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Richard Burke

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Map of County LP Organizations

State Libertarian Party Officers

Overview.  The Libertarian Party of Oregon is governed by a State Committee consisting of elected statewide party officers and delegates from each organized Affiliated County Party (ACP). Officers are elected by the State Committee at business conventions held annually during the second weekend of March.  Statewide officers serve one year terms.

Adam Mayer
Adam Mayer
LPO State Chair
Frank Dane
Frank Dane
LPO State Vice Chair
Jerry DeFoe
Jerry DeFoe
LPO State Secretary
Chris Mayer
Christiana Mayer
LPO State Treasurer

Affiliated County Parties (ACPs)

ACP Political Functions.   Affiliated County Parties (ACPs) provide a local venue of political activity for Libertarians across Oregon.  ACPs recruit, run, and support candidates for local and county office while providing a base of support to those who win elections.  By organizing down to the precinct level, ACPs work to maximize Libertarian voter turnout.  ACPs can nominate partisan candidates to the November ballot if the districts at issue lie entirely within a county.

ACP Representative and Social Functions.  ACPs are able to send representatives to the Libertarian Party of Oregon State Committee.  Finally, ACPs have a strong social component and occasionally hold parties, picnics and other activities for members and guests.

Send an email to your ACP and get involved!

   Baker        Harney        Morrow
   Benton       Hood River    Multnomah
   Clackamas    Jackson       Polk
   Clatsop      Jefferson     Sherman
   Columbia     Josephine     Tillamook
   Coos         Klamath       Umatilla
   Crook        Lake          Union
   Curry        Lane          Wallowa
   Deschutes    Lincoln       Wasco
   Douglas      Linn          Washington
   Gilliam      Malheur       Wheeler
   Grant        Marion        Yamhill

Current Affiliated County Party Chairs

Norm Galvin, Benton County
Wes Wagner, Clackamas County
Helen McDaniel, Clatsop County
Charles Holloway, Coos County
Shane Savoie, Josephine County
Ray Bledsaw, Lake County
Jerry DeFoe, Marion County
Eric Sanelle, Multnomah County
Paul Delaney, Polk County
Stephen Pearson, Washington County
Andrew "Buck" Leckie, Wheeler County
David Terry, Yamhill County


The LPO operates according to an adopted Constitution, a set of bylaws, and convention rules.  These documents were adopted and are frequently amended at annual business conventions and certain special conventions.

LPO Constitution


LPO Bylaws


LPO Convention Rules

Convention Rules

LPO Staff

The LPO staff is responsible for making recommendations to and implementing policy adopted by the LPO State Committee.

The LPO Executive Director works under contract for the LPO State Committee and leads a volunteer staff to perform the day-to-day work of the party.

Richard Burke

Richard P. Burke
Executive Director

Jim Casterline

Inessa Hamilton-Lee

Richard Whitehead