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Does pot make you paranoid? [view]


100Mb 2hr DylanThomas poetry reading (rar-archive via lf)
4 short memoirs of 1982 peace demo (UkG)
LonelyPlanet guide to 'micronations' (UkG-bkrev)
Constraining sociality by tweaking wiki-rules (Cnet w/link)
Unicode/nethack mashup (edV w/link)
Nifty eclipse-visualisation art (AstroPic)
a single drop of water from the tap / that gathers light and works light's little knives (Poems) [pic]
Walmart separately targets 'Hispanics, blacks, boomers, affluents, suburbans, rurals' (WaPo)
Entourage/JPiven for Dummies (UkG)
Sacred Monsters = multiculti dance collab (UkTel-arcane w/pix)
Borat: "I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, and may W drink their blood" (UkInd)
New leCarre intro/extract (UkTms) [part2]
Michael Moore bails out 'Borat' filmfest snafu (Cinem-friv)
Pentagon losing IED arms-race (wBar)
MemeWatch: slap [] [] and call me [] (GgW)
Inventress of the bumblebee gun (Vimeo-Flash-70sec)
Iraq mocks press freedom (BBC via Mach)

Gentleman-jewel-thief gets 4yrs for taking $65M saltshaker (UkTms) [pic?]
1st 2ndLife presidential campaign stop (WaPo-friv-no-pix via Ktku) [pix]
Prize offered for worst cable-tangle (Gz)
Hyperdramatic Williamsburg experimental dance (flickr-Flash-84pix) [info]
Top 10 'counterculture campuses' (hiTms-list)
19yo bugs coed bath (BBC w/pix)
Witty experiments link conscience and cleaning (NewSci)
1981 vradical UK feminist anti-nuke protest (Monbiot)
Semantic markup for newspaper articles (aHol via evrbdy)

Warhol on the origins of Pop (NyP-extract)
'Poser' figure-animation free offer (Make w/link-48hr)
Ill-matched chatbots fail to spark romance (Radar-trnscrpt)
Chomsky and Trivers on sociobiology of lying (Seed-trnscrpt w/yTube-7min)
Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan (pic)
Patti Smith on Mapplethorpe (UkTms-longish)
Fine recent DavidLynch dreamsequence ad (yTube-60sec via Cnsmrst)
GgNews adds extensive for-pay archives (eg)

UK's Afghan strategy delusional (UkG)
1st pix of Suri (Vh1)
1962 Dylan studio outtakes (mp3s via Vh1)
Floating-flowers art (flickr)
Static zoom on 30yo Viking2 on Mars (Mars2 w/pix)
Web2 success depends on intangibles, not genre/category (iGreed-vshort)
Midday quickie: Recap of Yahoo zodiac (plus novelists' styles) (RWx-longish)
GSpencerBrown* on primes and 'shrinkage' (GgG-long-vvvarcane) [*fan]
Implausible dedicated-pathfinding chip (short-arcane) {ai}
A tribute to the crocodile hunter (flickr-vfriv)

Mordant Monbiot on IMF 'reform' (UkG)
LeCarre on Africa, Lebanon, neocons, etc (MN-intvu-short)
LBJ blamed for JFK assassination (pPlanet w/yTube-5min via wE)
No CO2 precedent in 800kyr ice core (BBC)
TimRussert is a big fat liar too (dBaker)
New poll: Does pot make you paranoid? (MrPoll-short)
Kubrick 3X as beloved as JoniM? (old-MrPoll-results)
Artists, activists, griefers target GgEarth repository (3.D w/links)
Final animations from Moon probe (ESA-Flash)
Lurid details of death by stingray-barb (UkTms)
Revealing account of #1 alQaeda witness-protection program (NYer-long)
Predictably gloomy 911-anniversary interview w/Sy Hersh et al (NYer-longish)
Brechtian dialectics (iMomus)

Paraders finesse 'infinite red carpet' (flickr via Gm)
Midday quickie: On a bag of paragraphs (RWx-short-arcane)
Cambodian monks stalk tourist chyx (flickr-thread)
TomCruise's evolving boxoffice stats (UkInd-dThom)
Characterising gigantic culture-shifts (iMomus)
Good week for secrets (pSecret)
MemeWatch: "why do i like this?" (flickr-28hits)
8yo tutors adults in Halo (UkTel) [pic?]
Excuse me, but are you talking to yourself? (oDinny) [also]
Charming homeschoolers' talent show (flickr-set-28pix)
DThom on NicoleK (Philly-bkrev)
Moon impact animated-gif (gif-3Mb) [info]
Free oldskool Windows wordprocessor (download via mshook)
American People Shrug, Line Up For Fingerprinting (Onion-mp3-vshort)

M.Amis fictionalises M.Atta (UkG-2pg-etext)
Banksy targets ParisHilton's cds (UkInd-no-pix) [pix]
New NYRB finally (toc)
PG-13 models w/messy foods (flickr-set-400pix)
G-rated toast orgasm (flickr w/recipe)
Beck employs go-go geek (flickr)
Saturday quickie: Evolving tastes on the Yahoo zodiac (RWx-moto)
Milhouse Mafia revealed (flickr-friv)
New low Canon 7Mp $180 shipped (oMax-DN)
Misleading mortgage deals threaten millions of homes (BizWk-long via dBaker)

Critical appreciation of Graves' Claudius (UkG-longish)
Life imitates Fowles' 'Collector' (UkTms)
OpenID = emerging password-management standard (Cnet w/links)
Moon impact ?visible Saturday night (NewSci)
Tone-of-voice supplies 38% of message-impact? (UkTms-longish)
MemeWatch: "hearts and minds of" (GgW via js)
Brain gene mysteriously uses multiple copies (Nature via /.)
New low refurb'd Roomba $135 shipped (Az-DN)
Improved character-AI in 'Saints Row' (Ktku)
TomFrank on effete Democrats (NyT-uCan via Crsr)
SpikeLee's 4hr Katrina-doc as free 10min yTubes (multipage via Crsr)
MemeWatch: energized (flickr-579hits-varcane)
MemeWatch: *bucks (1L-38hits-arcane)

AI wins crossword contest (Italy-short)
Tokyo got down (flickr-set-41pix)
Spooky all-ages fullmoon coven (flickr-PG13)
Don't-miss FrankLloydWright fps-machinima (no zombies) (yTube-4min via wdiKnow)
"the personification of Los Angeles castaway" (flickr)
Nice rant on gouging GIs for loans (C&L)
5 alltime lowpoints of VideoMusicAwards (1pg w/yTubes via Vh1)
Documentary on Oct2007 assassination of W (UkG)
UK child-safety database not safe enough for upper classes (UkG)
Readable rave about ScarlettJ (UkInd)
Flickr adds 'detail' view for sets (cool NewGuinea mudmen)
Professional football AI (tRev via digg)
3 pairs of short yTubes demo algorithmic sharpening (1pg via digg) [info]
Painless illustrated history of photography (1pg via Morn)
Charming subtle male nude (flickr-R-rated)
David Duke spells out why he's an antisemite (longish)
Motion-blur easier to remove if shutter 'flutters' (arcane w/pix via Engdgt)
Vscary portable wireless-eavesdropping command-center (w/pic via Engdgt)
"This is how life looks if you wander around outskirts of Shanghai" (flickr)
To be an Error & to be Cast out is a part of Gods design (passim) [fan]
Dialup-BBS nostalgia/e-tourism/time-travel (longish via Waxy)
Christian Zionism : Christianity :: Voodoo : Catholicism (short via Xym)
5Mp Samsung $75 shipped (Woot-24hrs via Cnsmrst)

Evening quickie: The Yahoo zodiac on the Tree of Life (RWx)
Abortionists for 11yo rape victim punished by excommunication (UkG)
Gucci boot semantics (GgBase-blog-vshort)
LBJ to PM Eshkol: "What kind of Israel do you want?" (NyO-Weiss)
Debunking YouTube hoax lonelygirl15 (blog w/links via Waxy)
Good wine in cheap packages (NyP w/url)
Is Judaism a religion of lawless racists? (Haaretz via Sam)
Unexpectedly gigantic/ancient black hole (SpaceRef-arcane)
Screencast on semi-automated screenscraping with DabbleDB (Flash-6min via iGreed)
New PSP2 rumor (jStiq)
340yo supernova (2000*1400 jpeg) [Esa-multiformat]
Disappointing page-sort-order in Gg site-search (GgW-arcane)
Oddly compelling female not-so-nude (24hrs)
Shoegazers' anthology (UkInd-cdrev)

Republicans' view of NASA is exploitative (longish via NasaW)
Blisspop for Virgo (mp3s) [Webjay]
What free GgApps-for-business can't provide (pr via GgOS)
Bollywood in TrafalgarSquare (flickr-2pix)
PG-13 party theme 'fishnets' (flickr-Flash-100pix)
The Yeti recommends... (dYeti)
Roasted roma tomatoes (flickr-no-recipe)
sometimes in the evening, my room actually feels this dreamy (flickr)
Brainscans close in on 'grandmother cell' (Euk)
Cutting-edge pomo dinner&movie (VV-MonkeyTown)
Righteous congressman's anti-W rant (rCellar-yTube-2min)
Telemachus in the Tower Thursday afternoon (Dublin-local) {jj}
Midday quickie: The self-conscious computer (RWx-short)
Ernesto update (jMast)
Woodstock outtakes incl ISB (dvd-review)
New content at GetYrWarOn site (mnftiu)
Willner makes Chanteys sound vfun (Oz)
Yahoo/flickr maps lack non-USA detail (jm w/pix)
Backgrounder on Abelard and Heloise (UkInd-long)
Midnight quickie: Your OS-avatar (RWx-short)

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