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High Achievers' Program

Facilitator : Mrs Ferida Felstead

What is the High Achievers' Program?
Koonung Secondary College is a school which caters for students with differing abilities and interests. We encourage students to develop at their own pace and we celebrate their different talents and skills. Students who are highly able often have needs which require special attention, and it is for this reason that the High Achievers Program has been introduced.

The High Achievers Program, which caters for students in Years 7 - 10, is not an acceleration program. It is a program which allows students to progress through school with their age-peers, while ensuring that they are kept challenged with work that is appropriate to their abilities. Students in the High Achievers Program are provided with work which enriches and extends them in a number of areas. Emphasis is placed on higher level thinking and on problem solving.

What sort of student is suited to the program?
The High Achievers Program is designed to benefit those students who have shown academic aptitude in one or more specific areas of the curriculum. A High Achiever is not necessarily good at everything, but will show an ability beyond that of most of his or her peers.

A High Achiever must be prepared to take on challenges, take risks with learning and be self directed. A High Achiever will be encouraged to develop areas of specific interest and to pursue independent learning in these.

How are students selected?
Students who apply for the Program will be asked to sit a general aptitude test, held at the school on the first Saturday of Term 3. In addition, they are encouraged to present a portfolio of recent work to support their application.

In producing the portfolio, students should reflect on their achievements, and choose items which illustrate their strengths and skills.

The portfolio might contain:
  • Certificates and awards
  • Examples of writing
  • Recent test results
  • Artwork or other creative work
  • Projects and assignments
  • Evidence of computer skills
The Course
There is one High Achievers class in each level, Years 7-10. In Year 7 and in Year 8, the students follow the same core curriculum as other students at their level, but the work presented to them is more challenging and is aimed at encouraging higher level thinking skills.

Students in Years 9 are grouped together for a number of their core classes and are encouraged to choose electives which are suited to their abilities. In Year 10, the students undertake VCE Unit 1 History and Unit 1 Geography instead of the usual History and Geography courses. In addition, they are free to choose another VCE subject offered in the elective block. This enables them to complete a Unit 3 & 4 (Year 12) subject when they are in Year 11, thus enhancing their ENTER.

Thinking and Learning Styles
We all learn in different ways. Some of us may learn best through experimenting or doing, others may prefer to read or follow instructions. Some of us have highly creative minds and others are more analytical. In the High Achievers' Program, students will be encouraged to optimise their preferred thinking and learning style, while developing the others.

Expressions of interest
Places in this innovative course are limited and early application is advised. Application forms are available from the school.

Testing will take place early in Term 2 for entry into the Year 7 Program.

Limited places may occur at other year levels and queries about these should be directed to the High Achievers Coordinator, Mrs Ferida Felstead.


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