Our New Solar CellsAdopt-A-Cell TNE II

Specification Sheet
University of Massachusetts Lowell/MIT

Solar Panel

2210 SpectroLab (encapsulated by Lockheed) KC6700B Space Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells
Flexible Umbrella Membrane - Folds Up to be Carried Inside Car While Racing and
then it is Deployed for Stationary Charging
18.5% Cell Efficiency Expected (less observed)
1350 Watt Max Power (Observed)
5 AERL & 3 Brusa Maximum Power Point Trackers


Saft AgZn 50 Cells in Series for 100V bus - 35.5 kg (78.28 lbs)
4650 Whr, 62 Ahr Rating
675 kilometers average daily range (Designed)


Solectria 6 kW (8 HP) Brushless DC 3 phase
92% Efficient at designed operating point (including controller)
Student Designed & Built Controller using Harris MCT
Solectria Controller as Backup
Maximum Speed Estimated at 120 km/h (74.5 MPH)
Solar Cars Adam, Jenny, Dick & Andy


50 cm (20") Avocet Fasgrip Racing Tires, 100 PSI
Wheels: Student Designed & Built Carbon Fiber Disc with Aluminum Rims


130 kg (286.65 lb) without driver
Driver : 80 kg (176 lb)


Length: 3.505 m (11.5 ft) Width: 1.22 m (4 ft) Height: 1.0 m (3.281 ft)
Wheelbase: 1.6 m (5.25 ft) Track 1.2 m (3.94 ft) Ground Clearance: 0.203m (0.66 ft)

Brakes, Suspension & Steering

Front Hydraulic Drums (Honda ATV) with Rear Regenerative Braking
Transverse Leaf Spring Front (2 laminated Solomon downhill skis)
Rear is Welded Aluminum Box Trailing Arm with Risse Air Shock
Stilleto Rack & Pinion Steering
Single Tooth Gates Belt, 3.5:1


Kevlar/Carbon/Nomex Sandwich Monocoque - 14 kg (30.87 lb) Bare

Aerodynamic Specs

Drag Coefficient, Cd = 0.10
Frontal Area, A = 0.57 m²


Ciba Compostis
Benett Zarin
American Cyana
Airflow Research
Ciba Polymers
Atlantic Tracy
Arthur D. Little
NAPA of Camb
Crown Metro
Transform Plastic
Gregg Gates
Standord Solar Car Club
Mr. Arnold
Doug Dodds
Westpac Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Bleck

Team Members

Allen, Kathleen Joyce - MIT
Bleck, Olaf - MIT
Gates, Gregory James
Heafitz, Andrew - MIT
Joslin, Jenny - UMass Lowell
Leip, David Gary - MIT
Nelson, James - UMass Lowell
Nelson, Nancy Rahders, Richard Randolf
Rux, Alan - UMass Lowell
Rux Adam - UMass Lowell
White, Rick C - UMass Lowell
Solar Cars UMass-Lowell People


World Solar Challenge 93 -
Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds '94 - Broke Old Record by about 50%.
San Jose Electrathon Velodrome Challenge - 2nd Place
Less than One Mile behind Record Holder & Broke Former U.S. Record
American Tour de Sol 94 - First, Open Class; First, Student Built Vehicle;
Most Efficient Vehicle to Run in the History of the Race; the Furthest Distance on a Single Charge.
American Tour de Sol 95 - Most Efficient Vehicle in Open Category.
Solar Cars
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