September 12, 2001 - 12:22pm
Story by: AAP

England announced Tuesday it was planning to launch a solo bid to host the 2007 rugby union World Cup.

England`s Rugby Football Union (RFU) chief executive Francis Baron confirmed at Twickenham that England was prepared to host the tournament without the help of the other home unions.

"We are quite happy to stage it on our own. We have all the resources to do a very good job," said Baron.

The 1999 World Cup saw matches shared between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France with the final - won by Australia - held in Cardiff`s Millennium Stadium.

The next four-yearly tournament will be hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand in 2003.

The RFU is waiting to see the tender document for the 2007 bidding process, which is due out on October 31, before it takes any further action.

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