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Winter Storm Carolyn

Category 2

Winter Storm Carolyn was forecasted a Category 4. Some Category 4
conditions happened in the forecast area. Orange County receiving
Category 3 type weather, and Riverside and San Bernardino receiving
only Category 1....Winter Storm Carolyn did not get that powerful for
most of the forecast area. Winter Storm Carolyn will not be retired.
Carolyn was what we call a cutoff storm. These storms break away from
the jet stream, and just sit on there own, going wherever. To give you
an example, pretend you are in an ocean current. You are the storm, the
current is the Jet Stream. The current will make you follow its path.
By knowing the exact speed the current is traveling, you can guess when
you will reach a certain area along that path. But say you broke away
from the current. Whats guiding you now? Nothing right? just the
ripples of the ocean, and you are bounced any direction possible. That
is what happened to Winter Storm Carolyn. Broke away from the main
current or jet stream, and just sat off our coast. It was finally
pushed inland, where it weakened. She produced a few thunderstorms,
winds, rains, and flood watches. Till next time when we use her name
again one year, farewell Carolyn.

Post Storm Discussion Written By: Kevin Douglas Martin Ontario Weather Service Meteorologist In Charge

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