 2dozen mentions of Chomsky in last hour (GgN-pattern)
3*5" simplified keyboard (Gz w/pic)
MP3s of Flannery O'Connor stories (WFMU)
New blogosphere stats (Sifry)
Drug dangers re-rated (graph) [info]
Update on peanutbutter approach to African malnutrition (SciDaily)
Backgrounder on online photo agencies (AP-PhysOrg-arcane)
WW2 'elephant ears' ($!art-pic)
133 meanings of 'take' stalled SamJohnson's dictionary (UkG)
Mindbogglingly strange lit conference on HarryPotter (UkG-loong)
Rave for Buster Keaton (NySun)


Sweet new RickieLeeJones/SqNutZips campaign tune (C&L-mp3)
UK smoothies ethical-biz success story (UkInd)
Hindsight tealeaves about JackStraw's ouster (UkTms)
Longish Pirsig update (UkTms via pednut)
LetterFromHere is on a roll (blog)
MovableType free for personal blogging (download via jm)
Zappa in 1963 (2yTube-WFMU-15min)
Teaching Brazil slumkids ballet (aJ-feelgood)
Words of wisdom (flickr)
MemeWatch: Dance like nobody's watching (flickr-search)
Edgy 'Babe' sequel w/this guy as narrator? (flickr-sphynx)
Weird DaveCross on Israel on Colbert (1gm-QT-5min)
Vsilly 2ndLife parody of viral world-dancer (yTube-4min via nwNotes) [orig]
GirlsGoneWild expose (laTms-long via iGreed)
Exhaustive FAQ for 1Gb demo of unpromising zombie game (1pg w/pix via jStiq)
Flickrpix too glam? (blog)
as GKeillor's parents explained: we didn't want to hurt yr feelings
W-et-al as Geneva warcriminals (VV-Nat)
Superb dThom tribute to Bette Davis (UkInd-too-short)
Not-horrible 19" LCD $135 (cUSA-DN) [ratings]
4GW masters antitank capabilities (AP via dDuke)
1896 collection of superstitions (pGut-400k)


Brother and sister (flickr)
1920s lesbian photography adventurers (UkTel w/pix) [GgI]
Profile of heterosexual fashion designer, R.Cavalli (UkTel)
Unfamiliar MCEschers (flickr-500pix)
Israel trying to distance self from neocons? (Haaretz via sGuer)
Patk Cockburn rips TonyBlair a new one (cPunch)
Pix from girls' chess championship (1pg-long)
Post-NORAD-tapes unanswered questions (NZ via RigInt)
Decline in crop circles linked to suicide (BBC w/pic)
ESPN endruns net neutrality (Engdgt)
Exboxe CCCLX and mountayne dewe trump Tales of Canterburye (Chaucer-long-arcane)

The spaniel next door yaps at the sparrows (Poems)
Brilliant pix of the week (BBC-10pix)
Don't-miss ooooldskool flightsim interface for GgMaps (Flash via digg)
US policies making another 9-11 inevitable (UkInd-Fisk)
PhilG's trick for teaching airplane-landings (short-arcane)
3 vegetarian summer recipes (VV)
Which-side-are-we-on mideast ironies (Wkbnch)
"witches' knickers" = plastic bags caught in trees (UkG) [pic]
Novels w/math-related subplots (long-list via SciNews)
Intro to Ajax (cWorld via /.)
New Riverbend on wave of emigration (bBurning)
Fun tutorial for GuitarHero clone (yTube-3min via Ktku)
New low $140 shipped for Olympus 6Mp (compUSA-DN) [Az]
CVS stores offer unlimited free-$3 deal (Cnsmrst)
Datamining (crudely) the Congressional Record (aTech via /.)
Electric-car batteries are timebombs? (TechRev via Engdgt)
Real cities recreated in SimCity4 using GgEarth data (3.D w/pix)
SuzanneVega performs/interviews in 2ndLife (2yTubes-10min)
alt.hypertext in the news (GgN-1hit)
Berlin is productively fallow (iMomus)
Learn programming w/free GameMaker software (RegUk-bkrev)
Underappreciated Greek photographer (flickr-74pix)
Uneven Futurama videogame tribute (yTube-6min via Ktku)
Prelude to a binge (short-friv)
V.craven Doonesbury poll-aganda omits 'Jews to blame for mideast wars' option (poll)
Universe may be 15.7Byo (Spaceref-arcane)
Pentagon is more antiwar than NedLamont (wBar)
How to record Skype calls (Cnsmrst w/links)


Gilliam update w/freaky Tideland trailer (UkTel w/QT/wmv)
Capt Beefheart profile (UkG)
Cricket Explained (An American Viewpoint) (long via lf)
The billion most-common 5word sequences (GgRsrch-varcane)
New low $50 shipped 200Gb internal (Frys-DN)
Download streamlined RealPlayer (Windows) (GgOS)
Claim that Google censors blogs by pulling ads (VV)
Lebanon bombing map (700*1000 jpeg via Crsr)
17" LCD $100 plus shipping (cUSA-DN)
Viral marketers prank oDoffice? (NutriGrain)
$200 solar wifi nodes (short w/pic via Gz)
MelGibson/IsraelLobby dots-not-connected (GgN-1hit)
Longterm patterns in US foreign policy (Znet-arcane)
MS to drones: Drink the effing koolaid already (pic)
PrankWatch: Produce-stand shoplifters (flickr-short)
1st 2hrs of latest ThisIsHell offer fine mideast coverage (4hr-mp3/RealAud)


Rave for Joyce's 'Exiles' (UkInd-arcane)
MS attacks computer 'go' w/giant library (UkG)
Fisk Lebanon update (UkInd)
Free kb-driven GuitarHero-alike for Windows (#7 via /.)
Teaser for wEllis-recommended 'Studio60' (yTube-10min via sippey)
Pharmco-CAD doesn't work well yet (iGreed-vshort)
Simplish way to confirm genuine Paypal emails (Cnsmrst-vshort)
Killer mashup of Who/Supertramp/Rockwell/GnarlsB (siart w/mp3s)
Much better 'unblur' plugin due for Photoshop (dcInfo w/pic via Engdgt)
Posable $4 3" figures w/15 joints (tGeek w/pix)
2ndLife adding 'live' gestures w/o scripting (ahort-no-pix via jStiq)
'hell strip' = hard-to-garden between sidewalk and street (dTongue)
New low $39 shipped Dell 512 mp3 (Dell-DN)
Rich NYers get their pot delivered (NyP)
Restaurant serves only gourmet mac'n'cheese (NyP)
Colorful history of sarsaparilla (NyP-Bryk)
9-11 reconstruction w/NORAD tapes (vFair-loong w/Flash via sGuer)
The housing bubble has popped (dBaker)
The birth pangs of a brand new house (B&T)
$40 iPods (oPost via Cnsmrst)
Google's map-reduce as pinnacle of coding genius (arcane via iforget)


Alan Moore on 'Lost Girls' (OnionAV-intvu-long)
Detailed update on $70M Brazilian bankjob (UkInd)
Stats on new counterfeit euros (UkInd)
Weird silhouetted dance improv (flickr-Flash-28pix)
Iraq war adds $7 to 'real' cost of gallon of gas (eZ w/links)
Dylan XM-deejay mp3s (blog via lf)
V.elegant Lego magazine ads (1pg via wdiKnow)
Animated gifs drawn with penlights (1pg via wLife)
8000 GoogleNews sources (Blgscpd-90pg)
New poll: How do you stave off despair? (MrPoll-short)
Howard Stern is king of not-funny-enough shock (MrPoll-results)
Beat stream perfume poetry (wStair)

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