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DRPI: DARPA / Rome Laboratory Knowledge-Based Planning and Scheduling Initiative

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Air Force Rome Laboratory

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Programmatic Abstract
ISX was the integration and facilitation contractor in The DARPA / Rome Laboratory Knowledge-Based Planning and Scheduling Initiative (DRPI). The was a seminole program in the development of planning and scheduling technologies.

The DRPI program began during Desert Shield and involved the "crash development" of the Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool (DART) over a 10 week effort. This tool provided an analysis and visualization capability that was unavailable during that time. As a result, the DART system was deployed and operationally utilized to support the deployment of men and materials during Desert Storm.

As a product of this successful effort, DARPA and Rome Laboratory began the support of an 8-year effort in Planning and Scheduling Technologies in an effort to advance the state of the research community and further enhance the transition of those technologies to operational prototypes.

Technical Abstract
ISX's responsibility under this program was that of community facilitation and integration support. ISX fostered the advancement of technologies within a research community of over 25 industrial and academic institutions.

ISX worked with DARPA to pioneer a new model in technology transition processes. This facilitation process included:

  • The development of "Domain Packages" that capture domain information, challenge problems, exercise data, and metrics;
  • The development of "Technology Packages" that capture technology components along with documentation, API descriptions, and decision criteria for package application;
  • The development of Technology Integration Experiments (TIEs), designed to bring together complementary technology components to provide an effective operational capability.
  • The development of Integrated Feasibility Demonstration (IFDs), designed to bring together the results of multiple TIEs into a prototype system to support an operational need.
  • The methods and methodologies for bringing together and galvinizing a research community, including the communications methods and utilities.

DRPI benefited from a number of highly successful IFD efforts. Three of these extraordinary efforts resulted in operational prototypes that transitioned to deployed operational systems including DART, the TARGET course of action development tool, and the ACPT Air Campaign Planning Tool.

ISX earned the covetted "DARPA contractor of the year" for two consecutive years based largely on the results of this program.

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