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2006 Eclectic Electronic Music Fest

By Marshell Lumas


The Detroit Electronic Music Festival was pumping out beats in Downtown Detroit this past weekend. The festival is in its sixth year and proves to be running strong. Paxahau hosted this year music movement in Downtown Detroit. This company is infamous for providing the best in electronic entertainment by building a reputation with the funkiest artists and electronic heads. People from all walks of life and cultures came together to make this a very eclectic and diverse scenario. While Moving along with the flowing crowd that filled Hart Plaza and the surrounding area you could feel the power of the bass and beats exuding from the speakers. The Hotels were fully booked housing fans and artists that participate and enjoy techno and other forms of electronically created sounds every year. The future of electronic music was soaring and extremely bright within Downtown Detroit.

Hart Plaza houses six stages to provide entertainment from all avenues and spectrums of the venue. Vendors lined the upper level of Hart Plaza ready to embrace the browsing and purchasing guests strolling through. On the lower level you caught a glimpse of the VIP room that welcomed the artists into its comfortable and accommodating surroundings to rest after their precise performances. The soul piercing beats that entered your eardrums took your spirit and soul into utopia.

Detroit Techno Militia stated that they have been participating for the last past three years. Tom Linder, Dan Lucas, and Dark cube all form the group Militia and have been together for the past five years. When asked to describe their outlook on the event it was summed up in three words; fast, precise, and classic. The entire goal for all of the participating artists is to establish respect for electronic music in Detroit and abroad. The militia feels that the event is exactly as called, a movement. This is a movement to introduce and influence ordinary and extraordinary music lovers to fuse and share a common love, electronic music.

Dancers moved about geometrically displaying their talents and skills while the crowd watched and some joined in to compete. 20-year-old Maceo, 19-year-old Nick, and 20-year-old Rich, all from Detroit exhibited all forms of dance. They explained that the moves varied as well as the names. Some of the most common dances are the liquid popping and locking. The liquid move which is a free flowing movement consisting of the arms and the legs moving in harmony freely with no interruptions was quite interesting and one of their favorites.

Candace, a Detroit native was on-site and geared up ready to showcase her newest moves. Candace said that this is a gathering that she looks forward to every year. Candace is a Martial Arts trainer in Dearborn and definitely holds the energy and spunk that is needed for this high wire event.

Patrons of the festival all shared a common feeling about this wild and funky festival. The event stands alone and can’t be tied into any other form of entertainment. Close your eyes and vision an event that screams, out cold, full of energy, spicy, free, and uninhibited all rolled in one. Detroit is the only place that you will encounter all of this talent in one place at the same time. This makes Detroit the marketplace for techno music lovers from all over.

Across the way in the Real Detroit Tent, Lain Hamilton was jamming while the strobe lights and the grooves were penetrating your mind and body. With a blend of Jazz and House music flowing through the bloodstream the music became addictive. Trumpets blared and the Bongos were felt deep within rhythmically kissing the mind and moving the body in sync.

After parties were a major attribute to the event and the street teams were on duty to deliver the pertinent information surrounding all of the after parties in Downtown Detroit. The top of the Pontchartrain was an after party location that embraced all of the guests at the hotel and all other party heads flocking through the hotel doors. The view of the City was grand as the techno pierced through the ears of music lovers who could not stand to see the night come to an end.

St. Louis Social Club ATD was visiting Detroit for the festivities and were really blending in and digesting all the weekend had to offer. ATD travels to a different city every year for their vacation and this year their pick of the litter was Detroit. 38-year-old Robert Montgomery paraded throughout the Pontchartrain Hotel meeting and greeting everyone that passed while sipping on a cold drink. Robert stated that he was enjoying the music with an open-minded view and will truly return to Detroit for other upcoming events in the near future. The Social Club chose the Pontchartrain Hotel due to its historical value and reputation that it holds for the tourist.

The Detroit Electronic Music Fest was jamming and jumping and will be an ongoing event for Detroiters and visitors worldwide in the upcoming years. If you are ever looking for a location that has everything for the Techno and House music fan this was honestly the place to be for the weekend, Hart Plaza. Electronic Music at its finest. If you missed it keep your calendars marked and eyes open for the 2007 showdown in Downtown Detroit.


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