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Rapper Mystikal sentenced to six years


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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) -- Michael Tyler, better known as the Grammy-nominated rapper Mystikal, was sentenced to six years in prison Thursday for forcing his hair stylist to perform sex acts.

Tyler, 33, who pleaded guilty to sexual battery, was taken from court in handcuffs.

The victim accused Tyler and two bodyguards of forcing her to perform oral sex after they accused her of stealing $80,000 worth of his checks. She denied stealing any money.

Judge Tony Marabella, who saw a videotape that the men made of the acts, said the victim had been "terrorized."

"The court is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the law into his own hands," Marabella said.

The bodyguards also pleaded guilty to sexual battery. Leland "Pokie" Ellis, 37, received three years in prison, and Vercy "V" Carter, 35, got four.

Tyler also pleaded guilty to extortion, and earlier received five years probation on that count.

Tyler has paid the woman $350,000 -- $300,000 of it borrowed from his record label, according to a letter in court records. It said the money and his plea show he is "continuing to try to make up to all involved for the distress" he caused.

Mystikal's record "Tarantula" was nominated for a best rap album Grammy in 2003.

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