Bug Jugglers
by Amy Albert Bloom


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  1. Cut two bug shapes out of muslin and two out of felt. Cut a head and four spots out of the second color of felt.
  2. Pin the head and spots to one felt bug and sew in place. (Some felt is adhesive-backed. If you use this kind, you can just stick the pieces onto the bug.)
  3. Embroider on the face with the perle cotton, or just draw a face with a permanent marker.
  4. Sew the muslin bugs together inch from the edges. Leave a 2-inch opening on one side. You can do this sewing on the machine or by hand.
  5. Turn the muslin bug right side out so seams are on the inside. Stuff about three-fourths full with beans or pellets. You want the bug to be floppy for juggling. Sew the opening closed by hand.
  6. Pin the felt bug pieces together, with the decorated bug piece right side up. Sew close to the edges about three-fourths of the way around. You can do this on the machine or by hand. Use the whipstitch if you are going to stitch by hand it will add strength and a nice decorative design.
  7. Put the muslin bug inside the felt bug and finish sewing the opening closed by hand.
  8. For good juggling practice, make at least three.



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created by Home Sewing Association used with permission