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Over twenty years ago, Rick Rashid, the senior vice president of Microsoft Research, came up with an idea. Networked games. The idea was ahead of its time. Today, millions of people all over the world play and compete in multi-player online games.

Rashids original game gathered a loyal following. He developed his ideas into the game Allegiance, which Microsoft shipped in 2000.

Now Microsoft Research is releasing the Allegiance source code. *

Loyal Allegiance fans have kept the game alive, though it hasnt always been easy. As the gamers played the massive online game, they developed their own ideas about how Allegiance could be modified or improved. Now, with access to the source code, the future of Allegiance is in their hands.

The original development team, which includes Joel solap Dehlin, has been instrumental in getting the code released to the community. Chris Moffat, a lead program manager with the Learning Sciences and Technology group in Microsoft Research's University Relations was also one of the project drivers. They saw how much effort Allegiance fans put into the game, and wanted to help. They decided that even though the code would be unsupported, the community would benefit from the release.

* The Allegiance source code is for education and research purposes, not for commercial use.

Note: This is a large download (512MB). We recommend that you download this only if you have a fast Internet connection. If you have repeated problems, then please let us know via the Contact Us page. To verify the authenticity of your download, you should have a checksum of 8A079A3EB9D2C208EA683B5E4F041FF8 for the .ZIP file.

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