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Approximately 9.000 people are homeless in Washington, DC on any given day - half are children.  Hundreds of soup kitchens, shelters, and other facilities are located throughout the city offering various services at various times.  Yet, easily portable, waterproof contact lists for homeless poeple giving the location, services offered, and operating times of these facilities for the homeless are not currently available.

George Washington's Peace Studies Program concerns the multidisciplinary study of peace, diversity, and social change through harmonious relations.  A committee of GWU professors oversees the program from departments of philosophy, psycology, religion, sociology, history and others.  Peace Studies students volunteer with projects in DC to learn and promote program objectives.  A major project of GW's Peace Studies Program during the 2001/2002 academic year addresses the nees of DC homeless for an appropriate media form of information on DC homelessness services.  In interviews, homeless people expressed their preference for sturdy business cards, rather than pamphlets, booklets, or other media forms for contact information.

Homelessness Card are sets of laminated cards with contact information for soup kitchens, health card services, shelters, day centers, employment, and other services.  3M's Self-Laminating Card Protectors allow volunteers to easlity print, copy, and insert lists of homelessness contact information.  Volunteers peel and press to create two sided lists contained in a sturdy, waterproof card.  A hole is punched in each card and sets of ten cards (two on shelters, one on employment services, two on soup kitchens, two on medical services, one on legal rights and responsibilities, one on day centers, and one on clothing services) are strung together on key rings.
Homelessness Contact Cards