Being safe from predators is not reserved for those trained in self-defense. Being safe means getting smart!

When you learn how not to become the victim of violence you will be safer and smarter.

When you learn how a predator thinks, who he targets, and how he makes the victim selection, you will be safer and smarter.

When you are safer and smarter you will possess the valuable tools of PREVENTION.

Pat Malone, master teacher and professional body guard will make you safer and smarter by teaching you what the predator hopes you never learn.

• Safety while walking on the street

• Safety when your car breaks down

• Prevention of carjacking

• Safety in your own home

• Prevention of home invasion

His real value is as a Fugitive Recovery Agent, where he targets the violent criminal with a primary focus on the violent criminal that attacks women and children, Mr. Malone knows how the predator thinks.


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The Smart Women’s Guide to Staying SAFE.