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Book Description

The first novel in an exciting new series from the bestselling author of The Quickening trilogy.

In Percheron an old Zar dies and Boaz, the 15-year-old son of Herezah, his Absolute Favourite, takes power. Ambitious and scheming, Herezah arranges for her son's rivals to be disposed of with the help of the loathsome Grand Master Salmeo, and oversees the assembly of a new harem. One of its number is Ana, who enters a world where she wants for nothing ... except her freedom.

Ana's only friends are Lazar, the secretive and eligible Spur of Percheron, and a seemingly insane dwarf called Pez. Her attempt at escape after witnessing a disturbing eunuch ritual and undergoing her own brutal Test of Virtue sets in motion forces beyond anyone's control... Even more mysterious is the rising of Iridor heralding a new cycle in the war of faith led by the evil Maliz that will enmesh them all in a deadly battle between gods.

Critical Praise

‘Compulsively readable’
-- Kirkus Reviews
‘Stunning ... action, escapes, and intrigue’
-- Bookreporter.com

ISBN: 0732281806; Publication Date: 26/10/2005; Format: Trade Paperback; Trimsize: 233 x 154; Pages: 592; $29.95

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